Shattered Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Ragini feel two strong hand on her; one on her mouth to prevent her shouting and another arm. She feel strange, she feel like she like it. The family come and light up the room, and was shocked to see the scene before us.

Radha- Raj bete Tum agaye ho? I thought you were in your house?
Radha was happy, finally after 5 years her son come back.

Raj- Ma I thought to surprise you, but iss laadki enter my room.

Ragini who was just a silent spectator tell

Ragini- Mr Raichand I think you have a memory loss because this room is MY room not yours!

Raj- This house belong to me, I can come to any room.

Ragini- I don’t agree at all! This room is occupied by me and you should go. Before enter the room you should look around you, they have no pictures of yours but mine and the family. So please get out of my room.

Raj was angry at Ragini. Never in his life anyone talk to him like that. He think

Raj- what does she think of herself?

Ragini sense that Raj is very much angry but don’t let go and tell

Ragini- Ma tell your son to go out of my room please.

Radha- please let him sleep here. You can go with me. Your papa is not here.

Raj smile and think he won but he don’t know Ragini

Ragini- ok ma. Your son will sleep here and I will go to my house. Your son finally come, why will you bother about me.
Ragini was faking a sad tone. Yash knew that and add chilli

Yash- yes chachi! You said that Ragini was your daughter but when Raj bhaiya come you stand for your son! That’s not fair!

Everyone was laughing even Ragini

Ragini- chalo ma I will come to the guest room. It’s late app log go to your room.
Before Ragini left she said

Ragini- this is just for tonight. Tomorrow you will shift to your new room. And welcome here Mr Raichand

Raj- may I know who is speaking to me? He tell with a lille attitude and arrogance

Ragini- You will know soon! Let this attitude and arrogance apart it’s not impressing me!

Raj- What the hell ? Tum kaun ho ? Raj Raichand doesn’t need to impress anyone, his presence itself impress people!

Ragini- chalo main manti hoon! I will not hurt your male ego!

Raj- what the hell ?

Ragini go to the guest room and smile at herself. She take a bath and then go to sleep. Raj is a bit angry, but he feel some attraction, but brush off the thought, he speak

Raj- Never I will fall in love again, women are just an amusement, they just warm the bed, give pain, nothing else!
He said with a rage in his voice.

The next day everyone was tensed because of Raj. Ragini come down and say

Ragini- Good morning everyone kaise hai aap ?
Everyone was silent except the youngers! Pari and Yash was chatting. Ragini come to dada and dadi

Ragini- dada dadi aaplog kyon pareshaan ho?
Dadi- beta even if I’m angry at Raj I thought he will come down today for breakfast! Radha made his favorite meal. Afsos he didn’t come.

Ragini- Huum ma humse bhool gayi! It’s ok I have dada and Yamini aunty! She said playfully! Ma I will check Veer and Kajal!

Radha nod, she is sad that her son didn’t come downstairs. Ragini knew that; Ragini come upstairs and wake up the children

Ragini- Veer-Kajal uttho! Tum dono school nahi jaana hai?
They wake up and with a lazy voice they replied

Veer- mama let us sleeping
Kajal- Mama hum meri chaand nahi dekhi yesterday! I’m angry at you.

Ragini- Uffo if you don’t wake up, mama will be upset at you two.
Veer- rehne do choti, mama will not let us sleep today.
Kajal- ha bhai

Ragini smile at they acting, and say

Ragini- Take a bath and come down, don’t forget to brush your tooth
They replied together

Veer/Kajal- Ok mama, love you mama

Ragini come to Raj’s room, in fact her room, and knock. After a while, Raj open the door with no shirt. Ragini widen her eyes, and turn around and said

Ragini- Mr Raichand apke family aapke intezar hai, come downstair
Raj was amused to see Ragini embarrassment , and then said

Raj- Why you cannot see me shirtless? Don’t tell me you are this type of girl who are shying? I thought you are a modern women, but now I can see the type of girl you are.

Ragini turn around and smile at him

Ragini- I’m not shy, and your thought was right I’m modern women, but with some values. I was just a bit shocked to see you like that.

Raj- Toh? I’m in my room, I can wear a shirt, or not wear anything, what does it affect you?

Ragini- It doesn’t affect me. about this room, it’s not your room, it’s mine. So please come down, Radha ma will be very happy to see you!

Raj- I don’t want to come downstair, and if mom want me to come, she have to come to me.

Ragini was angry at this statement and said

Ragini- What is your problem hein? You are the one who left your family and children, because of a women? You prefer to stay away from your family because your wife cheated on you? You know what, if you have a lot of problem with your family, why you came? Just forget it, you don’t deserve to have a family like this. See this family is very kind, happy, generous, heart-kinded , and see you, how mean you are!

Raj- How dare you Ms whatever! First you call me, then you insult me! You don’t know me, my past, so stay away from me!

Everyone come to see why Raj was screaming! Radha come and tell

Radha- Raj bete why you are screaming

Raj- Tell this women to not come near me, I don’t want to see her face! What she think of herself ?

Radha- Let it go Ragini beta…
Ragini was more than angry and stop Radha

Ragini- Baas ma! this guy abandoned his children, his family, his duty toward his business! Dad was alone to take all the buisness! And I come here to tell him that you all want him to come! What do you think, I’m dying to see you? I just pity you because you have the chance to have your family beside you and insult them! Let me remind you, I won’t tolerate you to misbehave with Veer and Kajal. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Everyone was shocked to see this side of Ragini, she was strict, but never scream at anyone.
Ragini- Ma I’m going to office, I will drop Veer and Kajal before!
Just then Kajal-Veer and Sana come and hug Ragini. Raj was very angry. His eyes shoot fury, but was shocked when he heard Kajal and Veer speaking

Veer-Kajal- Mama why are you crying?
Ragini- I’m not crying
Kajal watch the man behind Ragini and tell
Kajal- You are our papa haina?
Raj- Yes
Kajal- Why you come?
Raj- I have an important thing to do that’s why?

Kajal a bit sad tell

Kajal- When you are finished, you will go back?

Raj- Yes

Everyone was shocked because they knew the children was dying to see their father!

Ragini- Beta chalo, unke pass nahi hai, lekin mama is here.

Veer said a bit angry

Veer- He can go back, he doesn’t love us! I just hate him mama.
Veer and Kajal was crying, and Ragini was sad to see her children crying

Ragini- bas bas mere baccho is strong hain na? mama jaise? Don’t cry, come I will drop you two at school.

She bid bye to everyone except Raj , and go.

She arrive at her office, and come directly to Amrith cabin, but was shocked to see Raj here, sitting at her place. Raj see her and with an angry tone said


Ragini in the same tone- WHY?

Raj- This is my office, not the house, so get out!

Ragini- Mr Raichand, until your dad don’t come, I’m the M.D of this office. I know you are his son, but the oder is order! I don’t want to misbehave with you, so please find another cabin and get lost of my sight! I’m clear Mr Raichand?

Raj- What the hell! Dad will never do this thing! He don’t have trust with outsider, so how can he give you the place of M.D in his absence?

Ragini- If you don’t trust me, then here is the paper with the signature of board member and your dad!
Raj read and is stunned to see that she is right! But yet, he is also the M.D so he won’t go anywhere.

Raj- Ok, you are also the M.D but me too! So you find another cabin

Ragini- Oh shut up Mr Raichand! This office belong to me and dad, if you don’t go out of this cabin in 1 min I will call the security and throw you out!

Raj- What the hell! Are you serious, you will throw Mr Raj RAICHAND ?

Ragini- If it’s need!
Just then Yash and Arvind come and say

Yash- Uffo bhai pirse tum aur Ragini jagla hai?

Ragini- Just stay out of this matter Yash bhai

Arvind- Ragini beta, Raj bete why don’t you share the cabin. It’s not that you don’t have place, to have two desks!

Yash- That’s a fantastic idea dad

Raj and Ragini? What? No way
Ragini and Raj see each other and then compose themselve. Arvin say

Arvind- Let me be clear, this not the house, but office, you cannot scream like you was in the road! So be professional, plus Amrith bah will come tomorrow, then you will explain him this scenario.

Ragini- Yes you are right Arvind uncle, I have to be professional. Sorry

Ragini look down but Raj don’t want to share his cabin with her. He cannot be near her, he cannot describe what he feel when she is near him.

Raj- I don’t want to be near her

Ragini- If you have a problem with me, take another cabin.
She said with an angry tone and then add

Ragini- With this mess, I have forgot that I have an appointment with client! I’m going

Arvind- Raj beta, why you don’t join her?
Raj nod and follow Ragini. They enter the room and Ragini tell

Ragini- Good mornig enveryone, before I begin I want to introduce you Raj Raichand, Mr Amrith Raichand son. He will be with me until his dad come back. So let begin

Ragini give her presentation, and Raj was impressed. Raging was answering the question one by one with some facilities! The presentation tale almost four hours, and then everyone come out. Ragini was tired but then get a call
Caller- Ma’am you have an appointment in five minutes

Ragini- What? How that’s possible?

Ragini PA- It’s was in you agenda

Ragini- Ok I will come

Raj who wacth th entire scene tell

Raj- Any problem?

Ragini- Why it’s bothering you?
Ragini left the room, an angry Raj tell

Raj- Why she cannot talk with me nicely? anyways it’s not my problem.

Ragini come to her office, and remember that she have an appointment with Mr Singh daughter regarding her wedding dress. The meeting was very quickly because Mr Singh’s daughter love all the design and approve all.

Ragini- We are finished Ms Singh

Ms Singh- Please call me Kristle

ragini- Ok Kristle! We will start tomorrow, and will call you to come here for the fitting.

Kristle- Thank you so much Ragini! I hope you will come to my wedding venue?

Ragini- I will try

Kristle- Alright then, I’m leaving now! I have a lot shopping to do! You know Wedding is a bid day for us! Why you don’t marry?

Ragini face fell and her smile vanished!

Ragini- Oh I’m a divorcee women, and don’t want to remarry again! She tell faking her sadness.

Kristle- I’m sorry Ragini, but don’t worry, I know you will one day find your partner, like me.

Ragini- Whatever, tum shaadi karo, tum meri fikr maat karo. I’m fine alone

Kristle- Yes, but every human being have their partner! Maybe tumhare pheli shaadi kaam nahin kiya hai, lekin dusra shady accha hoga!

Ragini- Kristle I will ask you a question, just be honest ok?

Kristle nod

Ragini- I don’t wish it happened to you, but imagine your would be husband tumhare saath dhoka kiya! The man whom your worship, whom you love, for whom you can kill, doesn’t love you, just faking his love for you, will you be able to forget the past, and move on, like anything?

Kristle was stunned, because he love his fiancee a lot, and then replied

Kristle- I won’t be able, but I will try to, because life is short, you have to move on. You cannot keep you past, you have to live in present, and build your future! I know I don’t know what you have undergone, but my advice for you, it’s surpasses the past, live the present, and breath the future. You are a wonderful women, beautiful, smart, you will find the one for you. I’m sure

Ragini- I don’t want to discuss further about that!

Kristle leave the place, but before she tell Ragini

Kristle- I consider you like my sister, and as a sister I tell you, the live don’t stop wen you are divorcee!
Then she leave. Raging got thinking, and remember her past, tears flow in her eyes. Raj was passing and see Ragini crying and think

Raj- Why she is crying? But why I’m bother
Then he leave from there. Ragini come down and drive to Raichand Mansion.
She arrive and Radha welcome her
Radha- Ragini beta I want to tell you something
Ragini- Kahiye ma
Radha- Don’t get me wrong, but I have shift your belonging to another room, because I don’t want to upset Raj. He is leaving here after a long time, I don’t want to go back soon. I missed my son a lot. I hope you understand

Ragini- Ma, it’s your house, I cannot tell you anything. Beside that I will go to my house now, I have promise the kid, that they will live with me.

A voice from behind said

Voice- You cannot take my kids with you.
Ragini- why I cannot?
Raj- Because this is they house. They won’t live with a stranger
Dada who was coming tell
Dada- The stranger is not Ragini but you! You just arrive and begin to make you law? This is MY house. Raging is this grand daughter like you, so don’t you dare to tell her anything

Ragini- Dada don’t scream at him, he is right, I’m not a part of this family, he has the right on you not me. But the kids will stay with me. I know i’m not their real mother, but they consider me like that .

Raj- Whatever, you cannot leave with my children

Ragini- On what right? Five years, five years they wait for you, and when you come, you make them crying. You don’t deserve they love.
Radha was about to slap Ragini but then remain

Radha- Stay on your limit Ragini
Everyone was shocked and Ragini was hurt by the step of Radha then she tell

Ragini- Oh I’m sorry Radha aunty! Don’t worry I will not tell anything to your son. I will check on the kid and then I will go.

Dada- Ragini beta, I’m sorry

Ragini- Don’t be sorry
She leave from here and come to Veer and Kajal! They were happy to see Ragini

Veer- Mama mama you will stay here tonight?

Ragini- No, I’m just checking that you are fine. Don’t trouble the elder with you mischief ok.

Kajal who was sad tell
Kajal- Why you won’t stay here?

Ragini- Don’t be sad, I will come to pick you up every morning and drop you every night ok?
They nods, and Ragini was about to go when Veer tell

Veer- Why we cannot come with you?

Ragini- Because this is your house here.

iKajal- It’s your house too mama

Ragini- Nahi bete, my house is next to here. You can come whenever you want. Ok I’m leaving now, give me a big kiss now.
They kissed Ragini and then she goes.

Ragini bye all the family a bye, radha and Raj were not here, and go to her house. She think maybe she doesn’t deserve to have a family. Then she take Jhanki photo frame and tell

Ragini- Mama why you left me. You know how I missed you, Kaash uss din main bach nahi gayi, aaj main tumhare saat hoti.
She is crying, and Raj was seeing her. Raj think

Raj- Why I feel her pain? Why when mom was about to slap her, I feel her hurt! I don’t know what to think! Maybe if choti ma was here, she will tell me what to do. I cannot love someone again, it’s impossible! I hate them, I cannot.
Before Ragini could see him, he goes back to Raichand Mansion.

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