Shattered Prologue and Chapter 1

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As they say trust is important between pati-patni. Yes it’s true, but pyaar is too important. Bina pyaar, pati-patni nehi jisakti. This is the case of Ragini, she trust her husband more than herself, she could have give him, her life if he ask. Lekin nahi, inone Ragini ke saath galaat kiya. They consummate the wedding, and then, when Ragini was in 9th cloud, everything shattered. Her world fell, her heart breaks, her smile gone, to give the place of tears.

So What happend? Any guess?
Chapter 1

Ragini was in her room, she was happy, finally her Laksh, her love, her everything was accepting her. He want to remarried her, she was in cloud nine. She was just smilling, but then she think of something, and went away from the room. She walk until a door, then knock. Sanskar opened the door and was surprised to see Ragini in front of him. Not that shocking, because he see Ragini everyday, but yet he think, why she is here?
Before Sanskar could speak, she said

” Sanskar, ham tumse… sorry apko baat kalne chahie and Swara be he? ”

” What do you want Ragini?” He spoke very rudely, but he has the right to.

“Main… hum apse aur Swara mafi mangi hoon” This was a shock for Sanskar. Swara, who was in bathroom, was in room too when Sanskar said

“What? Are you kidding me”

“No, mudje pata he ki main galat hoon, but I was so much blind behind the love, ki main booligayi that I have a sister. I thought Swara was wrong but she never, I was. But haan, tab tak main anda hogi, but not now, I happy to see you both happy. After what I did to you and Swara, I know it would be difficult to believe and forgive me but please, if you can than I would be more than happy. Because, I would consider that I have got my old friend, and my sister. I know I just can’t come here, and ask for forgiveness, take your time, and when you both forgave me then tell me. I have to go, and thanks”
Sanskar was not able to believe his ears Ragini to come herself to their room and wobi mafi mangi? It’s just unbelievable, but yet Sanskar got thinking. Ragini was about to go ,when Swara call her

“Ragini? tum yaha kya kalreheho?”

“I was just passing by, when I remember ki I have a lost friends here and a lost sister bi. That’s it, I wonder if my sins was forgivable or not”
Ragini had tears in her eyes, because she know that they want forgave her right now, but surprisingly Swara tell her

“I forgive you, because of you sanskar aur main ek hoon. But yes you was terribly wrong and I don’t know If other will forgive your deeds”

“I know that, mudje pata hain, lekin koshish karenge hum.”
With that Ragini went away and goes to her mother-in-law’s bedroom.
She knock the door, but the frightened because of what she heard.
Her mother-in-law was telling her husband to not play with her feelings. Why? Why Laksh want to divorce her? Why he fake her love to her? Tears flow down her cheeks, but before anyone could see her, she disappeared in her room.
She remembered her nights with Laksh, he deciding to get remaried, all that was natak? Her world crash down, whom she love the most, was giving her the most pain of this world. She know she did wrong, but yet she did this for love. Then she come to their balcony crying and talking to her mom
” Why? First you leave me, and then Laksh” With that she smile, she think of something, then go to their work desk, then she write some letters, which was the name of Swara- Sanskar, then her mother and father in law, and last Laksh.

So how was the first chapter?

sorry I know it’s shortConfused

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