Shastri Sisters: Anushka suits best to….?

Rajat and Anushka as got a new person between them. Sudeep Sahir entered show Shastri Sisters as a prospective groom of Anushka. After the failure of Anushka’s relationship with Rajat, Veer will enter as her potential love interest. It’s love at first sight for Veer when he sees Anushka while the latter is all eyes for Rajat. He will be seen as persuasive, yet graceful and quite accommodating about other people’s views. He lives with his mother Kirti, who is a regal lady and dotes on her son.

Rajat and Anu face many problems after she gets engaged to Veer. Rajat and Anu leave together from the Air Force base and get stranded in the rain after Rajat’s vehicle breaks down. Veer’s behaviour changes after receiving the parcel. He sees the marriage pics of Rajat and Anu and gets stunned. He tries seeing Rajat’s sacrifice as Rajat shows he is very happy to see him getting engaged to Anu. Veer and Anu get engaged and Veer realizes Anu still loves Rajat. Rajat leaves from ceremony after congratulating Veer and Anu, as he is unable to bear the pain. Whom does Anu suits best to, Rajat or Veer? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Lame people get a better script then just getting 1 person married to the other. U got so many characters get a better script

    Whereas paring is concerned rajat is hot give him the girl he wants . Anu is a stupid chic not able to love or take a stand for her love

  2. rajat and anu made for each other

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  4. Plz anu and rajat made for each other so pls i and my family and all my friends and all my relative waiting anu and rajat union

  5. i like veer and anu like a couple but my favourite couple is anuraj together

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