Shattered Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Laksh entered the room, and Ragini was lost in her thought. Laksh sees Ragini lost, but think that she might complot anything, and before she could hurt his family again, he would throw her in their life hamesha keliye. But before that, he must be very caring and loving husbund, and then took her signature on property and divorce paper. He is impress by himself, because he never knew that he is a good actor.

” Ragini tum yaha akele kya kaar rahi hoon?”

” Nahi Laksh mein… choro, you need me?”

” Nahi, I want to spend my time with my beautiful wife, that’s it”
Ragini has tears in her eyes, but she doesn’t let them flew, she think

” Kash tum mudje pyaar karti ho ”

” You want to spend time with me, but we have to get remarried, and if you love me you will let me go to my mayka ”

” What???”

” Ha, tum mudje se pirse shaadi jaati, you will have to take me to my mayka ”

” lekin tumhare ma-bap hate you ”

” no they don’t hate, they are just angry and disappoint isilye but I will make them understand ”

” if you want to go then ok, but before that lawyer came today and he told me that sanskar aur Swara ka divorce paper agaye, tum signe karo ”

” theek hain i will sign them, but I have to go to ma, she call me ok? ”

” Ok ”
With that Ragini get out of the room and cry. Swara was passing and look at Ragini who was crying, and she come to her

” Ragini tum kyun rona? anything happend with Laksh ”

” nahi Swara, this is khushiya ki ansoo hain. Mein bohot khush hoon ki ham ek nayi zindagi miley. ”

” you sure ? ”

” ha shona ”

” you call me shona? I am sure you are change now. I am very happy, thanks to Laksh ki tum badal gaye, meri Ragini ko wapas. SwaRagini was complet now ”

” Maybe you are right” Ragini said with a sad expression and she begin to go, but swara stop her

” Where you are going? ”

” bari ma ke pass”

” Ok ” sh said with a smile.

They go in different direction, and Ragini enter to Anapurna’s room.

” Are Ragini tum yaha?”

” Ma, mein… mein… apse… apse” she stammers

Anapurna keep her hand on her shoulders and tell
” Mudje mafi nahi chahiye! Mudje mere bahu aur beti dono wapas chahe”

” Nahi ma, I have to tell you, because maine apke saat bohot galat kiya, maine paap kiya, mistake nahi but sins. You are the mom I never had, you give pyaar and in return I give you pain. Mudje mahi ki layak nehi, but still I m asking you forgivness ” Anapurna and Ragini dono have tears in their eyes. In the same time, DurgaPrasad hears this and have a smile. He comes to them and said

” Today I’m very happy that our Ragini have change for good. You was and you are our daughter. Main tum maaf karte hoon, lekin ek shart ke liye ”

” kaisi chart papa? ”

” Tum meri old Ragini, the Ragini who was everytime smiling, and understanding”

” Thank you papa and ma. You are the best sasural”
Anapurna was happy, but in meantime she was sad because Laksh doesn’t love Ragini. She thinks

” If come to know what Laksh as up to, she would break down, I hope she doesn’t change, and Laksh realise ki Ragini badal chuki hoon”.

” Mom what are you thinking? you don’t need to worry Laksh will be happy, because I prepared a surprise for him ”

” Mudje Laksh ke fikr nahi hoon, mudje tum par barosa hai. I’m sure you will keep Laksh happy ”

” Ma-papa aapko mudje inta vishwas nahi chahiye ”

” Kyon? ” Anapurna said

” mera matlab hai, ki main… maybe I would make mistake again… ”

” Baccha, kids made mistake every time, but us, ma-baap would definitely make our kids on the right path, it our fardh. And kids sudarna hamara kam hai. Tum chinta nahi hamara trust on you would never go ”

” As you say mom ”

Anapurna make her feel very confident, but she thought
” Sorry, ma but in the process to make Laksh happy, I’m going to make you sad, I hope you forgive me”.

She turn to go, Sanskar was about to enter and he hears all the conversation between Ragini, his bade mom and dad. He was happy that Ragini has changed, because he feel guilty cause it’s partially his who make Ragini evil.

” You know bari ma, Today I’m so happy because I have find my old friends, my duppata dost. I thinks I will forgive you, but in one condition? tu ready to accept my condition?” Ragini nod with tears and a smile
” You have to keep these tears away from you eyes, because you are ugly when you cry”
With that everyone laugh.

“Sanskar I’m very relived ki tum sapko mudje maaf kardiya ”

” Why not, Swaragini can be angry, but cannot be separated” said Swara with a smile
Ragini lost her smile and think of something. Then she tell

” I have to go once again, thank you for forgive me ”

” Ragini, mom and dad will come today you can ask forgiveness from them ” swara said

” I will see ” and then she goes to her room.

She think not her room, but Laksh room. She entered and Laksh was holding paper in his hands
“Lo tu aagayi malkin? ” he said with a cold stare, but then chnage into a sweet smile. Ragini know that he was acting and then say

” You know laksh you have a beautiful smile, but I don’t like when you call me malkin, because I’m not ”

” Ok I’m sorry baba, so then you like my smile, then you will have to give me one thing ”

” What do you want from me ? ”

” Azadi ”

” Azadi? ”

” I mean, you want to go to your parents house, then I will drop you ”

” No it’s ok, today mom and dad will come, then I will go away from your life”
Laksh was not paying attention of Ragini’s talks and he said

” Ok, but you have to sign these paper before you go”

” As you wish ” she then sign on these paper, she know it’s not Swara and Sanskar divorce paper but her and Laksh. She has tears in her eyes but repress them. Laksh with a satisfaction smile then said
” thank you, now come downstair” With that she follow Laksh downstair and he scream

” Mom-dad, chacha-chachi, ardash bhai, pareeniti babhi, Sanskar-Swara come down please”
Everybody came down, and Swaragini’s parents was there too, they reach in the moment Laksh scream for his family.

“Kya hua Laksh beta, why you was screaming?” Anapurna said

” Ma main jeet gaye, aur tum har gaye. Tu nai mudje kya kaha, ki ragini badal gayi hoon. I have proof ki Ragini badal nahi, and would never change. She was and is a cheater, characterless women, heartless, and selfish”

” Laksh what are you saying Kaun si proof? ” anapurna said, she know Ragini has changed, so why Laksh tell that?

” Mom this is Swara aur Sanskar ki divorce paper, and Ragini sign on them. She want Sanskar aur Swara divorce. This was a shock for all family, but Ragini stay calm.

” Ragini is that true? I have thought that you have changed but no, today you make me ashamed to call you my sister” with that she slap Ragini. Sanskar was shocked to, but he doesn’t believe ki Ragini have signe them, because he know the old Ragini would never make that.

” What you thought Swara, she will never change, she manipulate me! She disgusting me, she is a s**t who can sleep with man for her satisfaction”
Anapurna was shocked to hear this, and she came to Laksh and slap him.

” Main manti hoon ki ye bohot galti chuki ti, lekin she would never do such thing. I have trust on her. Ragini kyon tum chup ho ”

Ragini’s parent was hurt by the step of Ragini and her father come to her and slap her very hard that blood coming out of her mouth. She was crying but maybe she has to bear all this for the happiness of Laksh. However, she was very hurt with Laksh words, she is characterless, a s**t who sleep with man for her satisfaction. Laksh come to her and throw her out but she fall and her head hit the floor. Anapurna was shock but Durga Prasad who was silent spectator come to Ragini, and with calm voice said

” Beta tum kyon chup ho, batato sahi saach kya he”

Ragini with the help of Durga prasad stand

” Saach? Saach ye hai ki main divorce ka paper sign kya”
Everyone was shocked
” Haan maine divorce ka paper sign kiya, but not swara and sanskar. Main Laksh ka divorce sign kiya. This is the truth. Main manti hoon ki main bohot galat kiya? I have ask for forgiveness too, but main characterless, s**t nahi hoon. Mudje lakda ta ki meri pati mudje pyaar karti hoon.
What you said Laksh ki I have manipulate you! It’s strange but you have manipulate me, you have sleep with me taki main un kagzaad sign karo. You and me were not different, as just one exception, I have hurt my family for you, your so called love. My family doesn’t trust me, they thinks I’m wrong.”
She turned to her family
” you slap me papa, but have you thinks because of what I have turn negative? nahi na, why you would bother? when I needed you, you was busy with swara and her mom. You never give attention to me, just dadi was here. She was my mom and dad. You never stay with me, when I discovered that Swara is my sister and her mom will be mine too, I was happy, extremely happy. But yet, I was disappoint again, she was busy with Swara not me. When dadi todl that I will marry Laksh I was happy, because I would have a new family, new mom-dad, a bhabi as sister, and brother in law as bhai or friend. I have win this, but again Swara come. She and Laksh was in love, I was hurt, because Swara knew that I love Laksh but this didn’t prevent her to love my fiance. Laksh broke the engagement not once but twice. Pir be main chup ti, lekin dadi and her so called revengen toward swara and her mom make me vilain. Here everyone consider me as their daughter, and pirse Swara came. With that I learn that Sanskar wasn’t mad, and I would told you if Sanskar didn’t stop me. He told me that Swara have snatch my right, and pirse main vilain ban gayi hoon. And today, Laksh with my emotion once again! I have not try to kill Swara, but I want her to understand my pain, but here everyone consider me as the nasty. If I want to kill Swara, I would have not help her to recover. I have paid the ladies, but Swara have a memory lost, and the one thing she remember it’s me who push her. And you, Swara ki mom, you told me that you are ashamed of me, but which right are you saying this? Do you even know how I was when I see you with Swara all the time, you pampered her but not me, and you decide that you are my mum. No Mrs Shashmita Gagodia, my mom died many years ago, you are not my mom. I know you and papa have a right to stay together, because of dadi you were separated, but I will not forgive you because of you my mom commited sucuide. She thinks she was the one who separated two lovers. She left me all alone, and when I need a mother you was not here.
So tell me where I’m wrong? I have take the revenge of my dadi and Sanskar on my head. I want my love, but what I got dhoka? And here I’m characterless, manipulator, and a s**t? who sleep with me for property paper? me or you Laksh? Answer me?”
Everybody have tears in their eyes, because they knew that they have put some evilness in Ragini’s head.
” Ragini I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you, but I didn’t know… ”

” Maafi? you know Laksh I agree I want to marry you, when you tols me that I was happy, finally I have my love, but then you tell me that you cannot give Swara’s place! I didn’t want Swara’s place, I want your love, your respect, I want you to give me the right of your wife. You tell me that you will never love me. When you have got to know ki maine Swara ki marne ki koshish ki, you told me even if I’m the last women on the earth you will never want me, because I disgust you. It’s hurt me a lot, but again I was blind in my love for you. You tell me I’m a s**t, with which men I was sleeping? bolo, jawab do?
Khair, appko tumhare azadi mubarak ho. You want divorce to me, I have give you this. You want to know how I replace those paper? The day you talk with your mother, I was passing by the corridor and I hears all what you said. Ma was saying ki main badalgayi hoon, haan I’m changed. You can move on in your life, I will try do to the same. You have gave me the most happiness and the most pain in the world, but atleast you are happy. You said you didn’t know! What you dindn’t know, ki main meri behan bohot pyaar karti hoon. You didn’t know ki meri pati, sorry ex-pati bohot ziada pyaar karte hoon? ya you didn’t know ki I will be breaking when you told me all these words? Yes you didn’t know, because if you know me, you will not have done these things to me. Yes I love you, but I will learn to forget you. You want me to get out of your and your family’s life, I’m going, but before I’m leaving I give you a tips, next time don’t play with a girl life or emotion because it’s hurt very much.”
She said all these things, and everyone was listening her, she hold Laksh hand and tell
” When I entered this house I was wearing a mangalsutra and sindoor on your name, but today I’m leaving as a divorced women so I don’t want these thing. You can give this to the right person, who you can see her face being without disgust” She give her magalsutra and wipe off her sindoor. She was crying, but before she go Anapurna stop her

” bete I’m very ashamed, you are my daughter and I cannot tell you how my heart is bleeding to see you going. I know I have put stars in your eyes, and I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me”

” It’s ok ma, I’m sorry Mrs Maheswari, you don’t have to ask me forgivness because you are elder to me, don’t make me embarrassed. I’m thakful to you, you have give me the right of daughter-in-law and daughter, I have my family here, but today I’m going with my memories, and I’m would be happy with that. I have keep a letter in you room, you can open the letter if you want. I have keep all my things here, you can burnt them if you wish Mr Maheswari. Sanskar I hope you will keep my sister happy, don’t let a tears come to her eyes. Aur Swara keep Sanskar happy, you have the chance to have with you an husband who love you very much.”

With that she smile to her lost family, Swara come to her and hug her
” I’m sorry Ragini, please don’t go, I will never bother you, but please stay back, don’t let me alone”

” Pagal you are not alone you have Sanskar, chachi-chacha, ardash bhai, parineeti bhabhi, uttara, bade papa aur mama, and you have Laksh. You are not alone here, you have your family”.

” but it’s your family too Ragini don’t go”

” It’s was my family. From now on I have one relation here, my sister’ sasural, that’s it. Swara let me go now because I don’t want to stay here for longer.” Swara let her go, but she was crying, Sanskar support her. She come to Laksh and say

” You are happy now, Mr Laksh Maheswari, she is gone, you can move on now, you have no relation with her. You can live your life like you want. I’m telling you today, my sister gone because of you, Swaragini was no more because of you. Because you used her for your profit, I will never forgive you”

” Yes bhai, Ragini has ask us forgiveness and I forgive her, because it’s me who instigate her to get you back. Bare mom and Dad has forgive Ragini, and you, you throw her out this house. Don’t forget it’s not your house but bade papa and my papa’s house too.”

” Chup karo teeno, Ragini has come to me yesterday and give me property ka paper, and she told me that she never want money or house, it’s her dadi who instigate her, and she was too shock because Lakshya has kiddnaped her and try to kill her, so she doesn’t reply back ti her dadi. She didn’t want to humiliate your mother, but her Dadi tell her that anapurna was the cause of her misery. Yesterday, she give me the property paper and told me to not tell anyone, because you guys would feel that she is paying a new game. She is innocent, circumstance and people make her like that. And today Lakshya you prove ki Ragini was better than you in every manners.” Everyone has gone to their room, just Laksh was remain in the living room. He think of Ragini’s deeds and he smile but the smile was the sad one. He think Ragini love him more than anything else, and he, he play with her emotions. He would ask for forgiveness to Ragini, and will remarry her.
Swaragini’s parents were ashamed of their deeds, Sumi was crying and thinks Ragini is right, she never love her like she love Swara, because Swara was her child, while Ragini was her sautan ki beti. Shekhar was thinking ki Ragini was need him, and he, he was happy with new found family, that he doesn’t see her Ladoo’s pain.
When They returned their home,They were shocked when they entered their home.

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