Shattered Chapter 13


Chapter 13

Ragini goes to her room, and change. Raj enter the room after without knocking. Ragini know why he came.

Ragini- How dare you to enter my room without knocking.

Raj- Oh I’m sorry but I’m your husband na? So I can enter into the room where my wife is.

Ragini- I’m not your wife

Raj- Why you lied with client?

Ragini- I have my personal reason

Raj- Oh that’s means he is your ex-husband?

Ragini don’t speak but Raj tell- Ragini I consider you like my friend

Ragini smile sarcastically- Friends? Are you believing this lie?

Raj- I know I’m bit rude, but circumstance make me like this. I cannot let anyone be near because I’m afraid to lose them.

Ragini- You should forget your ex-wife now? She was not mean for you.

Raj- I know, but like you know you cannot forget your first love. I’m here to tell you to not do what I have done. Don’t be away from your family, I know how it feel. Don’t mix professional and personal life.

Ragini- Thank you. You are not akroo at all

Raj- Akroo?

Ragini- Haan, you seems nice, but I won’t get used because maybe tomorrow you will burst on me.

Raj- I will try not to. So I guess right? the client was your first husband?

Ragini- Ya you guess right, but I want you to keep this for you. I don’t want him to know that I’m not married to you.

Raj- Alright, I will be by your side

Ragini- Thank you, so Friends?

Raj- Yes friend. You know from the first day I saw you, you make me remember my choti maa. You are like her, your smile, anger, sadness.

Ragini- Really? Where is your choti ma?

Raj- In fact she is my maasi, dad sister. When I was young I was used to be with her, but then she married. You know Ragini we lived in India before, but Choti meet with an accident, and fall in coma then we goes to England, to treat her. Till today she is always in coma, whenever I come to England, I come to see her. She is like my mom and I love her so much. She give me so much love, without any return. She is like you with my children.

Ragini- Oh So she is still in Coma?

Raj- Yes

Radha call her and she tell- Yes maa coming ( turning to Raj) I will go with mom, you go and play with kids. They missed you so much, it’s time for you to be forgiven by them, and It will a tough things.

Raj nod and they go out.

Radha- Ragini can we go?

Ragini- Yes ma, I will call driver

Radha- That’s not need

Ragini- Why ma?

Radha- Because she is our neighbor

Ragini think- Oh no, please bagwan I hope it’s not Maheswari.

Radha- Beta where are you lost? Shall we go?

Ragini just nod. Pari was smiling like an idiot so Ragini ask her

Ragini- May I know why my bestie is smiling like this?

Pari- Because you will meet someone

Ragini- Oh that’s means, the person whose name was write on the card? What his name? I didn’t read it, and forgot to read after.

Pari- I know Rags you don’t read it.

Ragini- Oh I will see who is a bit mad to marry a girl like you

Pari- Rags! You will be surprised to see him. He is very handsome, a bit rude.

Ragini- Ohoh someone is blushing
They goes in Maheswari mansion, and Radha was very happy. Ragini was shocked, and Pari is smile.They entered in the mansion, and AP smile seeing her best friend here, but then she is also surprised to see Ragini and Pari together.

AP- Pari? Ragini?

Pari- Haan ma

Ragini/Radha- Ma?

Pari- Ragini this is where my love lives. But how do you know her?

Ragini is tensed but then tell the truth: Haan I know her because she was my MIL.

Pari- Don’t tell me that Laksh is the one who ditched you? Yes?

Ragini- He don’t ditched me, I divorced him. But why are you reaction like this, like Laksh and you is engaged

Voice- Not now, but soon to be
Ragini turn around and then saw Sanskar and Laksh coming down. Ragini try to be normal, but when she saw him, she recall her past, her moment with her, and then his confession.

Pari- Not soon Mr Maheswari, never I will marry you. I cannot do that to my best friend, I cannot marry a man who can’t respect a woman, and play with her feeling not one but many times.
Pari goes out being angry. Ragini follow her, Radha and AP was tensed.

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    Pari action was awesome

    1. LovelyAliya

      Everyone will react like this… I think 😉

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      Oh so sweet! I’m very thankful to you because you used to be a regular commentator lol Love you <3

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      You will see, with whom Ragini will end up 😉

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      Thank you dear 😉 Thank you as well for commenting regularly 😉

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      Just one word :p Thank you Anamica for your comment ? keep reading

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