Shattered Soul (swasan ten shots) by Mars Shot 1

Hlo guys!! This is Mars with a new story requested by Samaira_khan. Hey dear I had started it as u wanted I will give it in Sanskar’s favour. Hope so u will like it.
And to all my readers, u all can ask me to write story of your choice if u wish to. I will try to fulfil your expections. So here comes first shot and it will have ten shots like sufferings.
**Fingers crossed**
Let’s begin:

Shattered Soul(swasan ten shots)
Shot 1:
Sanskar Maheshwari:26 years old. Hot and handsome to dangerous level(girls beware ### me too but he is Swara’s)
He is running his company Karma industries. He is kind hearted and humble person. Loves swara to the core. She is his everything and he can’t imagine his life without her.Respects his elders.

Swara Bose: 22 years sweet pretty girl. She is innocent and is not that mature to differentiate between right and wrong. She is doing her graduation. She loves her bhai and bhabi alot and they are adarsh and pari. Her mother shomi is her everything.She is in relation with sanskar from 1 years but according to her she don’t love him. She accepted to fake her love bcoz her brother said.

Adarsh and pari Bose:Swara’s bhai and bhabi. They are selfish and cunning. They oftenly use swara for their benefits. Adarsh is owner of Bose company and do business with Sanskar so he is sanskar’s business friend.

Shomi: swara’s mother love her children alot.

Ram and Sujata Maheshwari: sanskar’s parents. They are proud of their son as he had opened his own company and took her to the top.Love him a lot.

Dp and Ap Maheshwari: Sanskar’s bade papa and badi ma. They are little irked from Sanskar as he took his company to top leaving behind their ancestors company “Maheahwari industries “. But the never show him. They take major decision and sanskar agree with them.

Uttara: Daughter of ap and dp. Studies with swara.she is also 22 years old and very sweet and bubly. She love his Bhai sanskar the most. Swara and uttara are friends and she knew about swasan being in relation.

Story starts:
Maheshwari Industries:
The whole mansion is decorated like a beautiful bride and it can be observed that there is some occasion. A man in his room is getting ready unwillingly. He is our hero sanskar maheshwari.

Sanskar’s POV:
Today is my engagement with my childhood friend kavita but I m not happy bcoz she is just my friend. I can never think any other girl as my wife except my swara. She is my love, my life. How can I live without her when she is my breathe. But I m helpless as bade papa wants me to marry kavita and I don’t love her. Even kavita knew that I love swara and she understands me but she also can’t do anything. I m trying swara’s no. but she is not receiving it. I can never give Swara’s place to anyone.NEVERRR
Sanskar’s POV ends.

Then sanskar came down and sujata took him to stage where kavita was sitting. His heart was beating like anything. His eyes are filled with unsheded tears remembering his swara.
He stood beside kavita and give her fake smile. She also smile sadly as she knows he is not happy.
Ap: I think we should start the ceremony.
Kaveri(kavita’s mother): sure
Kaveri give ring to kavita and sujata give to Sanskar. Sanskar’s hands are shivering.
Sujata:sanskar put ring in kavita’s finger.
Sanskar raised his hand but then he reminisced Swara. Her words are ringing in his mind
(Swara :I love you sanskar
Sanskar:I love u so much swara. U r my heart beat.
Swara kisses his cheeks.)
His thoughts broke when ap said
Ap:where u r lost Sanskar do it fast.
Then reality hit sanskar hardly.
He looked at kavita who was looking at him confusedly.
Sanskar’s heart scream No no no never he can never think of leaving swara. He can’t do this engagement. Its only Swara’s right to make him wear ring.
He gained a lot of courage bcoz first time he is going against his elders.
Sanskar: I can’t do this engagement.
All got shocked.
Dp: what are u saying sanskar have you gone mad.
Sanskar: I m sorry bade papa but I love Swara. I can never live happily with kavita.
Ram:but sanskar u should have told earlier.
Sanskar:I was scared to see your reaction.
Dp(sternly): now nothing could be done u have to do this engagement.
Sanskar: no bade papa plz don’t force me.
Dp:then u have two choices either do this engagement or leave the house.
All were shocked again.
Sujata:what are u saying bhaisa?
Dp: my decision is final bcoz of him my reputation is spoiled.
Sanskar (smiles sadly): okay bade papa i will leave this house.
Sujata:sanskar how can u do this?
Sanskar: anything for my swara mom.
Sanskar met sujata ram ap. Sujata is crying. Dp turn his face when sanskar came.then he went to kavita
Sanskar:I m so sorry kavita.
Kavita(smiles): don’t say sorry I m happy u took right decision at last moment.
Sanskar:thanks for understanding.
Sanskar left the house apologizing to all.
To be continued…

Precap: Sanskar: I love u swara and I left my everything for u.
Swara: I don’t love u Sanskar. It was all fake.
Sanskar’s world collapsed.

I know it’s short ,sorry for that. Will give next one long.
Basically it is sanskar’s story. His soul will be shattered after knowing his love’s reality.
So tell me whether u liked it or not.
Today I won’t say that whether I should continue or not bcoz I will definitely continue it as it’s request.
Thank you.

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