Shattered Chapter 4


Chapter 4

5 years leap

The life separate us, and the time don’t heal us. Hearts apart, we keep hurting us, sometimes unintentionally. We are left alone in a long corridor. We pray to back in time, just a second before to destroy all the hope. When sobs kill the joy, we dreams, we draw a present, a little more beautiful than before, to live where is king. A long tear flow on the face of a women, she cry at her fate.This women is none other Ragini, she has changed, she is very beautiful now, more stylish than before. She wear a beautiful royal blue saree, with her back open. The choli’s color is silver. She have diamond earrings, bracelet. The door open behind her, a lady come to her and touch her shoulder. The women have a beautiful smile in her face, she is not tall, but yet her presence make a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Ragini wipes her tears and turn around. The lady smile and tell

“Ragini, mera baccha, you don’t need to hide your pain toward me. I know the pain you have undergone, aur mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki iss dard ko tum khabhee bee isse nahi bhool pahenge, lekin tum ke saath rahane ke lie seekhane ke lie hai”
Ragini cry on the lady’s shoulder

” Aunty, why God gave me such a big punishment. Why? ”

“Chup mere bacche, God don’t give us punishment, tumhare nani always told me when God take something from us, he would surely give us something a thousand time better. Stop crying now, you know your dad hate when you cry. Tumto mera strong baccha haina?” Ragini nods then her mom smile at her and add

“Now can we go down, varna you bhai will come to us, and If he see you crying, he would angry at you”

” Chachi ma don’t worry I’m not angry with her, I hate her now, because she know we don’t like when she cry.” Said a voice from the entrance of the room.

” you and hate? impossible, plus Ragini se? ”

” Chachi ma if she can cry and can hate her. So if she can try to smile, I will learn to not hate her ”

” Yash Bhai can I tell you something? ”

” I tell you Ragini I will not talk to you ”

” When you tell that? It’s new ”

” I hate you na, so obviously I cannot talk to you ”

” And what are do doing now? ”

” I am talking to you! Oh shit shit, main phir se haar gayi”

” Oh lala mere bhai haar gaya? to chalo don’t talk to me, vaise bhi Yash bhai aapki sagai abi abi nahi hue na? Meera mera acche dost hai, lekin don’t worry if you don’t talk to me, I will tell her.”

” Haa to? Me tum ya phir Meera sagai ke saath jaraha hon?”

” Meera ke saath but if I tell not to marry you she wont, because she love me more than you, and you cannot do anything ”

” Accha app dono chup raho and go downstair ”
The three come down, Ragini come to her Dada and Dadi and tell

“Good morning Dadu, how are you today? ”

” Sirf Dadu hi bologi, main app tak zida hon ”

” Dadi you know how much I love you, so ahenda don’t take the word of death, varna main apke saath naraz rahenge”

” Ok mera bacchu, but yet I’m fine thanks for asking ”

” Tum subha subha mera laagli kyon pareshaan karo. She has the right to love me more than you. Apke pass bete, bahu, pote, all loves you, if one love me you are jealous, that not fair MRS Akshara Raichand”

” OK ok don’t start with your nautanki and fake anger! I love you two
With that Ragini sat in her chair, and everyone serve begin to eat. She think

” how different people they are. In Maheswari or Badi, first boys eat and then girl, here everyone is sitting, chatting together. I’m blessed that I have got such a wonderful friends cum family, but yet I cannot forget this pain” She is lost, then Yash clap to gain her attention.

“Ragini ki bacchi, tum pirse lost hoga yi ? You are in love like me ? If not then why are you so lost?” Yash said in casual yet funny way

” Love ? I don’t know this word she said lost again”

“What ? How can anyone don’t know what love is ”

” When you are betrayed, you forget this word, because it would give you more pain”

“Rags tum kya bol rahi ho ? Love is not pain, it’s different. Haan it’s obvious that you don’t know the meaning of love, you were never in love. You are just stick to your work, live your life, learn to love, then you will understand the meaning of love ”

Everyone was shocked execept Yash, beacause the elder knew why Ragini hate the word love.
So Arvind, Yash’s father interrup them before Ragini explodes

“Yash bete, tum Ragini’s fikr mat karo, you should think about you and your futur because if you don’t go to office in ten mins, it you who will understand the word of “poverty” ” .

“What ??” Everyone laught at his face, except Ragini, because she think of her past. Yamini who sees that, put her hand on Ragini’s shoulder and assure her that everything would be alright.
Dadi then call Ragini who just look at her plate,

“Ragini beta, aakpi dono lagle aap tak so rahe ? ”

“Nahi bade dadi, we are awake” said Veer and Kajal

“That’s good ! You are grew up add Yamini

“But I’m angry at her” said Veer staring at Ragini

“Why my prince is angry at me ?”

” Budoo, why are you angry at her ?” Kajal retort

” I’m angry because I don’t see my sooraj today” Veer said faking an angry face

“Hein sooraj ? Tum sooraj kyon nahi dekhee. Ragu I think we should take him to a… What did you say for a eye’s doctor ? ” said inoncently Kajal

“We say ophtalmologist, and yes we must take him, cause it’s urgent ” said Ragini playfuly.

” Ha ha hasso hasso, Ragu you are my sooraj. You know I won’t get up if you don’t come ”

“Oh how sweet ! You call me your sooraj, mera bach… ” she doesn’t say the word.

” Ha bhai if she is your sooraj, then for me she is my chaand, because I don’t sleep without meeting her. Yesterday, she don’t come to me, but yet I have a photo, so I see her, then come to sleep. Hum dono equal hai”
Ragini has tears in her eyes, but she remind smiling, she thought

“This child are so innoncent, maybe… not the past is the past Ragini, Ma was right I have to learn to live with my bitter past” and she said

” Come to me, you know na I have so much work, issilye maine tum dono nahi dekpayi, but I promise, sunday we will go to watch a movie alright ? They nod then Ragini said bas don’t be angry at me ok ? ”

” We are not angry with you, I know you will quit us, like mom and dad did with us” Everyone was sad

” So aap dono think that I will leave you ? Why I will live my prince charming and my princess ? Bolo why I will leave my treasure here ? ”

“Saach main, we are your treasure ?” Veer and Kajal tell in the same time

“Yes you are and you will remaind that for ever” Ragini said kneeling to them

“So why don’t you shift here ” Kajal said, Ragini understand

” Oh so tum dono and your Grand dadu made up this nautanky, taki mein issi raha main sakte” She turn to Dada

“Are you not ashamed to use children Dada ?” She said faking an agry face

” Nahi Ragini, we are not ashamed, because we are all at fault” Said radha

” Oh oh, I have already tell you, I won’t stay here, because you are already done too much for me, I don’t want to abuse your generosity”

” Ragini bete, you are and will be always welcome here, you cannot be our bahu because Yash has already choose his jeevan saathi, but I want you as our daughter. We can adopte you bete ” said Arvind.

“To if I’m your daughter the, you will let me be independant, live my life like I want…” Ragini begin to tell

“Like you has a life, always stick to office, it’s not a life Ragu” said Yash with an angry face

“Uffo Yash bhai, when you will marry, you will forget all of us, because you will be occuped with your wife. If I came to stay here, you will not have a moment with your wife, because she would be stick with me ” Said Ragini. All family laugh at Yash face, because he was looking down

“Ya you are right, then stay to your house ”

” App deekhe, when I mention wife, he told me to stay at my house ”

” Yes because you will instigate my wife against me. My mom already share my love with you, that’s not fair ” . Ragini felt a crak in her heart, because she did the same in the past. She instigate her sasural against Swara.

“Yes maybe, I know Yamini aunty love me more than you” she said mockingly

” Yes I know, if you are done Ms Gagodia, I’m going because dad give sirf 10 mins, and if I heard your blablaring then it’s me who would be throw out at this place. Then where I will go ? I know I will come to your house”

“You can dream, because you wont come to my house, you are such disorgonize person. No you rest here with your family, because it’s your family ”

” Ohe ohe don’t be dramatic, I can share a little with you, I’m not that bad” he said with a hug to Ragini and say

” So would you please shift here ? ”

“I will think about it. So people I’m already late, I have to go bye ! And you two, my prince and princess go and study well, and Veer you won’t flirt with your Miss and other girls ok ? Kajal tum participe with other children, play with them ok ? Dadu-dadi I will have to talk to you tonight”

” Yes ragu”

” Ji bete ”

After finishing their breakfest Arvind, Amrith, Yash and Ragini goes to their office. Ragini goes to Swaragini’s fashion. Swaragini is Ragini’s office, it’s a part of Raichand industries. She design in swaragini and AR sell her design. Sometimes, Ragini work at AR. She arrive at AR, and goes to her cabin and lets out a sight

“They are such a wonderful people, but I cannot stay with them, because they remember me my lost family. Radha aunty is like Anapurna, Yamini aunty is the combo betwwen Anapurna ma and Sujata Chachi. Pari is like Swara ; I cannot compare Sanskar with Rohit bhai because, there are different. Dada and Dadi is like no one, they are special, they cannot be assimiliate to anyone. Lekin Arvind uncle and Amrith uncle are like Bade papa and Chacha ji.” She was lost in her comparasion, that she did’nt know when her secretary come to her to give her schedules.

” Maam ? You hear me ? ”

” Oh I’m sorry. Please tell me ” Her secretary was telling her her appointment with client, but she didn’t pay any attention.

” Maam, you ok ? You seems lost ”

” No ; I mean I’m fine, you can go, If I need you I will call you ”
She take a picture with her and Swara, she think how I miss you Swara, you cannot imagine. I wish I could see you one time. She put the photo frame at the initial place, and begin to draw her unfinish sketch.

In Maheswari Mansion

All ladies was running there and there. A women with a baby bump goes to a girl and kneel

” Shalu beta, why are you running from your dadi ? ”

” Mama, Dadi mera dood peene ke liye majboor karenge, and you know
I hate Milk ” Swara was a sad smile because Ragini also hate drink milk.

“You know your maasi also hate drinks milk, but tumhari par nani oblige her.”

“Kyon ? ”

” Because, it will make you strong and beautiful, so you can grow up ”

“To aap bi peene, taki baby strong be hogi, and you too. And vaise I don’t need to be beautiful, because I’m like my maasi so I very beautiful.”

“Tumhare tarref finish you can come to drinks your milk. And Swara don’t kneel like that. In halaat main tum rest chahiye, I will manage Suhana” Said Sujata with a smile.

” Yes mom, I will be in my room, if you need help you can call me ”

“Yes, I will call you like yesterday, and you have got a pain in your stomach. Go to your room and don’t move ”

” Yes boss ” she said like a military
She comes to her room, and Sanskar is preparing to go to office. Swara come and talk to Ragini, like every morning

“Why did you left me ? Yes you have divorce Laksh but not me !”

” Are my beautiful wife, why are troubling my saali subah subah” he weep the tears of Swara.

” I’m troubling her ? How dare you Mr Maheswari Sanskar ? ”

“Yes, you are troubling her, and you are troubling my baby too.”

“Ouch” she hold her stomach

” Kya hua” Sanskar panic

“Mom, bari ma come Swara have a pain in her stomach”
They come to Swasan’s room, but she trail off
“Idiot, it’s just a kick. You react like it’s the first time. I remember you that you have already a daughter of 5 years.”

The two ladies smile at their antic, and go away.
“Oh I thought…”

“What you thought ? This baby won’t come till Ragini come to swara ”

“What rubbish don’t tell craps ” Again the baby kick

” I have tell you, this baby troubling me a lot when I mention the name of Ragini ”
Yet again another kick

” Ok ok baba I will not mention your maasi again, stop kicking me ”
Another kick

” I think our baby would like Ragini a lot ” said Sanskar

” Kaash she was here ,kaash uss din Laksh did’nt throw her out ”

“Stop thinking the past swara ”

“No I cannot, because of him I don’t have my sister with me, I will never forgive him. Dadi said that when Ragini will forgive us, she will come, why she didn’t ? It’s 5 years, 5 years that everything change ” she said crying
“Yes, bari papa has keep a wall between him and Laksh. Bari ma was speaking to Laksh when it’s need, and you, you are not even stay in the same piece. It’s me who talk to him properly, because he is my bhai. Dada is no more, because he was feeling guily that he cannot protect her Ragini. Your Dadi is depressive since Ragini left. And Laksh… he drunk. I didn’t know how this family was break ”

“This house break when Laksh throw my sister out of this house. Your brother have his family beside him, lekin Ragini, Ragini have no one. I hope whenever she is, she has got a better family than us. A family who understand her, and don’t force her to do things that she didn’t want, like marrying Laksh ”

“Yes, maybe this was our mistake. I promis you and my baby, I will find Ragini, and then he come to Swara baby bump you can come to us princess ”
The baby kick, like he understand what his papa telling him.

” Arre, how do you know I will have a girl ? I tell you it’s a boy ”

” No it’s a girl ”

” Mama, dad why you always fight. Mama it’s would be a girl because she would like maasi and me, beautiful and smart”

“Oye bap-beti alliance ? We will see boy or girl ?”

“We will see” said Sanskar and Shalu

“Shalu beti, you ara late, you don’t want to go school ? ”

” Mama, It’s papa who will drop me today ”

“Ok, don’t be badmaash” with other child

“Mama, I a big girl, I don’t play prank with my classmate, only with those who bother other”

“That’s my girl” said proudly.
Sanskar and Shalini leaving alone Swara, who continue to talk to Ragini picture

” Ragini kahan ho tum ? Why I feel that you think about me ? Did you know you have one niece and would be too. Why don’t call me, just once. I promiss I will not tell anyone. Please come back to us. I cannot see my family in pain. You are the smile of this house. Please come back ”

In Anapurna and DurgaPrasad Room

“Why you left me Ragini, you know how much we love you ? Kahan ho tum ? Kaisi ho tum ? Don’t you think about your mom. Main manti hoon saagi ma nahi houn, lekin I give you all love of a mother. I know a made a mistake, I forced you to marry Laksh, but I didn’t want lose you. But, God punish me, you have go away from me. My daugther is far away from me, but deep in my heart I know you are happy. Every morning, I mourned that you are not with to do aarti. Your voice was so beautiful, yet we make you a devil. We are all at fault, but please come back, just once I want to see you, hear you. You cannot keep your mom away from you. ”

DurgaPrasad keep a hand on her shoulder, and she hug her husband
” 5 saal, aap Ragini nahi bhool sakti. The day she left was still in my mind. I cannot forget her tears, her plaid to go away. We have snatch her inoncence, her smile. We thought that she is wrong, but we made her wrong unintentionnaly. Yet she didn’t blame us, I will keep her in my heart till I die ” said DurgaPrasad with a sad smile.

London in AR office

Ragini feel that someone call her name, so she stop drawing. She went to her window and take area.

Amrith come to her cabin and knock, but she doesn’t respond, so he entered and said

” I’m sorry Ragini to disturb you, but I have to tell you something important ”

So here the chapter 4- What do you think about it?
Swara and Sanskar have a daughter who was name Shalini

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