Shattered Chapter 7

Chapter 7

It was dark, only one candle lights the room. We cannot see properly the face of the person. He was talking to himself maybe
The days passed, but that doesn’t count. It’s so hard to live without you. This perfume so different from yours. Worse, I counted every minute that holds me to her. I’m like my own prisoner. Often, I wonder what you are doing, where you are, who you love. Do you still love me? I cannot get you out of my head. I pretended to have found the strength. I keep deep inside me that I love you, I always love, just I cannot see that before. I’m trying to forget you with another. Time doesn’t seem to erase your mistakes and mine. Yet I cannot forget what you did with my family, and I cannot forget what I did to you too. I don’t want to forget you, even if I try. I try to treat me with another. She tried to console me, she is very understanding. Every time I look at her, I see you. She loves like a crazy like you, she told me I love you sometimes for hours. I breathe you in her arms. Why I cannot get you out of my mind, or my heart. Ragini I love you, where are you? Don’t you listen to me? My heart cried for you. Come back to me. Since you left me, I’m like a corpse. I know I did a mistake by using you, but trust me, I really love you. Yes, the person is none other Laksh Maheswari. He cries his heart out. The light turn on, and he turns around to find Swara. She has tears in her eyes and comes to him

Laksh, I won’t forgive you until Ragini herself forgive you; I know you love her, so why you want to remarry. Why do you want to spoil the life of another girl? Tum kyon iss laaki ki zindagi barbad chate ho?

Main Pari ka zindagi nahi barbad chati hoon. Lekin ma force me to remarry, because she is not well. She wants me to settle before she leaves. Unki tabit karaab hain because of me. I sacrifice myself for her happiness.

Aur tumhari khusi? Pari ki khushi? soch lo, I want another Ragini in this house. I don’t want you to play with her feeling like you did with my sister. Pari is very adorable, and if she learns that you don’t love her, she will break

Mudje pata hai, lekin main Ragini nahi bhool pahenge. I don’t know what to do?

I cannot help you! I’m leaving

Thank you Swara, after paanch saal you came to talk to me

Don’t thank me, for me you are just my husband brother nothing else She was very rude. She left the room, and once again Laksh is left alone, with his pain and sorrows.

Ragini, I still love you, but maybe you have moved on, so I have to forget you. This was my punishment for using you, breaking you, playing with you. I hope you are happy wherever you are. I know I cannot play with Pari feeling, but I have to make Ma alright. Once again, I will be selfish, but trust me, you will always be in my heart. I cannot forget your face, your voice, your smile, your touch He thinks when they consummate This time I wasn’t faking g my love to you, and today I’m alone . He then gets a call of Pari


Hi Laksh, how are you?

Fine thank you and you? he doesn’t want to talk to her, but he cannot cut it

I’m totally fine. Laksh I’m very angry with you, you didn’t call me all day! I was waiting for your text, or a call just to tell me that I miss you or anything, but you didn’t She said with a sad voice

Tum pata hai ki main busy thi

Haan you and your work. After our wedding, this will change. I will not allow you to go to your office

Aap thak hamara shaadi nahi chukiti, so don’t dream awake

That’s so rude MR Laksh Maheswary. You know what?

What? he said in a harsh voice

I love you, and my love for you is so big for humdono! I will wait, and one day you will love me, I’m sure

I’ve to go

Like always! bye Laksh

He hangs off and tell

I will never love you, Pari, this shaadi main sirf ek samjauta hai. Kaash Ragini to wapas ao, mere gale main

He then drinks all the wine. Three bottles were empty by now and he imagines Ragini in his Room

Laksh, tum yehi chatiti nahi naa? ki main tumhare aur tumhare parivaar ki door jahon? So what it this? Why this comedy?

Ragini tum?

Kyon? shock hai tumhe?

I’m so happy…

Haan tum kyon khush nahi hai? Main chali jati ti, lekin main laut aaya! Tumhare barbadi keliye


Kyon Matlab? Tum kya socha? Tum mudje istemal kiya, aur main kuch nahi kaha? Nahi Laksh, I hate you, I hate so much, that I will pray ki agle janam main tumahari patni nahi hoga

Ragini you I love you so much. tum… main he fainted

Next morning he wakes up and have a hangover. He goes to his bathroom and comes down after. Everyone was here, Sanskar, Swara, Chachi-Chacha, Ardash and Parineeti. No one talks to him except Sanskar

Bhai are you ok?
DurgaPrasad who was coming down tell
Why will he not be ok? He is happy after all! He ruined our family happiness

Enough scream Laksh
Peechle paanch saal, main apki tang sunreho. Main chupta lekin that’s not mean you will always put the blame on me. I did all this for my family

I didn’t tell you to do that! Raging was our bahu, your Mom tell you to not play such a game with her, but you didn’t listen to her, and SEE your mom is not well because of YOU DurgaPrasad lost his temper

You know what Dad, how it’s good to tell other their fault. We are humans and make fault. I’ve already said sorry to all of you, what you want me to do more than that?

Tum Ragini dundo said Anapurna I want my daughter back! Maybe she will not be my bahu, but still, she will always be my daughter she said with tears in her eyes. Everyone was sad

Mom, I love her, but I don’t where she is

Please, Laksh doesn’t tell me you love me. If you ever love her, you will not do what you did with her. Aur vaise bhi tum Pari ko shaadi chata hai hai na? because you promise me that you will marry a girl before I leave.

Ma I will never love Pari. Main Ragini se pyaar karta hoon, and I will always. I cannot give her place to Pari. Never He comes upstair but before that Swara told him

You said the same to my sister, that you cannot give her my place, but see today you love. If you can love Ragini, you will learn to love Pari

Swara just keeps your nose in your house, don’t tell what I will have to do. I’ve fallen in love once but not twice. Swara you was just my obsession, but Ragini was and are my love. Everyone was shocked by his revelation. He loves Ragini

Ma, why you don’t stop this wedding? Pari will be shattered when she will learn that Laksh never loves her

Swara beta, this is Laksh life! I won’t tell him what right or wrong because he will not listen to me. I did a mistake in the past, I cannot bring Ragini here and she left us. I won’t tell him how he should be with Pari because when I tell him not to play with Ragini’s heart he didn’t listen to me

Lekin ma, he is repenting

So? let him repenting. He has hurt Ragini so much, that he will never be happy in her life again

Ma Laksh is your son

and Ragini was my daughter

Lekin ma

Baas Swara. If you want to talk to him, I won’t forbid you. For me, my son died the day he plays with a girl emotion
Everyone was silent. Anapurna and DurgaPrasad finished them food and goes upstair. Just Swara and Sanskar remain in the hall

Sanskar, I cannot let Pari wed Laksh

I know, but we cannot do anything. Pari is not in India, she left yesterday, so we should wait for her coming
” But she will come with her family, how we will tell her
” When the day come, we will think. For now MRS Swara Sanskar Maheswari can I have a Kiss
” No, and she runs
” Swara sambalke tumko. You should not run in this condition he smiles and went to his office
This scene was seen by Laksh and he thinks
Maybe, if I’ve not played with you, today, you will have a mother of my children like Swara. Ragini kaha ho tum? his tears flow down and go to his office.

It’s was a POV of Laksh because many of you ask me to write Laksh’s feeling. Other chapters will remain around Ragini POV. Thank you

So tell me how was this chapter ?

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