Shattered Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

Ragini was not in her sense, she remembered how she meets Laksh, her engagements with him, then she learned her sister’s love for Laksh. This time, no one was there for her, she have her dadi whom she loves. But her dadi use her for her revenge towards Swara and her mom. She can’t call her mom; when her Dadi told her that it’s was her fault that today she don’t have her mom beside her, she breaks down. She entered Gadodia’s house, and then pick her mom picture, while crying
Ragini- Mama, why you left me alone. Don’t you love me? Why don’t you take me with you? I don’t want to live? Mudje tumhare zaroorat hai. She takes all her mom pictures and put them in her suitcase. She remembers her childhood in this house, but this house is no more her. She left a letter for her family and goes away her family. She has tears in her eyes, and her heart was bleeding, but she don’t want to suffer anymore.
Gagodia’s family entered the house, and they were shocked because all pictures of Jhanki with Sheckar and Ragini were missing. Dadi who came was equally shocked
Dadi- Chor! Humare bahu aur Ladoo ki tasveer gayab Hain?
Sumi find the letter first, then she read in a loud voice

Ragini’s letter- Papa, dadi I’m going, because mudje koi haq to live here. My mom passed away long time ago. When I need a father, you wasn’t here, you was happy that you find your first love and your child, that you forgot me. Mama maut ki bad bi aapne ek pita ki fardh nehi ki. But yet I don’t blame you, because you was happy. I cannot live here because, I don’t want my past overpower me. Dadi you know I love you so much, but because of your hate, today I lost my husband. Because of your hate toward Swara and her mom, you never let me live my dreams. You decide to get me married with Laksh, and then instigate me to humiliate my mother-in-law. I love you so much that I don’t argument with you, even today I cannot be angry with you. When papa was busy with her another family, you was with me all the time, you was my mom and dad, my guru. I’am sorry I have to go far away from you, but remember your Ladoo will always love you. Mudje appko koi chikayat nahi ho, I will be happy whenever I go. Just take care of you. Papa, please forgive me, because of me and my mom you was apart from your first love. Today you will not have to worry about me, I grew up long time ago, and I will live my life like I always do, far away from you, Swara ki mom, dadi, dada, and dida. I thinks this is the best thing, I have take all the pictures of my mother and me, because I will keep her alive with me. I don’t want my memories disturb you. Bye all of you, tell Swara’s mom to take care of my family, and Dadi don’t accused them for my departure, it’s my wish to go. Take care

Dadi broke down with tears, and scream
Dadi- My Ladoo, nahi you cannot leave your Dadi. I promise you I will never let my hate ruined your life again, please bagwan mudje aisi bara saza mat dogi. Kaisi jeete hain hum, Ladoo you are my reason to live, main tumhara souna kaise jeete ? Please come back to me, I promise you, you will not have to complaint again. Ladooo.
She cries her heart out, she knew she was the one who transform her Ladoo into a devil.

Dadi- Sheckar mere Lado dundo, kyonki she is my reason to live. She is here whenever I need her, I am her mom, and a mom cannot be separate with her child. Please Sheckar
Sumi was consoling her, but Dadi stop her

Dadi- This is your fault, my bahu died because you two. She does’nt want to be the cause if your separation, she died. And the story replay again, Ragini quit us for your and your beti’s happiness, firbi meri Ladoo tell me to not hate you, because of my Ladoo I will accept you as my bahu, but I will never forgive you to ruin my daughter’s life

Shekhar- Ma why are you saying this ? Ragini is my daughter too

Dadi- Beti ? Kaunsi beti ? Kya tum unki manpassan jana hai ? Nahi ! Do you know what afraid your daughter ? When she was sick konsa dawaian ? Nahi and you call you father ? Let me tell you, chalo main ap dono ki nafrat nahi karenge, meri Ladoo ki liye, sirf aur sirf unke liye With that she disapear in her room, tears flowing.

Sumi- Sheckar hum apko sapki gunegar houn. Because of me today your daughter chali gayi. Maine use ek ma ka pyaar nahi diya hai. Maybe if I have given her my love, today Ragini would be happy in her sasural

Sheckar doesn’t reply because he is also at fault, all people have gone to their room.

Maheswari’s mansion

Anapurna come to her room, and see the letter of Ragini. She hesitate, but after she read

To ma and dad,

Mom-dad, I know I made a lot of mistake, but still you forgave me. Ye us galti be mudje maaf kardo, because if you read this letter, it would mean mere pyaar har gaya, and Laksh ki nafrat jeet gayi. Mom-dad I just want to tell you that I’m happy that I have got you as mom and dad. Thank you for giving me the right and the love of a daughter. Papa forgive me, Laksh ki khushi I have to broke your promise, today you lost a daughter and your bahu. However, I know you are happy because I take the right decision, and I became the old Ragini that’s you all love. Take care of yourself mom, and please forgive me.
Your daughter

AP- I have tell Laksh ki Ragini has changed, unke zid vaja se we lost our daughter She cry and DurgaPrasad was consoling her

DP-Shshsh… don’t cry ragini has taken the right decision. She can move on, we cannot blame her because we are at fault too. We showed her many dreams with Laksh

AP- Laksh plays with her emotion thrice. Tomorrow I will go to badi and I will search my daughter. Mano ya na mono Ragini is my daughter

DP- Ok but this time stop crying, I cannot see you in pain
They go to sleep, but they cannot sleep, Ragini despite her deed was a wonderful girl.

Sanskar-Swara’s room

They entered, and they find Ragini’s letter on the bed. It’s Sanskar who read the letter

Ragini- I will not make a novel. I want to tell you two, never let sadness come in your couple. Swara don’t be angry on Sanskar uselessly, you have the chance to have a husband beside you, so don’t make mistake. You know Swara, I always be jealous of you, because you have your dad and mom. Then when I know I will marry Laksh I was happy. But you fall in love with him, knowing the fact that I love him. Yes I was hurt, very hurt, then you have gone missing. Laksh has decided to marry me, I was verry happy, but yet again you come. I was happy that you came, because you was my sister ? Laksh told me that he still love you. Then the old Ragini gone, she begin to hate you to core of her soul, I think because of you Laksh were apart of me. But yet I’m sorry for giving you so much pain. Sanskar don’t trouble my sister, you have to promise me to keep her very happy. No more tears in her eyes, I try to hate you two, but I cannot.
Take care of yourself
Aapki Ragu

Swara- Sanskar, Ragini have to bear so much injustice, and me I was worried about my love for Laksh and about my family. I didn’t think of Ragini, I remember Ragini’s last real smile. It’s was on her engagement with Laksh. She was very happy, and I came. I revealed Laksh truth and Ragini was sad, she was crying. I’m not a good sister

Sanskar- I’m not a good friend too, because it’s me who begin the game. But lately, I came to know that I love you, and decide to stop, but I have too much poisonned Ragini’s mind, that she didn’t stop. But yet she tell us to be happy, and no more tears

Swara- We are also coupable, because of us she changed

Sanskar- Don’t worry my duppate wali dost will be happy wherever she is. I’m sure and will pray that she got a husband who will love her more than himself
They hug each other and dose off.

Laksh room

He was in his bed, and think

Laksh-When she was here, I want her to go, and when she already go, I want her back he smile at his thought, then he read the letter

Ragini- Laksh maine aapse pyaar bohot kiya, I love you more than myself, this was my mistake. Tell me where is my fault ? In return for my love, I just wanted you and your love. Maine aapse bohot intezar, I have wait for the day, you will tell me that you love me. Maine kaha na aapse don’t play with my emotions, but you have not listen to me ; You break my heart once again. I cannot hate you neither forgive you, lekin I will surely forget you. I give you what you want, and you gave me only pain ; atleast you could have let me virgin. You used me and I cannot forgive you for that. I don’t try to kill my sister nor snatch her first love. I was in love with you, you was also my first love, and I was shattered when you told me that you don’t love me. After that, Sanskar was mad, and you told my parent that you marry me, so I can help your bhai to recover. You used me then and today too. So tell me between us, which one is the fauter ? Main ya aap ? You can move on in your life, marry again, be happy again. I hope you will not use your would-be-wife, and love, because I don’t want she become like I was. You have hurt me and my feeling so much. I don’t know how to face the society because of you. You ruin my life Laksh ; I have divorce you, but I will never forget my past. If you have asked me once, I will have sign on theses paper. I don’t know if I would agree to sign on divorce paper, but ya property paper I would agree.
Thanks for ruining my life Mr Laksh Maheswari

Laksh- Ragini is right, I have fallen very low in the process to revenge my family. She loves me more than herself, and I used her. When we consummate I didn’t love her, but use her body, to gain her signature. I have hurt her very much.
He sleeps with Ragini’s letter.

In the morning, everybody was ready to go to Badi. Laksh was going down and no one talks to him.
Laksh- Mom-dad, where were you going ?

AP-Ji, tell you son that we have to rectify his mistake, so we are going to Badi
Laksh was hurt, but he knows he was at fault, so he keeps quite.

Laksh-Main be, I mean me too want to go and talk to Ragini

Swara- Sanskar tell your bhai that we don’t want his help, because he has made a lot of mistakes, in the name of family

Laksh- Swara I’m sorry

Swara- Sanskar tells your bhai to not talk to me, and keep his sorry for Ragini

Laksh- So chale ? he said. They nod and go to Badi.
They arrive there, but they were disappointed when Sheckar tell them what Ragini said

Shekhar- I’m sorry, but Ragini is not there. She have take her belongings and I don’t know where she is. I have searche her all the night but in vain
Dadi who was comming, was fumming to see Laksh here

Dadi- Tum iss ghar aane me himmat kese hui Laksh ? If Ragini is not here, it’s your fault. She loved you, and you, you throw her out of your house. Because of you today, I have not my Ladoo beside me. Main tumse iss ghar me aane dobara nahi dungi. Get out of this house, because of you this house is apart. You separed two behans, a dad-mom with their daughter, and a Dadi with her pote. Maine manti houn ki main Swara passan nehi hai, lekin mere Ladoo keliye, I can keep my hate apart, because she was my soul. So get out, varna main police ki call karouga. I don’t want your explaination or your motivation to throw my daughter out. Anapurna ji, you have our Swara with you, isiliye main aapko nahi badtamizi, keep her haapy, because my Ladoo want that. Lekin ahenda Laksh mere samne mat hana, kyon ki main bool gayi, ki mere Ladoo was his patni.

Laksh get out of the house, Maheshwari’s family was shoked, and Swara was happy. She hugs her Dadi and said
Swara- You really like me now ?

Dadi- I like you long time ago, but not your mom, because she was the cause of my bahu’s suicide, and Ragini’s sadness. Tum to bacche hai, I don’t hate you, bit I was scared that you snatch Ragini’s happiness to make your happiness, like your mom did.

Swara- Lekin if you doesn’t accept my mom then…

Dadi- Ha I have accept your mom, but just because of Ragini. When you have a scar in you heart it’s difficult to erase this. With time, maybe I would accept you mom heartily

Swara- Ok Dadi, but Ragini ?

Dadi- I’m sad that Ragini has go away, but yet I’m happy, because I’m sure she will find her jeevan saathi. Don’t worry for her, when she will forget her past, she would come to us. I know my Laddo, she would definitely come to us She has tears in her eyes, then dadi tell
Sanskar come here He come, the dadi add

Dadi- aap dono mere paon chuhe
with confused look, Swara and Sanskar touch Dadi’s feet

Dadi- Maine aap dono achirvad nahi deti, issiliye, khush rako and always be understanding with each other

They hug Dadi, and they bid bye to Gadodia’s family, with a sad smile, because Ragini was not returning to Maheswari’s house.

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