Shattered Character sketch



– Dada – Ajit Raichand – 70 years old , very kindly, calm, not old fashion, but very strict in education and work. He was the M.D of AR. Love Ragini like her grand daughter.

– Dadi – Akshara Raichand- 69 years old, very fond in her family, soft, calm, but very talkative. She also love Ragini.

– Maya Pandey and Tamana Roy are dada and dadi’ daughter, they are married so they won’t appeared often.

– Amrith Raichand – Elder Son of Dada-dadi; 50 years old- Very strict – C.E.O of AR

– Arvind Raichand – Last son of dada and dadi; 48 years old – funny – strict when it comes to his family; help his brother in AR but have her own buisness Yamini’s factory

– Radha Amrith Raichan- wife of Amrith Raichand – 48 years old – calm, affectionate, helpful.

– Yamini Arvind Raichand- wife of Arvind Raichand- 47 years old- ladylike, open-heart.

– Pari Raichand- daughter of Arvind and Yamini Raichand – 20 years old- very talkative like her Dadi. Beautiful yet simple, stubborn and hard working. She study law in University of Oxford.

– Yash Raichand- Son of Arvind and Yamini- 20 years old – lazy, seducer, absentminded, but love his family.

– Rohit Raichand – Elder son of Arvind and Yamini Raichand- 27 years old- Charming, funny, very calm. C.E.O of Yamini’s factory.

– Roshni Rohit Raichand- Wife of Rohit Raichand – 25 years old – like her husband, she is very funny. But doesn’t know cooking, she love her family very much.

– Raj Raichand- Son of Amrith and Radha- 27 years old- hardworking, workaholics, cold, unpleasant, arrogant- He is a divorce man- Live apart in America, no longer believe in love.

– Veer Raichand- 6 years old, very funny, charming, stubborn, and angry boy. Son of Raj Raichand and Avantika. Love Ragini very much.

– Kajal Raichand- 6 years old – calm, quiet, secret, distant. She want a mother’s love, love Ragini.

– Sana Raichand – 5 years old – she is very chirpy, stubborn but very cute. Daughter of Rohit and Roshni Raichand.

– Ragini Gagodia – 25 years old- loves her new found family like anything- she work at AR, she has a high post because she is the best designer ever- After her departure of her house, she meet the Raichand family, and they agree to take her with them. ( the all story after)

There is the new family of Ragini, what say?

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  1. Subi

    Really an awesome story. pls make Raj and ragini pair…. .

  2. Sindhura

    I too want raj and ragini

  3. Varsha

    really super sketch dear, will wait for ur nxt part

  4. waiting for next part …plz update soon …

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