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Shastri Sisters 8th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone smiling seeing Rajat and Devyaani. Rajat looks upset. Devyaani smiles looking at him. Sareen comes to police station and says he got a call that they got Neil Sareen. The inspector says who Neil, that guy who was drunk and was beating people. He scolds Sareen. They show him Neil. Sareen is shocked seeing Neil in lockup, drunk and heart broken. He says Neil and Neil looks at him. Neil is unable to stand and falls. Sareen worries and asks is he fine. The inspector says he was drunk, we got number in his phone, why did you send him out when he was drunk, there is case against him. Sareen apologizes and says he will pay the fine. He does the formalities and pays fine to free Neil.

Rajat takes the ring and looks at Anushka. He stops. Nikki asks him to make her

wear it, as mahurat is passing by. Nikki tells Minty that the time has come. Sareen takes Neil and goes out of police station. He asks him to walk carefully as there are stairs. He asks why did he get drunk, and makes him stand. He says tell me what pain you have, that you are suppressing, tell me, I will find solution. Neil says I won’t go home. Sareen asks why, tell me and makes him sit in the car. Neil says he won’t go home. Sareen says why, its Rajat’s engagement today. Neil says yes, and Devyaani’s too.

He shows her pic and Sareen is shocked seeing Neil and Devyaani’s pic. Rajat looks at Anu. Saajna……………..plays……………. Anushka holds Devyaani’s hand and gives him. Rajat makes Devyaani wear the ring. Nikki and Minty are shocked. Devyaani and Anushka smile. Neil tells Sareen that he loves Devyaani. Sareen is shocked. Anushka walks out crying and looks at Rajat and Devyaani. Devyaani takes the ring and Rajat gives his hand. She makes him wear the ring. Rajat greets everyone and gets down the stage. He goes to meet Anushka.

He thinks in FB how he has refused to get engaged to Devyaani and Anushka convinced him, saying many relations will break by this. Rajat says fine, I will get engaged to her, but I have a condition, you have to tell the truth, I know it, but want to hear it from you, else no one can stop em from saying no this relation. Anushka asks what does he want to hear. He asks do you love me, yes or no. He says when I felt we have love in between us, did you also feel, yes or no, when my parents got proposal for Devyaani, did you break, yes or no. she says if you love me, will you do this engagement after hearing my truth. He says yes and she keeps his hand on her head, asking him to swear on her. He says I swear on you. She cries and says yes…… Rajat looks at her.

He says you are not doing this right. She says remember Rajat, you have sworn. She cries and turns. Rajat comes to her and she starts going. He holds her hand and stops her. He says I have sworn and will not forget it. He holds her and says I did this relation for you, only you, and that time will come when you will care for me. Saajna……………..plays……………. He says you will be helpless and will tell the truth yourself, that time will come. She says this will never happen. They look at each other. Saajna……… mere dholna……………plays…………….

Sareen tells Neil to come with him, as they can’t hurt Rajat, as he knows Rajat, of he knew this, he would have… Neil says promise me, don’t tell him, I want to see Rajat happy. Sareen says I thought you are a young child, now I know you have grown up, he hugs Neil. Rajat hears everything and says dad……..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor anuraj & neil…yakkk devyani

  2. What’s anuraj serious music called and annoyed in promo as I know rajat will be angry as they never turned up on engagement I know he won’t have heard them speak abt devyani xx

  3. I think Rajat is angry as Neil didn’t come to the engagement, but we all know the writers overexaggerate in promos, I hope anuraj are together 🙂

  4. Waste of watching serial sure one or other it’s going to loose it’s trp,, same old Indian typical serial I hate it,:(

  5. I totally agree waste of time so boring

  6. Same comment waste of time to watch this serial without anu and rajat rejoining this serial is going to be a flop.I hate devyaani she is such selfish that she does not see a feeling of rajat while watching anuu stupid I hate this .iam going to stop watching this serial today onward .writers you won in making this serial worst

  7. arre yaar do sumthing quikly else u r losing viewers. please do sumthing n ake anu rajat 2gether…. my heart is breaking…

    1. I hate anu.she overeacts.not devyanis fault she liked him first

      1. pleaseeee don’t tell bad words about anu

  8. Will rajat and anu reunit.say s or no in likes r dislike.

  9. Omg!!! In jst few days they have spoiled this show……bt still expecting a new twist dat will bring anu nd rajat 2gether….

  10. I hate devyani……..she is too much……..pity on Neil ……..

  11. i want annu n rajat together

  12. Made a total kabada of serial writers won in making this serial also as worst as others

  13. i saw behind the scene rajat was explaining about hr love anu I think devyani will engagement will break and then she will support neil.

  14. It’s totally waste if they try to reunite them aftr spoiling all viewers mind, All these directors n producers break viewers heart easily n try to patchup aftr they loose TRP

  15. 10 th november yani ki aaj episode update karo …..

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