She…an untold story(1)

Hey buddies here Ruby…again with a new story..I am very thankful to u all coz u liked my stories. I am thinking about this story from past 2 weeks. .my mind is disturbed with this one so I thought to write it finally.

“Uncle Tariq”

A middle aged man turned to see who called him,he was wearing a police uniform.


Tariq called the young guy and hugged him tight and started crying.

“Uncle calm down” Arjun said in a broken voice.

Tariq pulled him from Arjun,wiped his tears.

“I can’t cry..I have to be strong for her”

“What doctor said uncle” Arjun asked with curiosity.

“She is in coma” tariq tried to be strong.

“Any clue about him?”


Tariq sat on a bench.arjun sat beside him.

“Uncle go home and take rest..i am here”

“How can I go home?what would I say to Ayan?”

“Say him that she is with me”

“Okey” Tariq got up and said by to Arjun.

Arjun looked at him,his eyes were watered. He peeped in to ICCU .

“How can someone do it with her?” Arjun asked to him self.

Doctor called Arjun to his cabin.

“Her condition is worse than we thought” doctor said with no hope.

“What do u mean doctor???”

“I am referring her to st.mary hospital,may be they can do better than us..they have more specialists too” doctor completed his sentence.

“Okey..fine…we need her alive”

“I am not saying that she will loss her life,I am saying that she can’t be the old girl..u didn’t see her body? ” doctor questioned Arjun.

“Yep..” Arjun got up from his seat.

“I will arrange an ambulance. Here is her fail” he handed a file to Arjun.

“Thank you doctor” Arjun said.

Arjun was sad,frustrated and guilty.he pulled his hair,bit his lower lip.tears fell from his eyes.

“If I were with her,it never happened” he feels guilty and thought that it was his mistake.


To be continued. …

Let me know weather I continue it or not

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Lakshmi

    Nice ruby,continue….. All ur stories r different and interesting yaar .update next part soon.who is that girl and what happened to her .

  2. Faima

    Ohh,itha am srchng fo ua stry, thght u dnt upldd ua stry today..atlast i rd ua name so i strtd to rd it..its nce nd plz continue..vry intrstng..nd jumah mubarak.

  3. Roma

    Hi ruby dear, awesome episode, new ff, loved it and pulling attention from just beginning, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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