Shattered Chapter 14


Chapter 14

Pari goes out followed by Ragini. Ragini tries to stop her but no she runs fast as she can.

Ragini said- Pari stops now

Pari stops but she was crying. Ragini comes to her and cups her face.

Ragini- So he is the one whom you love?

Pari- No I don’t love him

Ragini- Why?

Pari- How can I love someone who used you, broke your self-esteem, broke your trust. He left you in a broken state, I know how much you suffer, and you still love him.

Ragini- I don’t love him

Pari- You can lie to all but not me. I know you still love him, and I don’t want to be between you two. You know Ragini I know it easy to tell you to forgive him, but I know him from past one year and I can say that he still love you aur…

Ragini stop her- He never loves me, Pari. If he loved me once, he would never do this. He took my innocence, I cannot even remarry because of that.

Pari- Still you have to forgive him

Ragini- No I cannot

Pari- You cannot or you don’t want?

Before Ragini can answer her, she gets a call

Voice- Ragini ma’am where are you?

Ragini a bit panicked- I’m in India, why? What happened?

Voice- You have to come here immediately

Ragini- Ok I will come

Ragini- Pari I have to go back to London

Pari- Why?

Ragini- I don’t know

Pari- Wait! Yash will accompany you

Ragini- Yash doesn’t know this truth, just you and the elder know.

Ragini goes and Pari comes back to Maheshwari mansion.

AP- Pari where is my daughter, where is my Ragini? I’m waiting for her longtime ago

Pari- Ma, sorry aunty, Ragini have to go back to London.

AP surprised- What?

Pari- Yes, mom ( pointing to Radha) she gets a call from London, I think it’s an emergency.

Radha- Oh God no, sorry AP I have to go, this time, my daughter needs me. I will come to see you with all my family ok?

AP nod sadly and think- Radha you are very lucky to have Ragini beside you, wish I was in your place.

Pari- AP aunty, where are Swara and her family?

AP- Today it’s her dada barsi.

Pari- Oh I see. I think Swara will be happy to see Ragini here because I know how much theses sisters missed each other.

AP come to her- Saach bata, you know that Ragini was our DIL hai na?

Pari- Yes, I saw Laksh photo in her cupboard, I never love Laksh, in fact, I hate him. ( She look away) When I came to her with my wedding card, I think she will be shocked, but she never read it. So Sanskar and me, make this plan with Dad not for reuniting Laksh with Ragini, but for reuniting Swaragini.
Ragini will never forgive Laksh, but still, I have this hope that she will melt seeing his change ( looking down)

AP- Thank you

Pari- No aunty, Ragini did a lot for me and my family. When I lost my sister, she came to our life like an angel, she replaces my sister in the heart of my Chachi and chacha. She saves my bhabhi and her unborn child.
I know she has moved on in her professional life, she is not like the old Ragini. She rarely smiles, but she still has her golden heart. She told me that you and uncle were like her parents. Her misdeed, mistakes and all. I know everything about you all and her life. I just don’t want Laksh to hurt her more. For us, she is a part of our family, so if Laksh hurt her, Yash bhai and Rohit bhaiya will kill him for sure.

AP- Don’t worry I will not tell him anything. I’m sad that I cannot talk with her, but I will wait for her returning.

Pari- I will go now

AP blesses her and Pari goes to Ragini mansion.
Laksh just comes down but doesn’t listen to Pari and AP convo.

Laksh- Ma where is Pari and all?

AP- At Ragini’s house.

Laksh- They didn’t stay longer?

AP ( angry)- What are you trying to say? Why don’t you ask me clearly, where is Ragini?

Laksh- No mom don’t be angry

AP- I don’t want to give you more explanation, if you want to ask, go and ask Ragini herself, why she is not here with me, with her family! Oh no, how can I forget that you throw her out of this house, and from our life too!

With that AP goes in her room.



Ragini- Papa I have to go to London now. Can you arrange our private jet? I want to be here as fast as possible.

Amrith- Why beta? anything serious?

Ragini- I don’t know dad

Raj- What happened Ragini?

Ragini- Raj I need to go back to London, please don’t ask me anything!

Raj- You want me to come with you?

Ragini- If you want! Ma please stay with Veer and Kajal ok

Radha- Yes don’t worry everything will be fine.

Ragini hug Radha- I hope, I cannot bear any more pain.

Radha- keep trust on God

Ragini and Radha break the hug, and Amrith tells- So private jet wait for you two, I call Arvind, he will pick you two and drove immediately to where you have to go.

Ragini bid all bye and goes to the airport.

Why have Ragini to go back to London? Any guess?

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