Shattered Chapter 11


Chapter 11

Ragini turn around and saw someone standing here with a sign mentioning Raichand name! Ragini was shocked to see the person who was standing! Ragini comes and hug the man and tell

Ragini- Dad? I miss you so much

Amrith- Oh you too beta!

Veer/Kajal- That’s not fair dadu! Are you not missing us? just mama?

Raj- Don’t worry kidoo, even me my papa forgot me!

Amrith- I will never forget my grandchildren! but yes I can forget my son! I don’t call you here to reconnect! You leave us, even you don’t spare your kids! don’t call me papa! Ragini is the one who make me feel that I’m a father, not you! Let it be, come I will show you the house!
Amrith goes away angry, but Ragini comes to him and put her hand on his shoulder and tell

Ragini- Dad, don’t be angry at him! Even I’m angry, but he is your son, don’t be mad at him!

Amrith- Ragini beta, sometimes a sorry is not enough to heal the scars he leaves in me! Chalo ghar chale!

Ragini was sad, never she has seen Amrith dad like this! He is always jovial and happy! But today he is very sad, even his eyes reflect his sadness! Maybe times will heal him, and I will help him to be better!
Raj and the kids get into the cars! Ragini, Raj, and kids are behind and Amrith drive the car! The drive was silent. Raj sometimes glances his father, but Amrith focuses on his driving. Ragini see that and smile and tell the kid

Ragini- Veer-Kajal doesn’t you think the drive is so silent! Your dadu doesn’t speak at all

Veer- Haa dadu

Kajal- Kya hua dadu?

Amrith- Hey don’t worry for me! I’m fine I’m just focusing on my driving! We will talk at home ok

The kids nod and Ragini frown at her fail, but doesn’t give up and tell

Ragini- Dad why you call me here?

Amrith- I said na, we will talk at home ( he said with a smile on his face)
Ragini smile and think

Ragini- Atleast dad is smiling now

Finally, they come to a house! Not a house but a mansion! The mansion is big like her house! A guard comes and open the gate and Amrith dad drove until a big gate! A man come and open the gate of the house! Ragini, raj, the kids and Armith come down, but Ragini was stunned to see a beautiful mansion like that! She was mesmerized to see the interior of the mansion! Every tile of the house are white and is shining! All furniture are work with woods! Every detail are beautiful, neat and elaborate!
Finally, Ragini tell

Ragini- Dad the house is very beautiful, I like this house very much

Amrith- Yes that’s why I bought this for you!

Ragini- What? Did you buy this house for me? why? You don’t have to! I mean I already have a house in London!

Amrith- Why Cannot I gift my daughter for her birthday? Now you can come to India for holidays

Ragini- Dad you know I won’t come here now! You call me here and I came, but don’t have the hope that I will live here permanently! This city gives me just pain, I won’t become weak like always!

Amrith- Not this city, but people here give you pain! I will not let this person come again in your life, but one day you have to forgive them for what they did!

Ragini- You tell me to forgive them? They just give me pain! My mom died, after her death, my dad was busy with his lost love! He didn’t bother if I’m alright or not! He married his love, but his wife doesn’t love me like she loves her daughter! After that, I fell in love, and my sister snatched my love! I became wrong, I make all them suffer! And then my love, the man whom I love the most give me the biggest pain! I cannot forgive them, and I will not, NEVER!
She cries and goes out! She stands like a lifeless person! Amrith and Raj come to her, but she was not stopping! She just cries like anything! Amrith comes and take her to his arms and hug her.

Amrith- I’m sorry bete! but they are your parents, don’t you want to see them? Everyone make a fault, you have to forgive them! Do you want to move on hai na?
Ragini nod between his arms

Amrith- So why are you here and crying at your fate? just forgive them! You are my strong daughter, and strong daughter doesn’t cry like a baby!

Ragini- Dad you know what happened after my leaving! You know I cannot forget this! I just cannot! You tell me to forget my past, but I cannot! You tell me to forgive them, but you yourself cannot forgive your son for leaving you all alone. So how can you expect me to forgive the ones who give me just pain when I just want love!

Amrith- Beta! I don’t forgive Raj because he is my only son and he betray us so hard! I loved him and always be! You know how much I love him, and when he leave us, he leaves a blank in my heart! Every day I was calling him, but he didn’t reply me! I send him a letter, and same too! During 5 years I didn’t have his news, I have some news from Tv or some partners but he didn’t call to know if we are alive or not! If he really loves us, he should have called us once, not every day but sometimes, just to tell that he is alright! I and your ma would be happy, but no he prefer to live his life alone! When you came, you give me the love of a daughter! My lost daughter and even my lost son! You know I know how it feels when your kid leaves you, that’s why I’m telling you to go and see your parents! Forgive them! I’m not selfish, I want to keep you for me because every parent wants to have a daughter like you! But losing your kids is the most pain of the world! I will not force you but try to think about that. Ok

Raj was listening all, and feeling bad but he didn’t have the choice! Ragini wipes her tears and smile at her dad

Ragini- I know Dad, I know how it feels to loose someone close to you! You know that’s! I know this feeling! I just don’t want to break them! I don’t them to think that I’m this old Ragini! This Ragini died five years before! The time when I have my accident!

Amrith- Don’t think about that!

Ragini- How not! This accident is due to my past! I cannot forget that day! I lost everything that day, but you all was with me!

Amrith- And it will remind always like that! If you want to go to your house you can, I won’t stop you! If you don’t want, I won’t force you!

Ragini- Thank you, dad!

Ragini and Amrith enter the house and Amrith show her, her room! The room have a french door giving to Raj and kids Room! They have a mini garden and a pool too!
Ragini put her cloth in wardrobe and take her phone! She composes a number and some female voice respond

Voice- Ji hallo? Kaun hai yeh

Ragini- Can I speak to Gagodia’s family?

Voice- Hain, kaun ho tum? Iss ghar me koi Gagodia family nahi hai!

Ragini- I’m in badi?

Voice- Haan

Ragini- To Shekhar, ya pir Sharmita is here no?

Voice- Oh Shekhar ji and Sharmita ji iss ghar nehi rehna!

Ragini- Aur aap jaante hai kaha hai vo log rehte hai?

Voice- Ji nahi but kaun ho tum?

Ragini- Mudje aap ke rishtedar hoon! Main rakti hoon

Ragini disconnects the call and tell

Ragini- Where they are living now? Maybe I can ask the manager of badi!

She calls the manager and tells

Manager- Hello

Ragini- Hello, Can you tell me where Gagodia’s family live now?

Manager- Aap kaun hai?

Ragini- Main until rishtedar hoon! I have to invite them but came to know that they don’t live at badi!

Manager- Accha! now they live at Maheswari mansion! Do you want their number?

Ragini- Nahi! it’s ok I will go by myself!

Ragini disconnects the call and tell

Ragini- Why they leave baadi and go to Maheswari mansion? Daadi told me that she won’t go anywhere because this house has the last nichani of my mom! Maybe they all forget me and move on!
Ragini think, but then said

Ragini- I miss you all but I don’t want to become the old Ragini! I won’t let this happen! I don’t want to reenter at Maheswari not after what Laksh did to me! I won’t!
She comes downstair and sees the Kid with Amrith dad and Raj was at a corner. Ragini comes to him and tell

Ragini- So karoos, why you are alone like this?

Raj- What the hell Ragini? You cannot let me alone! If I’m alone, that’s means I have my reason!

Ragini- Don’t be rude! I’m just asking

Raj- Mind your own business

Ragini- Sometimes I don’t understand you! You were really nice in the plane but here you are this karous insane!

Raj- If you don’t like, just leave me alone, like all

Ragini- That is bothering you! Being left or reject? Don’t worry not all people are like your ex-wife!

Raj- Why you bring her here! I’m not talking about her! I’m already forgetting her! She is nothing to me!

Ragini- She was your love! You cannot forget your first love!

Raj- Just be in your limit Ms. Gagodia! Don’t mess with me!

Raj said with a rage in his eyes. Ragini back off to see so much of hatred in theses eyes

Raj- Just keep your nose in your life! You already have your problems so don’t interfere in mine! You and I are not different! You leave your parents and snatch mine! I know women like you are always acting being innocent, but don’t fool me I know how to deal with a girl like you! So keep your distant with me SAMDJI?!

Ragini nod but doesn’t reply! Raj just left the place and Ragini comes to Amrith and Kids. Amrith sees her and tell her something but she was lost and not paying attention to her dad.

Amrith- So what you have decided?

Ragini was lost and Amrith shakes her

Ragini- Haan dad what are you saying?

Amrith- Where are you lost? I’m talking about the deal would you come with me tomorrow?

Ragini- You can go with Mr. Raichand!

Amrith- Mr. Raichand?

Ragini- I mean Raj

Amrith- No, I want you to come not him!

Ragini- But tell him to come no?

Amrith- Yes because I know the kids wanted to come with you but Raj will never allow this! This is why I call him!

Ragini- Dad why are you rude with him! You are the one who tell me to move on and forget the past! You are a good advisor but don’t follow them!

Amrith- Ok baba! Will you come tomorrow yes or not?

Ragini- Yes but in one condition?

Amrith- Ok

Ragini- Tell Raj to come

Amrith- Why are you stubborn? This deal is between you and me! You are our designer, not him!

Ragini- Yes, but your designer and your beti ask you something you won’t give her?

Amrith- Acha baba tumhara marzi!

Ragini smile! They eat their food and They went to their room! Ragini put the kid on the bed and sing a lullaby! They doze off immediately! Then she goes to her room, and sees Raj speaking to a photo, facing the french door!

Raj- Why you are not letting me live peacefully! Why you haunt me, my life! I have given you all I have! I’m breaking my parents and all for you!

Ragini comes to him and touch his shoulder to make him realize her presence and tell

Ragini- Raj ?

Raj- Ragini tum jao! I want to be alone!
Ragini nod but then tell

Ragini- Tomorrow, you have to come with me at the office! I and dad have an appointment with a client!

Ragini left the room and doze off too!

The sun wake up and Ragini too! She prepares herself into a formal red suit, with a black top and shoes!
She comes to kids and tells

Ragini- Good morning kidoo! I have to go early today so don’t be mischief with Maria ok

Veer- Maria?

Ragini- Maria your nanny ok ?

KAjal/ Veer- Ok

Ragini gives them a kiss and comes down. Raj and Amrith were already ready! Raj was very handsome in his three suits gray color! Ragini brushes the thought off and then come toward dad

Ragini- Chale?

Raj- We are just waiting for you!

Ragini- Karous

Raj- What the hell! Wherever

They go to their office! Everyone was standing and Amrith say

Amrith- Today I’m happy to introduce you, my daughter and my son! Ragini and Raj Raichand! Ragini is our head designer and the M.D of this office! I don’t want her to complain about you guys! Ok? continue your work

Amrith- Tum aur Raj have the same office! It’s your idea to come with him so you keep him with you!

Ragini- But dad?

Amrith goes before she could tell anything

Ragini- So Mr. Raichand come with me! I will show you your office!
Raj was fuming but don’t tell anything! Ragini tell

Ragini- I don’t want to be with you so this is your cabin! You have to come to me at 9 am sharp don’t be late!

Raj- Ok Ms. Gagodia

Everyone come to the meeting room, except Ragini and Raj! Client too is here. They wait for Ragini and Raj!

Ragini enter and was shocked and angry to see the person whom she will deal with! It’s none other Laksh Maheswari and Sanskar Maheswari!
They were happy to see Ragini until Ragini introduce her and they was shocked.

Ragini- Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the late! Let me introduce myself! Ragini Raichand wife of Raj Raichand!

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