Shastri Sisters 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Shastri Sisters 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat stopping the car saying its two ways here, which way to go. Minty sees Anu’s dupatta and says its Anu’s dupatta she has worn in morning. They check it. Rajat says Anu has thrown this as a clue. Devyaani says it means she is on this way. Minty says she can show smartness in problem, where to find her. Rajat says she would have gone that way and they leave. Anu comes to the cliff and gets tired. Kajal shouts Anushka and comes there. She aims gun at Anu, and Anu moves back. Anu sees the end of the cliff. Kajal taunts her and laughs, asking why is she worried, by me or this gun. She laughs. She aims gun at Anu.

She says she was not going to kill her, but Anu made her helpless, why did she not bear if everything was going on, Minty gave her the house and she was

kicking them out, but Anu is smart and lied to me, did courage to fool me. Anu sweats being tensed and tired. Kajal says you made fake buyers for the farmhouse. Rajat, Minty and Devyaani are on the way. Devyaani prays that Anu is fine.

Minty says she will beat Kajal and Devyaani says she will not spare Kajal, nothing will happen to Anu. They stay positive. Kajal says she wanted to kick out Rajat and Anu, and Anu failed her tries all the time. She scolds Anu and fires in air, saying now Anu is going to die. Anu moves back and Kajal walks to her. Rajat looks for Anu and is still on the way. He says mom we are on this way and are we on wrong waym we did not get Anu, shall I take u turn. Minty says no, I feel we will get her here and prays to Lord that Anu stays safe.

They see Anu’s car hit to the tree and Devyaani says its vacant. She gets Kajal’s phone there. Rajat calls Sareen and asks them to come to cliff. Sareen says I m coming. Rajat says we will find them in different directions. Kajal talks to Anu and says Anu entertained her a; lot, but she can’t make her stay alive for her entertainment. Kajal is about to shoot her, and Anu closes her eyes crying. She recalls her life with dad, sisters, Rajat and inlaws. Rajat comes there and shouts Anu.

Anu pushes Kajal and tries to run. Kajal holds Anu’s hand and pushes her towards the cliff end. Anu falls down. Rajat shouts Anu. Kajal runs from there. Rajat calls out Anu aloud and cries. He sits there crying and hears Anu’s voice. Anu calls him for help. He sees her hanging and gives her hand. He asks her to give her hand, and try to reach her. She cries and tries to hold his hand. Devyaani, Minty, Guggal and everyone catch Kajal. Guggal arrests her and takes her.

Devyaani, Minty, Neil and Sareen run to see Anu. Rajat tries holding Anu’s hand and she slips. Rajat asks her to be careful and hoes to more lower level. He asks her to try and give her hand. He finally holds her hand and she smiles. He asks her not to worry, he has come. She smiles seeing him. He tries to pull her up, and she tries to come up. Everyone come running towards them. Rajat leaves Anu’s hand intentionally and Anu gets huge shocked. (I had to scroll back thrice to be sure to write this scene, totally shocked and it was impossible to imagine!!) Anu’s hand slips off his hand and she looks at him, in shock. Anu falls down the cliff. Everyone see Anu falling down and they get shocked. Anu is shown falling down and recalling Rajat’s love confession. Rajat looks at her falling. Saajna tere bin nai……………plays………….

Devyaani is shown getting engaged. Minty asks where is the groom. Neil and Rajat walk in. Neil, Rajat, Devyaani and Sareens smile. Rajat goes to Devyaani and holds her hand, making her wear the ring. Everyone clap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Angelina?(anu)

    N lyk all r saying…..its not rajat its bobby…….then how can devyani marry bobby who is in disguise of rajat…..?!?? Bobby is such a cheap fellow!!! N y will sareens n shastris agree to this marriage?????

  2. Angelina?(anu)

    Juz to bring anu’s memory back, how can rajat marry devyani n how can devyani marry rajat???? There r other ways also na!!!!!

    Today my day will go worst!!!! ANURAAJ!!!!!!????????

    1. I totally agree with all ur comments.. Its really confusing..

  3. On seeing the epi it seems rajath knowing leave anu’s hand.. I think im right??!!!

  4. I just don’t understand why rajat left anu’s hand…

  5. Hey honey how can i change my display pic. Help plz.

    1. U just make ur account in gravathar it will ask u for image update…

  6. App sab ek baat bhool the hai…ki shastri ji heart patients hai maybe rajat or devuani nay yeah engagement shastri ji ki vajah say ki hoon…..kyunki rajat bhi sahastri ji ko anu jitna hi pyaat karta hai…..

  7. Nice episode

  8. But I read all comment …guys u forget something shastri ji heart patient hai maybe rajat or devyani nay yeah engagement uski vajah say ki hoon….for save his life

  9. ✨pradishma✨

    Anu how can u blame devraj yaar….??v don’t kno full thing…. do u really think that rajat or devyani will ever do this to anu…. when rajat does good thitu all appreciate it very nicely and when u all don’t kno whole truth u r bashing him and devyani so much…. its so disappointing

  10. The writer has gone mad…

  11. im sure its not rajat!!!!!! rajat can never do this!!!!

  12. Hi prads .

  13. Total bakwaas to lengthen the show. Looks like it is going the way of sasural simar ka.

  14. No prads, anu is not bashing devraj, she is just upset on the sudden twist, sorry if I hurt any of u by my comment anu n prads

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