shatrughan. ……story narrate by his wife shrutkirti


Hi guys. …I’m again with another story. ….now this is based on shatrughan. ……which is narrate by his beloved wife SHRUTKIRTI. ….
I am Shrutakirti, wife of Satrughna, Lakshmana’s twin brother. When I was first brought into this family, I thought to myself that Rama is such a great brother to Satrughna, but now I see that he is not only a wonderful brother but a wonderful husband to Sita as well.

There are two stories that remind me most of the loving relationship Satrughna and Rama have, and I will tell you all both! One story has to do with Manthara, Kaikeyi’s old maid, and the other deals with Lavanasura, the King of Mathura. The story begins when Rama is exiled and I remember it all as clearly as if it were happening right now.

Satrughna, my husband, has been complaining to me for days now about Rama going into exile and it all being Manthara’s fault. Every night he tells me that Manthara is responsible for poisoning Kaikeyi’s mind against Rama. One night, Satrughna tells me that he must do something to Manthara to make her regret her decision to poison Kaikeyi’s mind. He tells me that the only thing he can do is attack her and kill her. When he says this I become so scared that he is not kidding that I do not know what to do! The next day I tell Bharata that Satrughna might try to kill Manthara and that I do not want Satrughna to do such a thing. Bharata tells me that he will talk to Satrughna. When I return home, Satrughna is there and tells me what Bharata told him about why he should not attack Manthara. As we are lying in bed he tells me that Bharata would have also liked to attack Manthara for her actions against Rama. The only thing that stops them both is that they feel that Rama would not encourage such an act, and they are right. We all know that Rama is the last person that would ever take action against a woman. He is the kindest man ever and I am glad he is in Bharata and Satrughna’s thoughts.

The next story I want to tell you happens during the final battle. Satrughna tells me this exact story when he returns to me after the battle. I also remember this happening as if it were just yesterday.

Satrughna and I do most of our talking right before we fall asleep. This is the first night back for him after he went into battle with Rama against Ravana and his army. He tells me that he would not have chosen any other people to go into battle with than his three brothers. However, Bharata isn’t able to go into battle because he must stay in Kosala and be King. Rama slew Ravana in front of their eyes and Satrughna was proud to tell me that he killed Lavanasura for Rama. Lavanasura is the King of Mathura and the nephew of Ravana. I am very proud of Satrughna because nobody has been able to kill Lavanasura or prevent him from committing sinful activities. The exact words he tells me are that he killed Lavanasura “to thank his brother Rama.” When he says that I feel the warm loving character that he and his brothers share. I think their relationship is the best relationship any four people can have. Satrughna and his brothers have such a loving relationship that it makes me feel like I have always been a part of this family.

Author’s Note: I used the same sources in this story as I did for my first two stories: the Ramayana and the website. I didn’t really need the website for this story but majority of this story was more creative writing. I think that Shratukirti having two short stories was a way to change up the style I was writing the Storybook. Instead of having one long story I had two short stories. I also added Shatrukirti’s point of view in a lot of places. Adding her thoughts gives the story a little more meaning because it’s being given from someone that talks to Satrughna on a daily basis and saying what she thinks of what is happening really helps with that. This story was a bit more difficult to write than that the other two stories because Satrughna is such a minor character in the story. Even though he is such a minor character, I think that he is still the brother of Rama and that should be noted. I also added that Satrughna killed Lavanasura “for” Rama. I thought that would really add in that Satrughna would also do anything for Rama and not just that Rama also does things for his brothers.

Credit to: zara

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  1. hey Zara nice article….but well I think that Shatrughan is not a minor character. I think he m Shrutkirti r the characters who have been ignored….. As Shatrughan had said a few episodes ago….sadly I’ve no contributions in the Ragukul history.

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  3. Thanks for the article Zara I know the stories already but it makes me feel different to hear it from keerthi’s prospective

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