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Shastri Sisters 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kirti saying she spoke to pandit ji and he gave the date 14th feb, we can change it if you say. Minty says no, every girl dreams to get engaged on valentines day and I will help in arrangements. Shastri ji taunts Minty by saying he wants a good guy and family for Anu. He asks Minty not to worry. Kirti says then 14th feb is done. Minty says congrats and asks Peeya to get sweets. Minty smiles shamelessly. Kirti says congrats to Shastri ji and Anu, and she will handle her shopping. Veer talks to Anu.

Rohan comes home and says sorry Alka I came late by much work at shop, is my surprise ready. She says yes and serves him food. She gives the gajar ka halwa. He likes it a lot. Astha comes and taunts them for making halwa by her money. Alka says no, its made by Rohan’s

earnings and I can give you an account. Rohan asks Alka whats all this. Alka tells him everything and stops him from talking to Astha. She asks about his surprise.

Rohan says dad called me and said Anu’s ring ceremony is fixed on14th feb. Astha hears this and says I will also keep a surprise for you, a bitter one. Devyaani asks Anu to think about her decision and says she is going mad by her decision, as three lives will be spoiled by this. Anu says she does not want to talk. Devyaani asks her to say why is she doing this. Anu says I m doing this for Rajat and plays the voice recording. She hugs her phone and says I love Rajat a lot.

She says she can’t see Rajat hurts himself and ruins his career, he sees me with hope that things will be fine, but Minty aunty and dad’s fight won’t get solved, I will break his hope before it hurts him more. Devyaani asks for any other way, will you be able to do this. Anu says I can’t bear this, I get scared thinking what am I doing. She says if I know he has forgotten me, and he got someone in his life, I will spend my life happily. Devyaani says how can anyone love someone so much and hugs her. Anu cries and asks Devyaani not to tell this to anyone. Devyaani says I will tell them if I find you very sad. Anu says please promise me you won’t tell anyone.

Rajat hears this and happily cries. Its morning, Anu prays to Lord. Shastri ji says whatever Minty told yesterday, I did not like her taunts, she was saying it as we did not tell Veera about Rajat, so I want to tell everything to Veer. Anu says I tried to tell him, but could not. He says Minty can tell Veer in wrong way. Anu says Rajat and Veer are friends and they can lose each other, Rajat needs a friend like Veer. She says everything will b fine and he hugs her wishing the good.

Veer calls Anu and says he has something imp to talk. She asks what. He says don’t know how to say, my morning is more bright and day is more amazing, what might be the reason. He asks dos she not like him, I m serious today, are you happy with this proposal. She asks why is he saying this. He says when I m with you, I feel to talk to you, and you just answer my questions and stay silent, you smile by some helplessness, I know we both have past and its not easy to forget it. She says thanks.

He says if she wants time to move on and want a friend, then tell me, and if you find me annoying, tell me. She says no, you are not annoying, you are good, this is my decision, dad did not force you. Veer asks why does she want to marry him, do you like me. She gets Bhatia’s call and says sorry Veer. Urgent call is coming, I will call you later. She ends the call. Veer says she did not answer me even this time.

Rajat shows an engagement ring to Sareen and Minty. She asks for whom. Veer comes and says for me, don’t take tension, not for us, for me and Anu. Rajat says I will prepare for his engagement. Sareen says you mean Veer and Anu’s engagement. Rajat says yes dad. Sareen is shocked.

Rajat tells Anu that he will do all arrangements for her and Veer’s engagement. She asks can he bear this. He says no, but if you can stay happy with someone, I will live my life. Saajna……………..plays………….. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where is suhani si ek ladki update.. we r eaiting for a long tym… plzz update it fast amena..

  2. Wow.. On hearing Anu’s words i thought Nheil should hear this and say this to Rajath. But surprisingly Rajath himself heared evey thing. Im very happy on seeing todays episode. Wishing sooner this problem going to be ended… 🙂

  3. wow kya love being away form each other also they have so love for each superb.handoff to guys.phir bhi devyanni is right by doing this their spoiling three lives.even veer is so nice.they should nt do this to veer naa.i hope ki atleast till valentine day sab kuch sort out hona chaya.i wish this 14 feb make anu rajat together happy.and elder bhi naa nt even have heart at all.woh bhi that minty is just impossible hai.

  4. Wow so intetesting. Todays episode was good. I think Veer will not marry Anu as his past will come back or else he will know abt Anu and Rajats 1 marriage and so he will break it. Awesome love triangle yaar.

  5. Mintyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. I hate this woman… How can she be so shameless… So disgusting .. With her one yes everything will be sort..I hope she changes.. Directors plsssss do something to this minty.. She should realize her mistake

  6. Wonder what is veers flash back

  7. I think veer is gona ove

  8. I think next step eill be veer overhearing the conversation bet anu n rajat.and he willunite them wuthout their knowledge

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