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Shastri Sisters 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil, Devyaani, Minty and Sareen coming to the farmhouse. Minty thanks Guggal for coming. Guggal asks where is the proof, she won’t care of its against Kajal or them. Sareen argues and says this is last chance for you to show you have ability to differentiate between right and wrong. He says she does not have proof against wrong people and says Anu will find proof and prove they are innocent. He takes her good class and says she will prove that no one can fool police. Kajal aims gun at Anu and they are on the way. Anu panics. She gets a call and Kajal takes her phone. Anu asks what is she doing. Kajal throws her phone out. She says phone is not needed now, as she is going to die. Rajat calls Minty and asks where is she. Minty says we are at farmhouse, Neil will message the


Rajat asks where is she, is she in any danger. Minty worries. Anu asks why is Kajal aiming gun when they are going farmhouse. Kajal says we are not going farmhouse, don’t get afraid, don’t be clever. Anu says her family will not leave him. Kajal says no one can catch her, and Anu will be going and getting in big trouble. Anu asks what will she get doing this. Kajal says happiness, as I knew your plan. Anu asks what plan. Kajal says I have heard your and Minty’s talk, and scolds her. Minty and everyone worry for Anu.

Guggal asks are they passing time with her, do they have any proof or not. Anu drives and asks Kajal for water, where will she run. Kajal looks for water bottle. Anu throws her dupatta from the window. She thinks if someone sees my dupatta, they can find me, I m feeling scared and I can fight if I see any loved one. Devyaani says her phone is switch off. Minty says is this not Kajal’s plan, did she change it. Sareen says he will not agree to Anu, I told her not to go alone.

Minty says if Kajal do anything to Anu and calls her. Kajal takes the call and says Minty did not do right, she is hurt by this. Minty gets shocked. Kajal says Anu will bear for this now. Minty says listen to me Kajal. Anu asks what was she telling Minty. Kajal says she cares for family, they would be worried if they heard you shouting. Anu says she is not doing this right. Sareen asks Minty what happened. Minty says Kajal will do anything to Anu, she said she will punish Anu for my sins. Rajat comes and asks what happened. Minty says Kajal will do anything to Anu, save Anu, I will not ask for any favor. Sareen tells Kajal took Anu somewhere.

Guggal says they will come along with them, by two routes and catch Kajal. She asks Minty not to worry, and promises if Kajal is wrong, she will not leave Kajal. They all hurry and leave. Kajal is taking Anu to the cliff. Minty, Rajat and everyone is on the way finding Anu. Guggal is with Sareen and Neil. Minty says she does not believe Kajal. Devyaani prays for Anu.

Sareen calls Kajal. Anu hits the car to the tree and gets hurt. Kajal too gets hurt. Anu runs from the car. Kajal shouts Anushka and aims gun at her. Kajal shoots and Anu runs from there. She reaches the end of the cliff and stops being tired. Kajal comes there and catches her. Anu looks at her tensed as Kajal aims gun at her.

Rajat comes and sees Kajal aiming gun at Anu. Kajal pushes Anu down the cliff. Rajat shouts Anu and runs to her. Saajna……..plays….. He tries holding her hand and her hand slips. Anu falls down the cliff, shocking Rajat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Thanks for the update Amena ? Oh gosh! Why is Kajal doing this ? and the precap ? I hope Anu will be okay ??

    – Dreamer ?

  4. I’m gettn tired of the nxt eps pre-cap….!!

  5. always same precap
    fed up with this
    rajat cant u save ur life yar ur soldier man

  6. Hey pradishma yesterday on warrior high it wasn’t me it was someone else the girl with the name ardaya or something. And what happened with rohan

    1. I was also going to ask u that only that y r u using that name….

  7. Anu will be memory lost patient for one year…. Leap for one year 🙁

  8. Well u know wat guys rajat is gna save anushka 🙂 Hii pradishma

    1. Hi amina

  9. Oh I think that it is someone else I’m not cheap n change my name like some people

  10. His not aamina anus gonna fall down the cliff n everyone is going to assume her dead. Then there’s gonna be a leap where devyani n rajat r going to get engaged. Also then were gonna find out that anu is alive

  11. Deviyani n rajat cannot get married for any is returning

  12. Sweet dreams guys tc c u all tmrw….. ???

  13. Angelina?(anu)

    Wat???? Rajat will never marry devyani as he is devyani’s jeju!!! N yes devyani will only get married to neel_!.!


  15. Angelina?(anu)

    @ms parud, who d hell told u that they r gonna get married?


    1. Angelina?(anu)

      I didn’t tell you….it was for sumbody else

  17. Angelina?(anu)

    Plz do read properly …

  18. Its true that rajat and devyani r getting married…..

  19. Not fair yaar… How rajat can do this ….to anu …. No …. This can’t happen….

    1. ♥Pradishma♥

      Cuz she was missing after she falled off the cliff and had a memory loss but they thought she is dead

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  23. Labon pe baat thi rehgai? zameen bhi adhoori behgai, khoya tu rah khogai, dhoondu tujhe milja kahen, lafz de thora thora vaise detaja, yaad de thori thori jeene ki dua yaadein Teri mere jeeney ki Dua tujh bin khali din khali khali dharkanein yaadein teri

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