Shattered Chapter 6

Chapter 6

It was Sunday, Ragini wakes up late. She is very tired because she has a lot of work. She worked at AR and SR ( Swaragini). Then she remembers she must take Veer and Kajal to the cinema. It was already 11 O’clock, she is late. She prepared herself in a maddening hurry. She wore a jean, a top, and a basket. She takes her bag, keys and goes to Raichand Mansion. She enters, Veer and Kajal were angry at her

” I’m sorry baccho, I’m very late”

” Yes, we know you are late. We won’t talk to you”

” Hey choti, tum Ragu ma nahi baat karogi?”

” Tum peerse mudje choti boolare ho?” she said in an angry tone ” I said I will not talk to her, so I will not”

” Kajal beta, you will not talk to me? Will you not talk to your mom? Saach me?” Ragini said

” You are not my mom because you don’t live with us. You just say that you are our mother, taki we will not be sad, you don’t love us” she said crying. Ragini was sad to see this little girl crying. She was like that when she was young. She cried a lot to gain a motherhood love, but this never happend, even after the arrival of Swara’s mother. She was lost is her thought when Veer tell his sister

” Sis, Don’t cry because Ragu ma will never let us. Remember, yesterday she said that we will live with her in her house. Don’t cry, you are my choti, you are my strong choti” Ragini was happy that Veer starts to become mature, and then said

” Kajal, you know how much I love you nahi na? I have a lot of work yesterday, issiliye main thak gayi hoon, but you will be angry at me, we will really miss the cartoon”

” I know you love us, but like dad, you always work, and I’m afraid that you will leave us, like papa.” She said in a cute way

” Oh my little angel, I will never leave you both. Main Vaada karte hoon. And you know I’m not missing my promise. So chale?”

Kajal nods and hugs Ragini

” I love you Ragu ma,” she said

” Hey choti, don’t try to take Ragu ma with you. I’m also here and need her, so please can you back off, like that, I will also hug her”

” you both stop fighting. I have so much space that I can hug you two together. Come here my shehzaade” They have a hug and bid bye to all family.

” Sunno je! They were so much happy na?” said Dadi

” Haan ma they are very happy,” said Radha

” Bahu, so why my heart tell me that something will happen?” said a worried dadi

” Nahi ma, after so many years, Veer and Kajal find their mother. They are just happy,” said Yamini with a reinsurance voice.

” I hope, because, when he will come, he will create a hungama. And I don’t want Ragini and the children suffer” said Dadi.

” No, he will never come here. He has promised himself to never reenter in this house” said Radha while crying.

” We cannot tell the truth to the Children, they will be very hurt, ” said Dada

” Ma doesn’t worry, they will never learn that their papa…”

” Yamini bhabi stop, don’t tell this. It’s hurt. I’ve already lost my two children, I don’t want to lose my grandchildren too” said Radha.


” Baccho, what you want to see?”

” Ragu ma, I want to see Snow queen”

” Urg Choti! No Ragu ma, I want to see Arthur and the Invisibles”

” No Ragu ma, Snow Queen”

” No Arthur and the Invisibles ”

” No Snow Queen”

” No Arthur”

” STOP! Chup. You are fighting like your life depends on in these film. No, we will go to see the lion King ok? ”

” Yeah,” said Veer

” Yippi,” said Kajal

” Stay here, I will take the ticket, don’t call with a stranger, even if he says he know your parents OK?”

” Ok ragu ma. I will be quiet, but I don’t know if Veer can?” said Kajal mocking Veer

” Choti, you know I will prove you that I’m better than you,Okok,” said Veer challenging Kajal

” Stop you two. Chup chap bethja hiye, and I don’t want you two fighting. If not we will not see the cartoon. I’m clear?”

Ok ok mama” they said in chorus with a fake sad voice

She went to buy the ticket, and when she return she doesn’t find the child. She panic and scream out they name.
” Ragini, don’t panic, you will find them, and then you scream at them.”

” Kajal, Veer kahaho tum dono?”

” Dekho mama aisa mazzak passan nahi hai”

” Mama we are here, why are you screaming?”

” Tum dono gaha gaye?”

” We want to buy you a bracelet, this girl sells kangaan” Kajal point at a girl who is entrance and said

” You know ragu ma, she is poor, so I think I should help her, so we bought all kaangan, so that she won’t work anymore” said Veer

Ragini was happy, and think
” Theses children are very unique and strange too. They are small but they understand the pain of other, when themselves is suffering.

” But you should told me. Maybe you are two understanding the world around you, but don’t forget that you are still a child, and you should remain at that. Alright, I know you two want to help this girl, but you will miss you children in the process to understand the world” She said

” Sorry ragu ma, we will tell you next time promi,se” they said looking down

” Oh merra baccha, you are afraid me so much. But yet I’m happy that you are helping other, lekin haan next time tell me, and will go with you” She hug them

” Ok Ragu ma” they smile

” Before going we should take all theses bangles into car, warna we will be annoyed ” said Ragini

” Ok chalo, we have still 30 min before the cartoon begin”

They reach the car, and put all the bangle in the car, and go to the entrance of the cinema.

” Baccho, come with me ”
They go where the girl is and then Ragini said

” Tumhara naam kya hai?”

” Ji didi, mera naam Radika hai”

” Radika tum school keliye jaana hai?”

” Nahi Didi, mera pass money nahi hain”

” Tum school ke liye jaana chaateho?”

” Ji didi, lekin mera pass money nahi hai. Lekin Jab mere pass paissa hai, mudje zarror school jana hai”

” Tum fikr mat karo, kal tumhara mama and baba mera office anne diye ok”

” Ji didi ” Ragini give the girl her office card and goes before that, she give her money
” ise lo, paanch hazar ke note, don’t work here”
” Shukriya didi, main pratna karega hai ki aap hamesha kush ho jaega, aur mili ek pati jo aapko bahut bahut pyaar donga,” she said all happy and kiss Ragini in her cheeks.

Ragini think, I will never find a husband, who will accepte me and love me, because I’m a divorce women” and then tell
” Lekin main ek vaada chahiye”
” Haan bolo didi”
” You will study hard, and become a great women ok?”
” Ji didi, I will”
Ragini smile at the girl and go to the entrance of the hall.
” Ragu ma you are the best mom ever”
” Yes and we love you very much”

The whole scene is seen by someone. That someone says
” Your happiness will soon turn into a nightmare” and laugh evilly.

After one hour of the Lion King, Ragini and children come out the hall and tell

” Baccho, do you want go eat an ice cream?”
” Yes” they said

They go to her car and goes to ice cream parlor. They ordered the ice cream. For Veer it’s was Ben&jerry’s chocolate; Kajal want to eat Vanilla ice cream, and Ragini eat snickers ice cream ( I confess it’s my favorite Tongue )
When they finished, they goes at the beach. They have so much fun. Veer and Kajal put sand in her hairs. She take her revenge and put them in water. After two hours of fun, they return home.

” Bare dada-dadi, dadis, we are home”
No one replay, Ragini tell
” Maybe they are in they room. You two go, change and take a bath”
” Ok ragu mama”
She smile at them, and come to Dada-dadi’s room; but no one was here. She goes to Radha ma room and Yamini aunty room, but no one was in there room.
She call them in their number , still not a respond. She begin to think
” Where they are gone, they don’t tell me? I should call Yash bhai maybe he know”
Yash take her call
” Kya Ragini, you cannot let me with my would be fiance alone?” he said in a dramatic voice
” Chup, bilkul chup, if I knew you was with Meera, I will not call you, but no one is in Mansion”
” What? I didn’t know! You have call them?”
” Yash bhai, you think I’m an idiot! Of course I call them all, but they don’t take my call. I don’t know but I feel weird, like something is happening”
” You are always weird, but don’t worry, I will come, and search them. Maybe they go out and don’t want to tell us”
” Haan maybe. I will wait for you at mansion”
” Ok I will come in 45 min”
” Why 45 min?”
” Because I’m with Meera so?”
” So what? Meera goes before your family?”
” No I didn’t mean that. Meera and me are out of the earth?”
” KYA?” she said almost screaming
” Uffo, don’t cream like, I mean I have organize a mini cruise, but I will tell the captain to return to the litoral”
“Ok I will wait for you! I will call their friends to make sure that they are not with them”

After one hour Yash come with Meera.
” Yash you came late, how could you be so irresponsible”
” Ragni, wo.. wo?” Said Meera
” Wo wo kya, tell saaf saaf” she was very angry at them
” Wo, it’s because of me, if Yash is late, because I sprained my ankle”
She look at Meera and tell
” You look ok”
” Yes it’s because Yash took me hospital, and they …” Meera was cut off by Ragini
” Let it be, when you two are here, we can go and search in every place that they could go. If we didn’t find them, we will go police station, and report they disappearance ”
They go in the same car. Yash was driving, Ragini receive a text telling
” If you want to know where your families is, then come here”. She was shocked and begin to cry, and take Kajal and Veer with her; Yash ask her
” Rags, why are you crying?”
” I have receive a text telling me to come to this adress if I want to find my families”
” to chalo, don’t worry Rags everything will be fine”.
” Haan mama, don’t worry”
They come to the address and Ragini was shocked

So the Chapter 6 please you? tell me SmileSmile

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