Shastri Sisters 8th August 2015 Written *Last* Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat running after Sameer. Anu asks Rajat to stop. Rajat runs after Sameer in the jungle. Sameer hides. Rajat looks for him. Sareen talks to inspector and says Sameer is living with us since one year. Rajat comes home and says mom. Sareen slaps him angrily and says this is Sameer. Rajat cries and says dad, I m Rajat did you not identify me. He asks Minty to know him, as a mum knows her son in the world. He says he loved her a lot, he used to roman in the house holding her pallu, and she used to sing lullaby for him, he was jealous when Neil was born. Minty cries and takes her hand off.

Rajat says I m Rajat dad, it was my dream to join airforce, when you taught me to drive cycle, I fell and was scared, you told me if I m unable to drive cycle, what will I do joining

airforce. He tells Shastri ji that he wanted to marry Anu against his wish. He asks Neil to identify him, he is his brother and friend. Neil turns his face away.

Rajat asks why are hey silent, he is Rajat, and asks Minty to identify him. Devyaani says if he is Rajat, where is Anushka, she went to take him. Anu and Alka come home with Sameer. Rajat asks Anu you with him. Anu says inspector, you arrest him, this is Sameer, a terrorist. They all look on shocked. Rajat says you can fool everyone, but Minty won’t believe the imposter. Minty cries. Rajat tells Anu that this man is fooling Anu and everyone.

They start arguing. Rajat says I ran after him in jungle, he disappeared, I went back and you and Alka were not there, I m real Rajat. Rajat and Sameer start fighting and stand opposite to each other. Anu looks at them. The inspector says they look same. Minty says she did not know when she was living with fake Rajat, but someone can bring them out of this problem, Anu.

She says she failed being a mum, and asks Anu to tell who is real Rajat. The inspector asks how will she say. Anu says we know what to do to find out Rajat. She asks them to pull her hand, as terrorist can’t be strong as an airforce officer, the one who pulls her will be her Rajat. They hold her hand and pull her hand. She gets hurt and screams. Rajat leaves her hand seeing her getting hurt. Sameer smiles getting Anu.

Anu cries and looks at real Rajat. She stops inspector from arresting Rajat, and says the terrorist is this man, not him. She says Rajat is one who has left me, this is Sameer, who could see how to prove himself innocent, and my Rajat could see my pain. Saajna…………..plays…………. She says he has left me seeing my pain. Sameer takes out knife and holds Anu’s neck. He asks Rajat will he give password to them or not. Rajat says he will get it, and takes inspector’s gun. He shoots at Sameer and Sameer falls down. Anu runs to Rajat and hugs him. Rajat hugs his family.

After few days, everyone is seen going to the temple for Rajat and Anu’s marriage. Devyaani’s dupatta gets stuck in the car door and Neil helps her. Rohan comes to meet Alka there. He apologizes to her and holds her hand, saying she loves her a lot, he also loves her. Alka and Rohan unite.

Rajat and Anu get married again and promise each other of their love and togetherness. Saajna………….plays…………… Everyone smile. Sareen says Minty did good work for the first time, of getting Rajat and Anu married again on their wedding anniversary day. They all pose for pics.

The show ended on a happy balance between Shastri and Sareen family.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nikh

    This show should go ahead with Neil and Devyani’s marriage………was going good yarr……The serial which should be end now is sasural simar ka not this one….

  2. Kirti

    I loved this serial bcoz it had no ‘very long’ issues.
    Bye anushka and rajat and shashtri sisters team also.

  3. ?pradishma?

    And my favorite serial ended today…..they should have even showed deveel also yaar…. they love story was incomplete its all cuz of that thapki vapki who stole ss timing….. hate u thapki but m not going to waste my time for my hatred towards thapki….hope they soon come with a bang with deveel love story new begging……. LOVE U SHASTRI SISTERS……

    • HiraM

      agree wiyh you they should have shown deveel marrige what did they got by again remarrying Anuraj.

      • ?minnie?

        Exactly instead of showing that stupid anuraj track they should have showed us deveel…. for anuraj they forgot that Vicky was cmg…. seriously I also don’t kno what they got by anu’s crazy lover n her saajana n all crap….

  4. Adorable

    Sasural simar ka shd b ending not this. Am fed up wit the family calamities of simar and Roli. Love u Anu. Rajat and co. I’ll miss u just like am still missing Beintahaa

  5. I miss you SS team.I don’t know Hindi but I watched for the beautiful love bonding. It ended very soon.
    once again


  6. Titou

    This was a fantastic show, but it shouldn’t have ended now. Where is evil Karisma’s dad who said to Devyaani that she will see his face again when she finds happiness?
    I wish all the actors the very best and I hope I’ll see them soon in another great serie.

  7. ADELE( Anu)

    My favourite serial……….?????
    Will miss anuraj veryyyyy muchhhhh!!!!!

    Prads!!! Where were u yaarrr????? Check ur mails

  8. ADELE( Anu)

    It was an amazing experience wid shastri sisters!!!! I still remember the how the show started,……….such a wonderful story!!! Wowww!!! I will really miss my anuraj n saajna song……

    Prads, u can’t keep quiet anymore……u have to reply me in mails….

  9. Miss u shastri sisters hope to get season 2 of shastri sisters again soon with neil and devyani reuniting and rajat and Anu also

  10. I like tis serial d most..y they end tis show??whr s astha wt hpn to her..plz make ss2 with d same team..we want to see Rajat Anu and dev Neel story and their children.

  11. ???/////////

    i would really like it if they made another season coz this one is really interesting
    even if it sometimes goes really bad i liked it
    bring back shastri sister season 2

  12. ?minnie?

    Exactly they should make…… atleast they would have showed deveel’s happy ending rather than anuraj re marriage…. highly disappointed

  13. Miss u a lot….. anuraj and deveel…it must have been a happy ending by showing deveels marriage. I devote my tym everyday to watch ir first episodes
    ……. I gave half heart to u luv u Ss….. I want prt 2…. pls c to my comment

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