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Shastri Sisters 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal smiling and thinking to check Anu if she had the Prasad effect or not. She comes to Devyaani and asks did Anu eat the Prasad, Minty said not to leave the bowl here. Devyaani says stay here, I will get it. She returns the bowl and says give it to Minty and Anu has eaten it. Kajal gets happy and thanks her. Rajat and Alka bring the lawyer and bail out Rohan. The constable brings him and taunts him. Alka cries seeing Rohan. She says he did not do any mistake and asks him not to feel guilty, she trusts him and even her family trusts him, so Rajat has bailed him. Rohan thanks Rajat. Rajat says why thanks, I saved the right man.

Anu and Devyaani come to the hotel and try to enquire about room bookings. The manager says sorry, its against our rules, we can’ t give.

Someone is looking at them. Devyaani says she will complain in police and he has to answer the inspector. She scares the manager and he gets tensed. He agrees to help them and checks the records. Anu smiles. He says the booking was on Rohan’s name, it was done by phone. Devyaani asks did any waiter go there to take order. He calls and enquires. He says yes, a waiter Manish went there.

Alka and Rohan come to Pandey house. She says Vrinda is back, and Hari will come in few days, I told them about you so they left the yatra and came. Rohan says what will they think about me. Vrinda opens the door and says Rohan. Rohan hugs her and cries. Vrinda asks him not to worry, they know he is innocent, Astha did this and she will be punished. Rajat greets her. He asks Alka to take care of Rohan and leaves.

Anu and Devyaani meet the waiter Manish and try to find. He says he does not remember. Devyaani gives him money. He says I m remembering few things, give me your number, I will find out and inform. He says a man from that room ordered wine that day. Astha keeps an eye on them and says she is ahead of them, they will not get any proof, they can just cry. She smiles and leaves.

Anu and Devyaani come to meet Rohan and Alka and tell everything. Anu says we tried to find, but Astha is very clever, she did not leave any clue. Devyaani says Astha is experienced to ruin lives. Alka says we have to find proof. Vrinda says this matter should not reach court, we have to do something. Devyaani says what does Astha want. Vrinda says let me talk to her, and asks them not to worry. Anu and Devyaani leave. Vrinda tells Alka that she knows Anu and Devyaani are Rohan’s family, you should have told me this before them, do you think I love Rohan less, he is my son, I m thinking how to forgive myself, I was away in peace when my son was in peace, tell me if you have any idea.

They all meet Astha in Sunil’s presence. Astha cries and acts. Vrinda asks what does she want. Astha asks is she doubting her. Vrinda asks her to not to do drama, they all know her and Rohan, they know Rohan did not do anything, what does she want. Astha tries to fool Sunil and he turns. She wipes her tears and shows her true side. Vrinda and Sunil are shocked.

Sareen recalls Rajat’s words and how Minty got depressed. Kajal acts sweet to him and gives him tea. He says all the problems starting coming and Minty is weak dealing with it. Kajal says I think we should make her rest and tension free, by taking all responsibilities. Minty looks on. Kajal says I think we should keep Minty well and without any work. She acts sweet to them and wins their hearts. Minty agrees to give the house control to Kajal and asks her to take the keys.

She asks her to take all duties and Sareen too agrees. Kajal acts and says no. Sareen says yes, see her health, till when will she manage home. Kajal says no, I was not saying about keys, but the household chores. She says she wants her blessings. Minty says I want to be free of these duties and gives her the keys insisting her. Kajal says she will never make her regret on her decision. Minty says I know and hugs her crying. Kajal smiles and thanks her for the keys, and thinks to kick Minty out of home.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena


    • ?pradishma?

      Ya devika i kno precap: anu says i dont think so by trusting words we will be able to find proof kajal says they could have done the test but must be thinking how cannot i add drugs in prasad devyani says we will get proof when both of u will be and which hope we were having from that halwa is not there kajal says that anu thinks she is smart but Im double smart I am always two step ahead

  1. chi

    this kajal of a girl is a professional criminal, she wants to get all their properties nd make dem homeless, i think there must b a reason why she wants to do all dat

      • anie

        Hello. I am from Delhi. Currently i am in class 11th. And you??
        Do you have friends on this page??

  2. aley

    All people here are quite good. But they are not my frienda still….!! I hope I am friends with them soon.

  3. b*t*h athu

    hi liya_pro,
    welcome, did u see here,that b*t*hes liya,athu came here to search for cock as usual.
    chee ,these prostitues spoiled , sns and nauc thread and now here..
    these btches should be tied and killed.
    see they using bad words in malayalam.

  4. liya pr*stitute

    you are rite b_athu, just wish these dirty assholes get away and lets read updates in peace..what funny is they overact in such a way that, as if their near ,dearones are n trouble..that too that liya pr*stitute na,omg.. i too got fed up of that b*t*h is sns,nauc thread..but still these b*t*hes are roaming for cocks

    • annah

      Watz ur problem….?? Wat has she done to u?? N plz change ur name…how can u keep sumone’s name aid such a bad word???

  5. b*t*h athu

    hmm, here they will share everything , details and even them..chee these..
    but should be glad that riya(sweet) s good, she understod and got good now…but these cheapos always change name and roaming like hungry bttches.
    thanks liya_pro for supporting

  6. b*t*h athu

    @liya_pro, nothing yaar..that shera is that pr*stitute liya,she changed name for new customers.

  7. b*t*h athu

    see someone called devika messaged,she is good .
    but see b*t*h athu…. she immediately asking ,can i call i devuuu…thats wat..this prosttute will never leave women tooo.

  8. liya pr*stitute

    @b_athu.. omg,is shera that liya pro, many names will this dog change,..
    yeah u r rite,just read athu comment…u r rite..wont leave girls too,i think..
    on dat day i saw ur comments and glad u were supported by LOVERADHA and LOL.

  9. liya pr*stitute

    ALSO U THESE BITHCHES, bitthcing malayalam,malayalee.. its also too irritating yaar

  10. b*t*h athu

    @liya pro….
    i said na,ths athu prostitue always know to call mother..maybe her mother is like dat..
    even if we scold , we say her pr*stitute,but this bittch always say mothers..ths athu s no.1 thevidichi yaar..not just liya, she use several names in several pages…

  11. liya pr*stitute

    yeah, u r rite b_athu….
    that sl*t immediately said mother.
    again if they use dat,instead of scolding her,u too directly scold their mother.i will support

    • annah

      Hey you!!!! Don’t u have shame saying all this blo*dy idiot!!!! Stop it….coz no one iz supporting u both

  12. b*t*h athu

    no @liya_pro..she is thevidichi and will talk of mother, we dont wanna say anything about her family,,,may be if they see her commenting ,they will itself hold her hair and slipper..we can just teach these name changing b*t*hes a lesson

    • annah

      If u read yesterday’s comments….u vil see that luv radha n lol had said me that they vil not say anything against athu……… was stopped yesterday….. Then y r u starting it again yaarrrrrrr I beg u stop it?

    • b*t*h athu

      no please dont take wrong of annah..she is good one..even on dat day she scolded wrong,but those prostitues made a copy of love radha and scolded annah tooooo..
      annah doesnt know their game @liya_pro. she is good..but those sl*ts message here as good and in next thread challenge us bad..annah doesnt know of it.
      dont think annah bad

  13. ikra

    but this is not good annah we do healthy discussion here but now a days this page is full of abusive language

  14. ~~~

    U shameless dare u too tell badly abt girls nd even abt their mom…u r trying 2 get attention of ppl by using such cheap words..go nd luk ur mirror,u ll be the most foolish donkeys in this world.

  15. aaaaaaa

    Yeh guys,if u told athu as a pros she has the right to say abt ur mother.And if u want to scold her for changing names,tell that rightly to her.Don’t use such abusive words or languages.It will make u punished by god

  16. annah

    @**** u they were not athu n prads yaar…who used their names fakely….u feel na that I m right….then plz stop it yar plz…. U even said u vil change ur name……?

  17. liya pr*stitute

    ok ,as u said ,i just read ur reply about annah..i agree she is good…yeah what she wll do for that bittches game..thanks for saying..we can fight with these cheapos but not with even a single good person like annah..thanks..but should teach that dirty a lesson ,that they sud never roam as sl*ts again, talk bad,not use malayalee,malayalee.main not over acting

  18. liya pr*stitute

    who are u ~~~~, i know u r liya prostitue,shut up u thevidichi..did i say anything..moodittu podi mairae..

    @annah..pls yaar we have no prob with u..u r gud ,but not these b*t*hes,here these ~~~~ is liya/shera..

  19. ~~~

    If u have any prob with them.tell them directly in a nice manner but u fellows r roaming hr with abusing their names.

  20. b*t*h athu

    @aaaaa, without knowing anything..haha..first u try to know how these sl*ts behave, its long story..they use abuseive,bad malayalam slangs..even we took jerry wrong when he scolded liya…later on reading got to know she is bttch..pls yaar,no prob with kindly know anything fully and reply ji

  21. Ann(athu)

    Please njan karanju parayunnu enganathe lang upayogikale.Onnum ariyathe engane paranjal deivam pollum porukilla

  22. b*t*h athu

    first u get to know reality of that pr*stitutes,before supporting prob with u na..then if u want get to know of them..else

  23. liya pr*stitute

    hmmm,maybe u r rite.. but wish lol joins us here …
    even sterday i saw how calm jerry was..
    missing jerry here..he s truly good and these bittches insulted him deeply,so he scolded..wish we supported jerry then,,but its alrite,will teach them

  24. Ann(athu)

    Who is this jerry?I don’t know a person with that name.Please tell wht said and in which site at sns.

  25. ~~~

    M not understanding ur language is better 2 go.huh..[email protected] to see u r using gud manners atleast 2 others.plz maintain it….

  26. b*t*h athu

    hahaha, @liya_pro….someone just said,i am not malayalee..but see how well writing..also told as got more malayalee sis..omg..did u got to know ,moreover its much bad attention seeker ..i told na,over actng..u got it now

  27. Ann(athu)

    Bye njan marichal ellam njan ezhuthi veikum.Police nende email trap cheithu nee jailil kedakkum.
    Bye aall

  28. lol

    hello annah, who r u to me,who the hell are you to say that wont support..i said ,i wll come if they start again..i support @b_athu and @liya_pro…
    comeon i join u to teach these pigs a lessonn

    • liya pr*stitute

      already on dat day,u acted and said will never come when someone made u realise who u again bye and will come again..haha,chee..

      • ?pradishma?

        Mr/Ms first of change ur name we won’t tolerate it and ur problem if they talk in other language

  29. ~~~

    Nannayi..b- athu nd pro.plz tell me what mistake i did..if i did anything wrong.m really sorry 4 that.forgive me.plz dont use any bad words.u can directly tell the problems na.bye.

  30. annah

    @lol…where did u go ha?? I want answer to my question…….wat did she do that u all r abusing her so much

  31. ~~~

    Its me but when i talk with u.i understood that u r gud but misunderstanding me.plz tell me the reason.i ll try 2 change it.

  32. annah

    Prads…..its enough now…I had controlled my self for a long tym n had tried to make them understand…but I think they won’t listen

    • ?pradishma?

      Really yaar they r such a cheap characterless and shameless people without any reason they jus come abuse and go they will understand in their cheap language only it enough now

      • b*t*h athu

        moodhevi thevdichi pradishmae..nee ya di moodhevi mairae charachterless….shut up u dirty bicth..yesterday when u challenged itself should have given u proper reply..listened annah and kept quite..not anymore shameless bittch

      • ?pradishma?

        I kno that u don’t have any mother sister so ubr abusing so badly but i. Have not like u roadsider begger

    • annah

      Yarrr but y do they do these cheap things………athu did not say a single word against them…..still?!?

  33. lol

    @annah,yesterday u sad lot not to abuse,but these athu and pradishma were challenging loveradha and b_athu in other page,b_athu messged u too then..

    @pradishma..who the fucck are you..annah said u are small, but u are talking too much..they shout at athu and liya..y the hell are u coming between…stay away or again cant wait to scold u/…its just annah said u are small so not scolding ,but again if u come and message about those sl*ts,then wont spare u..wont mind if u r small or big

    • ?pradishma?

      Annah I have 1year difference and im not that smalll that u will spare me I spare u yesterday thinking that u need a mental treatment but no u need a shock treatment and I will interfare cuz they r my frnds and I wont spare any blo*dy one who will trouble them without any damm reason okay!!!

  34. TU TEAM



  35. annah

    @lol… Give me my answer…thatz it………I asked wat did athu do today that u r abusing her soo badly?

    • ?pradishma?

      Anu y did u told them that im small u kno it very well we have only one year diffrence so what was the need look now that cheapster and taking advantage of that

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