Shattered Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Ji uncle, you want to tell me something?”

” Yes, I want to tell that I have go India. In fact, I have to Kolkatta, so you will have…”

” Uncle, mudje iss shahar nahi janna” she stops Amrith and turn away

Amrith come to her and turn her toward him, and tell

“Ragini bete, let me finish please. I know you don’t want to go in this city, and I don’t force you, issilye it’s me who will go. So, in my absence you will be the temporary M.D of AR”

” How can I be the M.D? I mean it’s your and dada ji ka office. I’m a stranger, you can tell Arvind uncle to come” she said in hurry, because she know the post of an M.D is very stressful

” Khabardar, khabardar you said that you are a stranger. What you have done to us, never we can forget. Being a stranger like you said, you have done very much. Rahi bat Arvind ka, he is busy with his own buisness. So you are my last hope. If you don’t agree, then it’s you who will go in my place.”

” Uncle, I cannot”

” Ok then I will book your ticket, and you will go in my place there” he said, and was about to live when Ragini said

” Rukie uncle” with a sight say ” theek hai, I will replace you”

” That’s my girl, So let begin with the beginning, come to me, I will telle my team, to follow your every instruction” She nod, and follow Amrith to the 12th floor.

” Sunno everyone, from tomorow and until I come, Ragini, my daughter will be the M.D of AR. You will have to follow her every instruction. I don’t want a complain to her part. My daughter is very strict when it comes to work, so better when she tell you something, to follow”
Everyone nod, and Amrith come to his cabin. Ragini follow him, and she said

“Uncle, why you have so much trust on me?”

” Because you deserve to be trust. You don’t give me the opportunity to complain. You’ve study in the best designer of England. You’ve created swaragini fashion, and pay back us every money you owe us. Your office is a topper of designing cloth, you help us in designing without pay. You are the most talented designer and topper of businesswoman. So tell me why I should not trust you? ”

Ragini has tears in her eyes and doesn’t respond to Amrith. He come to her and hug her
” Shhh, You know I don’t like when you cry. If you don’t stop, I will call your aunty” She smile and say

” Thanks for trusting me! main iss vishvaas ko pheeka nahin hone denge ” She wipes her tears and go to her cabin. Before that Amrith tell her
” Ragini, I want to tell you that, you are the daughter we lost long time ago. If she was alive, she would have been like you! So maybe I can replace your dad, but you will remain my daughter. I have a request to you, I hope you won’t mind?”
” No what is the request?”
” Can you call me dad or papa?”
” You don’t have to ask, I will call you papa from now”
He hug Ragini and tell
” Thank you bete, you don’t know what you have woke up in me. Today I feel my daughter, just because of you. Thank you so much” This time it’s Amrith who cry.
Ragini was too much touch, she just wipe the tears of her new dad and tell
” So from now on, I don’t want to see you crying Ok? ”
He nod and Ragini take her leave and goes to her cabin.
She look at the clock and say
” Oh god, I’m late ” with that she take her purse and a file. She enters in a cabin and tell
” I’m sorry guys for the late ”
” Don’t worry Ms Gagodia, we wont mind ” said an elderly man
” Thanks Mr Singh. You can proceed”
” Yes, this meeting it’s a bit personal, because my daughter is getting married in two months, so I want you to design her all dress. I will pay you the amount you want, baas I want my daughter look very beautiful. No one cannot take their eyes on her, I want her to be like a fary”
” Okok I understand Mr Singh, I would try my best, I have design some dress for the rassam like mehendy or sangeet, you can look and show the skecth to your daughter”
” Yes, infact she would come to you tomorrow, if you don’t mind of course”
” Not a tall”
After two hours, the meeting finished and I come to my cabin. I wrote a letter and put into an envelope.
” Mr Parks come to my office please ”
In less two minutes she was here, and tell me
” You call me?”
“Yes I call, that’s why you came no? Let it be. Take this and send this today itself. I don’t want anyone know this, so be discreet”
” Maam, can I ask you a question?”
” carry on ”
” Why you send this letter? And why you don’t put your name on?”
” I pay you to do your work, not to put your nose in my personnal life, so just stick at your work, if you don’t want to be fired. I’m clear?”
” Yes, yes maam. I’m sorry”
” It’s ok, you can leave now” She leaves in a hurry, I have afraid her, but she know that I don’t want anyone to question me on my deed. It’s personal
After one hour, Ragini take her leave to, and goes to Raichand mansion, because she must speak to dadi and dada. She goes to her car and drive to Raichand mansion. She entered, and was greeted by the servant, and then tell
” Alfred where is Dada and Dadi”
” They are in their room”
” Thank you Alfred, can you please tell Radha Aunty to come to their room? ”
” Sure”
This house is so big, that you can let ten families live here. She goes upstair and knock the door.
” Coming”
Ragini enter and dadi tell
” Oh Ragini beta it’s you. I thought it’s Alfred”
” Ji Dadi, dada kaha hai?”
” I’m here, and will always be here” respond dada who was in bathroom
” Dada I want to ask you something”
” Jee pooche”
” I will prefer wait for Radha aunty”
” I’m here Ragini, kya hua? Tum kyon pareshaan lagrehi hoon?”
” Wo Radha aunty, I want to ask you all something ”
” Jee pooche, you scared me Ragini”
” You know we know each other since 5 years. Veer and Kajal have 6 years, I want to know where are their parents. Unki ma-papa? jab main is ghar main aayi hoon, they were babies, so what happend. How a mother can left her children?”
Dadi and Radha aunty was crying; Dada was looking down, but tell me
” They mom abandoned them when they were just four months. Avantika was the name of their mother, she was the wife of my grandson, Raj. Raj was madly in love with Avantika. But Avantika just want his money. Though Raj was millionaire she was not satisfied. Raj was blind in her love, so much that he didn’t see, ke Avantika was ditched him, with his best friend, Krishna. Avantika is a model, and she want to continue her caree. We let her continue, she begin to go in kitty parties, then return home late in night. Then she comes all night drunk, your dadi doesn’t accept it, and tell Raj. But Raj was blind and tell your Dadi that she misunderstood her wife. After that incident, we learn that Avantika maa bane wali hoon, so we though she would end her night party, but no she remain like always. This time Raj stop her and tell her that she cannot drink because she is pregnant. Months passed, and Avantika gave birth to twins, Veer and Kajal. One night, Raj come home lately, and find the babies alone, and Avantika not here. He tell us that Avantika is not in the Mansion, he tried severely her number, but she doesn’t respond. He called her boss, and he tell him that Avantika was in party. Raj come to the place and search Avantika. Unfortunately she was not here. So Raj come here ans wait for Avantika all night. Morning Avantika come and then
” Avantika kahi thi tum? you are drunk?”
” Uffo Raj, let me rest in peace, I have pain in my head, so please get lost”
” Avantika, I’m asking you kaha thi tum all night?”
” Why I should tell you?”
” Because I’m your husband, that’s why?”
” Husband aur tum? No way”
” What are you saying? How can you let our babies alone?”
” Babies? What babies? for me they are just a mistake” Raj Slapped Avantika and she lost her balance.
” What rubbish? How could you be so irresponsible?”
” Kyon? It’s your babies too? I gave them birth, but you can pay attention to them.”
” Avantika you know I have a lot of work.”
” Yes you and your work! You are not alone who work. I worked to, and because of these… kya kaha tumne dosra din? haan humara pyaar ki nishani! Yes because of this pyaar ki nishani I have to let my work. My career is important to me, and I don’t want them to be an obstacle. When I realize ki main pregnant hoon, I want to abort, but I cannot because It’s was too late. So I keep them, but don’t think I would love them, because they are just a mistake” Raj lost his temper and slaped her hard. Everyone was shocked to see this side of Raj, because, he is so carring, and not brutal.
” You want to abort?”
” YES! and you know what MR RAJ RAICHAND I don’t love YOU. You are so boring, you didn’t love me like I used to be love. You are like a puppet who want love. But I have satisfaction, and you’ve have never satisfy me. Like husband you are a loser, you cannot take me to 7th sky. But your best friend did that you cannot. I’m fed with this drama, yes I don’t love you. I married you for your money, your house, your name, your properties, you respect.”
” Shut up Avantika. Just shut up before…”
” Before what Raj, before you hit me, kill me?”
” Don’t test my patience Avantika”
He goes to kitchen and take a bucket of water, and throw at Avantika. She fainted
” Mom-dad, aap ke room jaye”
” Raj bete what will you do with Avantika”
” I know what I have to do with her” Every one went to their room. Avantika was alone in the living room.
She wake up with a heavy head, and call Radha
” Ma, why I’m here?”
” Don’t talk to me, you bl…”
” Mom yeh.. What are you saying?” She heard a voice from the top. Raj go down the stairs, and come to the ladies
” Raj suno na, what mom what about to say?”
” Kya mom, ab bi na, kyon meri patni ke taang kiya? She is so vulnerable”
” So Avantika where were you?”
” I was to my friend house”
” And this friend has a name”
” Yes”
” Can please do me the honor to tell me her name?”
” Why, you don’t trust me?”
” trust? Of course I trust you, but I just want to know where you was all night, when your babies were crying? Where you was when I called you and you never reply? Where was you when I come to the partie where you suppose to be, but you were not?”
” Which party? I’ve goes to Jana house”
” Oh Jana, but it’s you who tell me that she has gone to Australia three days before, or it was a lie?”
” No, she really go?”
” So where were you all night?”
” I don’t want to reply you, if you don’t trust me then, I should go”
” tututu Mrs Avantika Raichand, you will not go that easily. Before you go, I have a gift for you, take this and sign on them”
” Divorce paper?”
” Yes sign them, and get out of my house”
” I will not”
” As you wish. Mr Rathor can you please take her with you? ”
” Police? maine kya kiya? Going to a party is not a crime”
” But leave her child unattended is a big crime, punish by the law”
” you will regret this step. I will not forgive you Mr Raj Raichand, I will not let you leave in peace, believe me, you will not be happy”
” Take her out”
Flashback end
After that morning, we have lost our bahu, but in the same time our son. He was so deeply in love that he begin to hate the word “love”. He begin to come late the night, and go early the morning. He didn’t came to see his children, he thought that they were the reason of his separation with Avantika. Gradually, he stop coming here, and moves America”.

” They abandoned their children? for me the two are culprit because, Veer and Kajal were dying to have the love of a mother and father. But I will not let them be sad, I will give them the love of a mother”
” Ragini kya tum bole rahi ho”
” Radha ma, I know it would be difficult for me, because my past. But I already love them, and they too. I will not be their mom, but I will give them a lot of love that they won’t remember their real parent. Main vaada karti hoon, Veer and Kajal will be my responsibilities from now on.” She said with a determination in her face. All look at her with smile and Radha tell
” You are a wonderful women. I hope, in next birth you will have my daughter” she said proudly
” No no, next birth she would be my daughter .I’ve already said that bahu, you will not snatch my turn” said dada
” You call me Radha ma right?”
” Yes because, Amrith dad told me to call him dad, issiliye”
” Thank you my dear”
After finishing her talk she goes to veer and Kajal and said
” So guys so you wont come to eat?”
” Ha, just we wait for you to come” said Veer
” Ragu, tu pata he Veer kya kiya aaj se? ” Said Kajal
” Choti chuup”
” Hey, tum mudje choti boola raho? why? we are twins na? So logically we have the same age”
” Buddoo, Mama gave birth to me first then you” he said with a dramatic accent
” Mama? I don’t have mama” she said looking down
Ragini was sad to see this but then she cheers them up
” Oh oh, Kajal you have a mom. But not with you. Lekin you have me, your Ragu”
” But you are not my mom”
” It’s true I’m not your mom, but mama jesse haina?”
” Yes, you are the best mama ever” they said in chorus.
” So you from now on, you don’t have to say that you don’t have a mom. I’m your mom”
” Yeah”
Then they scream in all house
” Ragu is our mom! Ragini is our mom! Ragini is our mom”
” Baccho, come eat first, then I would read you a story before leaving”
” Mama you can stay here, now we are your child” Ragini was sad but still have a smile
” Promis, You will come to my house tomorrow Ok?”
They finished their food and goes to sleep. Ragini read them a story and they sleep. But Kajal was holding his hand, not to let her go. So she put her hand sweetly and goes. She bid bye to the family and goes to her house.

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