Shattered Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Ragini- Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the late. Let me introduce myself, Ragini Raichand, wife of Raj Raichand.

Everyone was shocked, Laksh was angry at Ragini, and it was clearly visible on his face. Raj was agape and stand up. Before he could tell something, Ragini spoke up

Ragini- Meet my husband Raj Raichand
Laksh who was fuming to see Ragini touching another man also spoke up

Laksh- May I know when you married?

Ragini- I think it’s none of your business Mr. Laksh MAHESWARI

Laksh- It is because I like to know the person with whom I will deal it. If you don’t want to answer me, I will cancel the deal

Ragini being a bit arrogant- As you wish Mr. MAHESWARI. You are not the only one who want to deal with us. If you cancel the deal you have to pay half of the amount, this our clause. So are you ready to lost a lot of money?
If you have a relevant question you can ask it and I will answer with pleasure, but my private life is not your business.

Laksh was fuming, Sanskar was proud of Ragini, now she is more confident. Sanskar was smiling at her. Amrith understands Ragini’s situation, but Raj is confused. He doesn’t understand why Ragini lied to the client.

Ragini- We can proceed with the presentation?
Everyone nod and she start with her presentation. Once she finished, Amrith spoke up and explain the conditions, and every detail. While Raj gives a brilliant presentation too on the product. Ragini was amazed to see Raj working.
Once they finished with the detail, Ragini had a phone call and take Raj with her. Before going she tells

Ragini- I’m sorry but we have to go because our children are sick.

Amrith- Kya? Veer and Kajal?
Ragini has tears in her eyes and nod. Raj takes Ragini and Amrith finish the meeting. Laksh asks Amrith some question about Ragini

Laksh- I’m sorry Mr. Raichand, but since when you know Ragini?

Amrith- Ragini? my daughter? Do you know her?

Laksh- Yes I know her

Amrith- Oh maybe you are her past.

Laksh- her past?

Amrith- Yes her past, because she told me that she have some relative in India but don’t speak with them.

Laksh- Oh I see, but I ‘m not her past, I’m still her present

Amrith- I’m sorry, I will be glad to speak to you about Ragini, but for now I have to go, my grandchildren were sick. Nice meeting you Mr. MAHESWARI.

Amrith goes to his mansion, Sanskar and Laksh remain at the meeting room

Sanskar- I think you are late

Laksh- No I’m not late, I don’t believe what she said. Nahi yeh namumkin hai. She can’t be to someone else.

Sanskar- I think you are deaf, she married now and plus a mother. You lost her Laksh.

Laksh- No this can’t happen. I won’t let this happened too. She is mine and only mine.

Just then Laksh phone ring and he answer quickly.

Voice- Hi Mr. Laksh Maheswari, you don’t call me theses day, how to mean! How are you?

Laksh- Listen, Pari, I’m not in a mood to talk with you so stop being stubborn when I want to call you I will.

Pari smile and said- If I have to wait for you and your love, I will have to wait all my life. Be ready to be my husband she laughs and then cut the call.

At RM ( Ragini mansion)

Ragini screams at Maria

Ragini- Maria how could you let my children falling sick? You just begin today and they are not well?

Maria- Ma’am I’m sorry

Ragini- What sorry?

Raj- Ragini calm down, we will call the doctor

Ragini- What? because you don’t call the doctor yet? Oh God!!!

Voice behind- You don’t have to scream at her, it’s not her fault I tell her to tell you that

Ragini turn around and was happy- Dadi maa
She hugs dadi and then tells- Dadi you know I don’t like when you lied to me like this. (Turning to Maria) Maria, I’m sorry, I screamed at you, I’m very sorry.

Maria- No it’s ok Ma’am I know I shouldn’t lie to you but your dadi is very persuasive.

Ragini smile- I know.
Then the all family came and Ragini was happy.

Radha- Ragini I want to see my old friend can you please come with me?

Ragini- Of course ma

Radha- Then we will go now, I have informed her that I will be coming. Pari and Yamini will come with us too

Ragini- Ok

I hope you like this chapter

Sory in advance I don’t know when I will post the next part 😉 Be patient love you all

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