Shattered Chapter 8


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Chapter 8

Ragini is shocked to see what’s in front of her. Everyone said
“Surprise! Happy birthday to you Ragini “. She has tears in her eyes, herself doesn’t remember that it was her birthday today.
“Janaam dhin mubarak ho Ragini bete ” said Dadi and Dada. Dada put her hand in her forehead like a blessing.
Ragini turn to see Yash and Meera
“Yeh aap kha plan tha nahi na?”

” Haan yeh hamara plan hai! Tum to sirf kam jatahai, ki tum apki birthay bhool gayi”

“Yes Rags, you should not work much! You have everything so” said Meera

“I don’t have anything! Main kisee ko yaad ati hai”

“Haan I know, but today you don’t have to stress yourself! Today is your day”

” Not exactly would be babhi! said two voices behind her! She turn and run toward them

” Rohit bhai? ”

” Haan hum” said Rohit while hugging Ragini

” Are oh ladki, tum to tumhara bhai mil gaya aur aab tumahare sundar si bhabi bhool jaate hai? That’s not fair” said Roshni in a dramatic voice. Everyone laugh, even Roshni, then she hugs Ragini and tells

“Rags I miss you so much yaar! Shrukiya Yash bhai hamme phone kiya, and tell us that he is preparing a surprise birthday for you” She said with a melodramatic voice

” I happy that you two are here”

” In fact we are not alone”

” Yes I know Sana must came with you two”

“Yes, but not just her” she said looking toward the elders, and they undersatand, but Ragini tell

“What do you mean?”

” Nothing Rags, you come, we have to celebrate the girl birthday” Ragini was push into a room who was very decorated

“I must say Yash bhai, you have done a mind blowing job” Ragini said to Yash

” Hello, tumhare Yash bhai kuch nahi kiya, maine kiya sab kuch, lekin koi nahi meri tarrif or shrukriya dee” she said faking an angry tone

“Oh oh my would be sister in law, don’t make this face, you are ugly” said Ragini

” Rags tum, chalo it’s your birthday I won’t do anything” Suddenly the lights turn off

“Uffo, Yash have not pay the electrician ?”

” Mee…” Ragini doesn’t finished her line when she see a light in middle of the hall.

A man come, because the little light we cannot see his face and tell

” Ragini, this for you ” The light turn on, it’s Yash; Then all family came around Yash and one by one tell

” Ragini bete, since you are with us, you make us happy” said Dadi

” In you I’ve found my lost daughter” said Dada

” You have the reason of our smile ” said Radha

” Since you are in this house, I’ve someone to talk fashion. You are my doll, I can do anything with you but yon won’t be upset” said Yamini

” Ragini bete, you are a hardworking women, a good daughter, when I need you you are here” said Arvind uncle

” What you did 5 years before, i cannot forget. You gave me my priceless thing ” said Roshni

” Yes you gave us our angel ” said Rohit

” Rags, you are my model” said Yash

” And my strong best friend” said a voice behind Ragini!

“Pari” said Ragini in low voice and with a smile

” What you thought I will miss your birthday! Then here is our gift to you” She came with the family and begin to sing

Aye dil laaya hai bahaar sing Dada
Apnon ka pyar, kya kehna sing Dadi
Milein hum chhalak utha sing Radha
Khushi ka khumaar, Kya kehna sing Yamini

Khile khile chehron se aaj ; Ghar hai mera; Gule gulzaar, kya kehna sing Pari

Khile khile chehron se aaj; Ghar hai mera ; Gule gulzaar, kya kehna sing everyone in chorus

Aye dil laaya hai bahaar; Apnon ka pyar, kya kehna sing Meera
Milein hum chhalak utha; Khushi ka khumaar, kya kehna sing Yash
They come to around Ragini and sing
Hum tum yoon hi milte rahein sing Roshni
Mehfil yoon hi sajti rahe sing Rohit

Bas pyaar ki yehi ek dhun; Har subah shaam bajti rahe; Gale mein mehekte rahein; pyaar bhari ; baahon ke haar kya kehna sing Dadi

Khile khile chehron se aaj; Ghar hai mera; Gule gulzaar kya kehna sing Arvind

Aye dil laaya hai bahaar; Apnon ka pyar, kya kehna; Milein hum chhalak utha; Khushi ka khumaar, Kya kehna sing Dada

Khile khile chehron se aaj; Ghar hai mera; Gule gulzaar kya kehna sing Radha

Khile khile chehron se aaj; Ghar hai mera ; Gule gulzaar kya kehna they sing together
Song end
Everyone clap, Ragini was crying
” beta tum kyon rona? ham jaante hai, ki haam app ke roop acche gaana nahi aatha lekin” said Radha
“Nahi ma, this is tears of happiness” said Ragini hugging her mom
” Ohoh rona ban ab tumhare cake cut karna hai” said Yash
The cut come and Ragini what about to blow on the candle but Pari stop her
” Make a wish before ”
Ragini close her eyes and make a wish
Her wish ” I wish I forget my past and move on with my family.” Then she blow the candle, cut the cake and everyone make her eat.
” It’s time for the gift” said Roshni giving her a parcel ” This is from me and Rohit. Sana gives you the card” She opened and find a beautiful pink lehenga with yellow design
” beautiful, thank you” she said
” Your bhai design himself and make his team work hard”
” thank you bhai”
Dadi and Dadi give her a Krishna Idol; Yamini gives her a beautiful pink necklace
” Thank you” and hug Yamini
Yash and Meera give her a letter, she read then speak
” Chichti?”
” Haan, you work too much, so I’ve decide to give you a holiday” said Yash
” But I didn’t work with you”
” Yes but you will listen to me for once ”
” No Rags, he didn’t tell you, but he forget your gift. In fact he forget to buy you a gift, buddhou” said Meera
” Oh don’t you dare to be angry at him. Who told you he didn’t give me a gift? He prepare this brithday surprise, I’m ok with that. Thank you Yash Bhai”
” Mention not Rags” said Yash while hugging her tight
” Meri bari main” said Pari. She give her an envelop, she read and a smile spread to her face ” You have find a guy?”
” Haan, and I want you to be the one who know this ” Ragini don’t read the rest and hug Pari too high
“Rags, I know you are happy, but don’t kill me before i’m married” She said in effort because she could not breath.
” I’m sorry, Congrats ”
” Thank you! We will talk in house. For now, we have to dance”
Everyone dance with Ragini, first Dada, then Arvind, after Rohit, and Last Yash. Ragini think about something then goes to Radha
” Ma, Baccho kaha hain?”
” Wo… Wo” Radha stammers
” Bacche ghar par hain” said Dada
” Lekin, ghar main kohi nahi hai ” said Ragini being tensed
” vahan ghar par kissi hai. Don’t stress yourself, I won’t let baccho alone”
” Ha voto hai ” said Ragini free from tense.
Everyone was happy, finaly the party end, and they come to the house.
” Ma I will see Veer and Kajal and then I will go to my house ”
” Ragini bete, iss raat main tum kahin nahi jarahe. Tomorrow you will go”
” Ok ma”
She went to Kajal and Veer, they were sleeping. She kiss the two and goes to her room. Her room was dark, but yet she goes to the wardrobe and begin to take her cloth off, but then she heard the door of bathroom open. Then she scream. A strong hand was blocking her voice to scream more, but unfortunately, the whole house come to the room. They light up and was shocked to see the scene before us.

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