Shattered Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Outside it’s still dark, the moon lit up the room. Ragini was sleeping but her phone rings. She frown and tell

Ragini- Itni subha subha mera nind karab hai! Kaun hai uss manuss insane
She replies and tells in a sleeping voice

Ragini- Ragini Gagodia speaking
Caller- Aap abhi bhi so raha hai?

Ragini- Dad, Why you disturb my sleep?

Amrith- Why? cannot I call you?

Ragini- It’s not that dad, but this time?
She looks at her phone’s screen and tells
Ragini- Uffo, it’s 4 am dad, don’t you have some sleep?

Amrith- Ragini I call you because I want you to come here, in India! And before you speak up and reject my request, I want to tell you, that it’s important for you to come because your designs are appreciated, and they want you to come and have a face to face.

Ragini- I can contact them on skype dad, via a videoconference. Why I have to come? And why you call me at this time? You know I don’t like to be wake up like this.

Amrith- The reason is simple: I have already take your ticket and you should come here today itself. The private jet is waiting at the airport at 8 am! You will land toning around 9 pm. So be ready

Ragini- Dad how could you? You know I don’t want to come there! Why you push me? I don’t want to come! Sorry you know I don’t like that, and upon that your son come and show me my place at home. So tell your son!

Amrith- I know everything! Don’t think because I’m away from you, I don’t know anything. I know your mom was about to slap you! She herself told me, and she was very sad, she loves you a lot. Don’t take her step wrong! You already know that she love her son a lot, and to see him back, is like she revived. You know how it feels to be apart from our child! It’s very hard!

Ragini- I know! I’m not angry at mom but at your son, how mean he is! uffo

Amrith- You know he was not like that before! try to understand him, you will like him!

Ragini- Like your son? NEVER dad

Amrith laugh and tell
Amrith- so you will come?

Ragini- If I have the choice?
She said faking an angry tone

Amrith- Don’t be like this, you mood will be off till you land here! I’m will come to pick you

Ragini- Ok dad Ab mudje sone do!!
She cut the call and continue sleeping! In fact, she tries to sleep, she thinks

Ragini think- Ragini baccha aab to tumahara past ko samne do, you have to refresh your wound! How can I face my family? and Swara?
Ragini reflect tell- Why you are scared of your past? Why are you scared to face you family? You don’t commit any crime, you just let them because you were hurt, sad, alone, broken and shattered!
Remember your past! Remember how you craved for a mother but doesn’t have! Remember how you love Laksh but he used you and make your love as a joke! Remember how you was happy before meeting Laksh! Remember how Swara fall in love with Laksh knowing you love him! Remember how your dadi used you for her revenge! Remember how your dad was not here for you! Remember how DP and AP were here for you! Remember how Sanskar used you for him and retract when he understand he loves Swara! Remember your past deeds! How you try to kill your own sister, how you kidnap Swara’s mom! And now see who you are! You are Ragini Gagodia, one of the top businesswoman! Swaragini ki maalkin, your company is an international brand! Everyone come to you for your cloth. You are multi-billionaire, you are richer than Maheswari family. You don’t have to scare, you have to stand up, and show Laksh that you are happy without him!

Ragini- But will I be able to face him?

Ragini reflection- India is big, and Kolkata too is a big city! You will not face him, and if you have too, you will be like always! Polite; Don’t think so much, and dad tumhare saath hain, to darna kya?

Ragini- Haan, You are absolutely right! Euh, no I’m absolutely right! rehnedo do! I’m not the same Ragini who is shy for nothing.

Ragini doze off. The sun makes his entry and Ragini wake up. It’s 6.30 am and get out of bed and make her suitcase. And think

Ragini think- Oh forgot to ask dad till when I have to rest here? I will tale the necessary and shop once over there.
She packs her stuff and tells her servant

Ragini- Robert, I don’t know when I will return, so keep this house clean alright?

Robert- Yes ma’am

Ragini- And yes you can shift here if you want with your family! I won’t mind at all

Robert- Thank you, ma’am

Ragini- I’m leaving now

Ragini gets out of her house and come to Raichand house

Alfred- Good morning Ragini ma’am

Ragini- Good morning Alfred! Where is everyone?

Alfred- In living room! They have their breakfast

Ragini- Ok thank you

Ragini comes to the living room and tell

Ragini- Good morning everyone

Everyone wish her a good morning

Ragini- I come to tell you that I’m leaving to India today. So I’m here to tell you bye

Radha- Ragini, mudje maaf kardo please! Mudje tumse baat karna chatiti aur tappar nahi!

Radha was sobbing

Ragini- Ma don’t worry! I’m not angry at you! And why you should apologize? You have the right to slap me, but for a valid reason! But don’t worry I’m not angry at you at all. To be honest, I was hurt and sad but now it’s ok I don’t remember anything!
Ragini hugs Radha.

Radha- Thank you bete!
She wipes her tears and tells

Radha- How you will go to India?

Ragini- by plane

Radha smile and tell- Mudje pata hai! I want to know how you feel at this time? Will you be able to go there?

Ragini- Ma Kolkata is a big city, and Dad are with me, so I’m not afraid of anything. I have grown up a long time ago, and will not let my past affect my present and future.

Dada- Tum theek kah rahe hai Ragini! You learn from your past to make a better future for you. Don’t let anyone break this, you are our strong daughter! And I’m happy that you want to move on!

Ragini- Dada, It’s been a long time that I moved on! I was just afraid of their reaction, but now even if they make any remark on me, it won’t affect me.

Yamini- Congratulation Ragini! You have learned your ultimate lesson! Don’t let anyone comment overpower the women in you. I’m happy too that you go there and show this man that you are better without him.

Ragini- Thank you Yamini aunty! I should go to the kids…

Veer/Kajal- We are here mama

Ragini turns and see them with their luggage and was surprised

Ragini- Tum dono kahaan ja rehe ho?

Veer- Aap ke aur papa ke saath

Ragini- Papa?

Kajal- Uffo ma, papa will go with us on holiday

Ragini- Holiday?

Raj- Yes have you a problem?

Ragini- I’m not talking to you! I’m talking to my kids

Raj- Sorry but Veer and Kajal is my kids too

Ragini- So you remember them?

Veer- Mama don’t be angry at him! You know we were sad because you are leaving, and he tell us to come along with you. Dadu call him yesterday night and we heard him telling dadu that he won’t come with you, but dadu tell him that he have no choice! And then dad tell us to come with you two.

Kajal- But I’m still angry at dad! I won’t talk to him, he is so rude! Don’t have manners!

Ragini laugh and Raj tell- What the hell?

Ragini- The hell is you Mr. Raichand. If you are finished with your “what the hell” Can we go before dad calls us and scream at us for being late.

Raj doesn’t tell anything and tell Alfred to come with all luggage.
Ragini and the kids bid everyone a good bye.

They reach airport and board on the plane. Ragini was with the kids and Raj was in front of them. He watches Ragini and the kid. He can see the love between Ragini and the kids. Ragini manages very well the kids, and they doze off soon. Then Ragini say

Ragini- Can I ask you a question?

Raj- Puccho?

Ragini- If you love your kids so much then why you are apart from them?

Raj- I love them very much! You won’t understand!

Ragini- I know you love them. I can see that but if you don’t explain yourself it’s obvious that I won’t understand. Dekkho everyone have a past, I too have one.

Raj- My ex-wife cheat on me, and Veer/Kajal are not my kids. Every time I see them I remember that night when I came to know that they are not my child. But I love them, and I don’t want to be separate from them. I don’t want to hurt them, so I let them with mom and dad.

Ragini- They suffer this absence of yours. You know Veer and Kajal love you a lot, and when you tell you are here for a reason, and the reason is not them, they were very sad. Veer and Kajal are mature for their age. They understand the world around them! You should be with them, and show them that you love them.

Raj- I know! I will try! And how about you? Do you have a past?

Ragini- Yes, in fact, a sad past! A terrible past that I would like to forget!

Raj- You want to share?

Ragini- Why not
She tells him her story, her love, her family, her wedding, her obsession, then her break!

Raj- Oh how sad!

Ragini- I know! I have made a lot of mistakes and today I will try to not remember them! I don’t want to be weak

Raj- I understand! But I must say, I never meet a women like you! very strict

Ragini- Main strict? tum karoos ho! just know how to shoot

Raj- Main karoos what the hell

Ragini- Aap bhi churoo with your ” what the hell? ”

Raj- Ha have you a problem? It’s my label

Ragini- Ya, I have a problem

Veer/Kajal wake up and tell

Kajal- Aap dono ki jok nok katam hui nahi?

Veer- Uffo aap bhi jaggra kare rehe hain?

Ragini and Raj laugh but doesn’t know why. They think why they fight like that. Raj and Ragini for the time see each other smiling.
They eat the dinner. The dinner was very funny because Veer and Kajal play a prank at Raj! He was a little angry. He doesn’t know how to behave with kids, but like always, Ragini manage the three and they finished their food. Then everyone dozes off.
They wake up before landing. Raj takes Veer and Ragini Kajal. They come down, and come to the registration. Everyone gave the passport and then get out the airport. Raj sees a man with a cart showing Raichand’s Family.
Raj tell

Raj- Ms. Gagodia here are our driver I think
Ragini who was smiling at the child turn and was shocked

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