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Shastri Sisters 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu getting Alka’s call. She says don’t worry, we are coming. Anu and Rajat go to police station. Anu hugs Alka and calms her. Rajat talks to the inspector. Alka says Rohan is in bad state, he did not do anything. Anu says we know he is not like that. Rajat shows his ID card and says I m squadron leader Rajat Sareen, I wanted to talk about Rohan. The inspector says its serious charges against him, the meeting time is over and asks him to come tomorrow, we can’t go against the rules. Alka says the court is closed and bail can’t happen. Rajat tells Alka that he will bail Rohan tomorrow. Alka says we have to talk to Astha and they leave. Anu informs Devyaani and ends the call.

Kajal comes to meet Anu, and gives the halwa to Devyaani, saying Minty has sent the

halwa. Devyaani stares at her. Kajal says its Vrat Savitri Prasad. Devyaani says she does not need it. Kajal says Minty will feel bad that she has sent Prasad for her bahu. Devyaani thinks Kajal is doing some drama and its something fishy. She says she will take the Prasad and Kajal smiles. Kajal says give it to Anu, its Vrat’s Prasad, Minty said this. Devyaani asks her to leave. Kajal leaves. Devyaani says Anu wanted proof, maybe she will get it now.

Alka and Anu come to meet Astha. Astha begins her drama and blames Rohan. Alka asks her to take back all the fake blames off Rohan and tell them what does she want in return. Astha acts sweet. Alka says she is sure Astha is lying. Anu gets angry on Astha. Astha continues to act innocent. Astha shows her true face and says they don’t have any proof. Alka scolds her and Astha acts calm. She says so you want me to take complaint back, she has a way. Anu asks what. Astha smiles and asks Alka to tell Rohan to agree to her, and do what she want, then she will do what Alka wants, Rohan should apologize. Alka asks what does she mean, this can’t happen. Astha says then Rohan will not come out of jail, police thinks she is right. Astha talks shamelessy and asks Alka to get lost. Alka cries.

Alka and Anu come home. Alka says how to free Rohan, I don’t have any proof. Anu says they will get proof and asks her to be strong. She asks her to have food and Alka refuses as she is very worried for Rohan. Sareen and Minty talk about Rajat. Sareen says Rajat is always stuck between Minty and Anu. Rajat comes and goes upstairs. Minty gets annoyed. He asks Devyaani about Anu. Devyaani says she is resting, and tells about Kajal giving Prasad for Anu, maybe she has mixed the drugs in it, they can get any clue. He says right, we should send the Prasad for tests. She says she has kept it in fridage.

Kajal comes to Minty and smiles seeing her upset. She fills her ears against Rajat and Anu. She asks her to have food. Minty says she is not hungry, and asks her to leave. Kajal says she will never leave her and always support her. Minty cries. Kajal hugs her and thinks how can she leave, she needs the keys of the house from her and smiles.

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