Shayad Yahi Hai Pyar (OS) ~Sara

Hey Kritika! Happy Birthday dude! Can’t believe you are turning 5 today! Joking, no but seriously happy freaking birthday! You are such a crazy, fun, and funny person and I am sooo glad that I met you. Enjoy this little story I wrote for you. Hope you like it!


The party was in full swing. The night was calm and the breeze was soft.
“I love your dress Twinkle, who are you trying to impress tonight?”
I laugh at Kritika’s comment. “Shut up Kritika.”
Kritika raises her eyebrows and nudges me with her shoulder. I stumble backward and step on someone’s foot. I bite my tongue as I hear an “Ow!”.
“Oh my God I’m so sorry!”
I turn around to meet the owner of the foot I stepped on. Standing there was a handsome face I never met before. Who was he and what was he doing at my house party? I immediately turn around and grab Kritika’s arm and walk away. Kritika whispers to me.
“He was cute. Who is he?”
I glare at her.
“I don’t know I’ve never seen him before.”
I look back and I find those eyes looking at me. I quickly turn around, cursing myself for looking back at him.
The party seemed to clear out. Everyone was going back home. But I noticed there was a child running towards the street. Immediately, I start running after the child. As I got to the end of the street, I started panicking upon finding the child no where in sight. From the corner of my eye I see a shadow. Turning around, I find the little girl in the arms of that same guy. He puts the girl down and the girl runs back inside. He smiles at me.
“That was close.”
I relax. “Yup it was. Oh and sorry once again about your foot.”
He laughs. “Hey no worries. By the way, this is your house right?”
I look at my house and then at him.
“Yes, it is. I’m Twinkle Taneja.”
“Hi, I’m Kunj Sarna.”
And that was my first meeting with Kunj Sarna.

There was a summer festival in the park. I was walking around when I noticed a bracelet stall. I was looking through the bracelets.
“This one is nice.”
I look at the bracelet held in front of my face and turn around to find a smiling Kunj.
He hands over the bracelet to the vendor owner.
“Pack this please.”
I watch in confusion as he hands me the box that contained the bracelet.
“A beautiful bracelet for a beautiful girl.”
He puts the box in my hands and walks away. I look at the box in my hand and then back at him. A smile creeps on to my face. Why did he have that affect on me?
“Twinkle, you are here. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
I quickly hide the box as I turn to face my beautiful mother.
“Ji maa?”

“Twinkle puttar, this is Usha ji.”
My mother points to the woman standing next to her.
“Namaste aunty ji.”
Usha aunty smiles back.
“Twinkle puttar, Usha ji and I are going to the nearby temple. It is getting dark, can you go home alone?”
“Maa, it’s fine. I will be alright.”
I turn to leave after giving a reassuring nod to my mother.
“Don’t worry aunty, I will drop Twinkle home.”
I turn around when I hear that familiar voice again. I look at maa who nods at me. Kunj walks up to me and smiles.
“Shall we go?” He extends his arm, allowing me to walk first. I smile and continue walking. The sun sets and the night sky comes up. There was an awkward silence between us. As if an idea sparked in his mind, Kunj looked at me with lit eyes.
“I have an idea.”
I gave him a confused look.
“Twinkle, would you like to go on a date with me?”
I stop walking in shock.
“What? Now?”
He smiles and nods.
“I know a park nearby that is really pretty. I want to show you. Come on.”
Hearing the eagerness in his voice, I follow him. He leads me to a beautiful pond. I stare at the beauty in awe. He taps my shoulder and I look at him.

“That is my favorite part.”
He points to a flock of ducks near the pond. Excited, I run up to them. I hear Kunj’s voice in the distance.
“Twinkle, slow down. They might get scared.”
Only it was too late. I had already agitated the ducks and now they were trailing after me. Kunj grabbed my hand and we made a run for it. After we were in the clear of the evil ducks, we stopped to take a breath and burst out laughing. He looked at me and shook his head.
“You really are a Siyappa Queen.”
I punched his shoulder and then joined him in laughing. We started walking home.
“What an adventurous first date we had.”
I look over at Kunj as he rubs the back of his head. The breeze blows and I rub my exposed arms in the chilled weather. A moment later, a feel a warm article of clothing fall over my shoulders as I see Kunj drape his jacket over me. A small smile forms on my lips as we continue walking. As we walked down an empty street, my eyes wandered to the group of guys that were giving me looks. They seemed drunk and my heart started racing as they started walking towards us. Kunj moved to the other side of me and held my hand. The guys gave him a dirty look and walked away. I looked up at Kunj as I realized what he was doing. He was protecting me.
We finally made it to my house. He walks me to my front door.
There was a silence between us as I looked into his eyes. He leaned forward and gently held my cheek. I stayed frozen as he brought his lips to mine. I clenched his shirt as he gently kissed me. We pulled away. Biting my lower lip, I looked up at him to see him smiling. I quickly walked inside my house. Hugging his jacket that was still on me, I thought of our little walk.
Shayad yahi hai pyar.


Not much I know. And yes, it is pretty boring but it comes from the heart. So once again Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one! Oh, and Happy Valentines Day also! Love you!

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  1. Ria

    The meet ❤ I know where it comes from ? Shall I reveal secrets? Okay, shush!! Well, this story was marvellous although, the end 😕 I thought it’d be a long one, but. Okay, never mind. ?? The story was a good one and wish it’d a sequel. ??

  2. SidMin23

    It was nice and do post your other ff too missing that ff Sara

  3. Soumyad

    It was amazing and very sweet

  4. Sohi

    It was sweetest and amazing os dear

  5. Fabulous

  6. Presha

    Hey sara awesome dear just loved it

  7. sweet..amazig..os

  8. Awesome os sara I loved it and plz post ur ff soon

  9. SidMin

    Aww Loved it 🙂 so sweet 🙂
    Keep writing such stories 🙂 Love you 🙂

  10. Kritika14

    Aye, I couldn’t stop laughing when my name was mentioned in there ?? Anyway, I loved this! Although I expected it to be a little longer, it but that’s alright!

    Also, why do people consider me as a kid? I’m a grown up! OMG like stop insulting me guys! ?? Moreover, even I’m glad we came across each other and talked because you’re really one hella amazing, funny and crazy which exactly matches my personality! ? (actually, I’m one of a kind so you don’t match me ?) Jokes apart!

    But thaaannkkk you so freaking much for this! I so love you and this was such an adorable gesture! and oh, Happy Valentines Day to you too! (Belated ?)

    Lovee you!

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  12. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god i srsly expected it to be long one………but its fine……coz as far as i read it was soooo very cute n cant stop myself from smiling……….n ria i srsly wanna know from where did dis meeting idea came to rainbow……….☺
    well loved it it was adorable lovely piece…………
    lods of love♥♥

  13. Aanya_pandey

    That was so so so cute sara.. loved this story

  14. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Sara
    Lovely so cute
    Love u keep smiling

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