Shastri Sisters 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal saying she will marry Neil. Minty accepts her and asks Neil to fill sindoor in Kajal’s maang. Sareen and Rajat ask what is she doing. Minty says if you can force Neil to marry your friend’s daughter, even I can make him marry my friend’s daughter, and praises Kajal that she is better than Devyaani. Sareen says I won’t let this happen. Minty asks why, did you listen to me when I stopped you, and asks Neil to show their status to Shastri sisters, else Devyaani will tell everyone that she left you alone in mandap, and gives the sindoor.

Neil recalls Devyaani’s love and Minty’s pain. Neil recalls what all happened till now and Devyaani’s rejection. Neil fills the sindoor in Kajal’s maang and looks at Devyaani. Kajal smiles. Devyaani goes. Anu gets

restless and Shastri ji stops her. He goes to see Devyaani. Devyaani comes upstairs and the family comes. She cries and sees her dad. She wipes her tears and tells him that what happened now was a mistake, no one will be sad in the house because of her, they will live like before and asks him to promise. She asks Rohan to explain him. Rohan says she is right.

Devyaani says don’t worry about world, I know well how to make them shut their mouths. He says I m hurt that you can get in any problem. He asks her is she fine. She says somewhat, but I will be fine completely. He says I know my daughters are very strong. He hugs his daughters. She says she will go and change, and then they will have some great food. She turns and walks away crying.

Devyaani cries in her room. Neil and Kajal get married. The pandit says the wedding is completed. Neil and Kajal takes Minty and Sareen’s blessings. Astha comes to Alka and apologizes to her. Alka does not get affected. Rohan comes and asks Astha to leave, as its very late now. Astha cries and says I don’t know about Sunil. Rohan says leave and she goes crying.

Neil asks Minty to hurry up with rituals. Minty does Neil and Kajal’s grah pravesh. Minty asks Sareen for some money to get off bad sight, and he recalls she already took money before. He asks her where did that money go which you took. She gets tensed. She recalls she gave that man and says I gave to decorator. He says I paid the decorator and asks her again.

Kajal and Suman make plans to win everything and get real keys of the house. Anu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anyone please tell me who is this suman?I did’nt watch the episode

  2. Suman is mintys friend.thst moti lady came with Kajal …kajal looks so cunning right from d brginning.

  3. OMG, this show was somewhat somewhat going on properly but now this real crap. No more interested in reading or watching this any more. These a******s can’t keep any show light.

  4. Now the charm n excited of watching n reading episode is gone.
    minty now u have spoil ur sons life
    neil ur love was fake n u truly dont deserve her
    plz make veer comeback n make veer n devyani pair n show neil n minty
    aftr all veer is more handsome n good looking thn tht useless neil

  5. I am glad Devyani escaped Neil… i know she is sad right now but this marriage is not good for her… Neil does not deserve her…
    It does not even matter now whether the truth about Minty’s plan comes out or not… just hope no one blames Anu… Rajat always does that first then later when the truth comes out he apologizes…
    As suspected, Kajal does not have good intentions… lets hope Minty and Neil gets a lesson…

  6. Bechara Neil;in real life he is madly in luv with devyaani…here ulta:(

  7. No plz don’t came back veer in this episode

  8. Because ek serial hai koi khane wale KHADCHI nai….veer ko vapas lee aaooo…

  9. Main toh yeah manta hoon ki veer li entry anu or rajat ko el karne ki liya hi hui thii ….usne undono ko2baar milaya or akhari main jaate jaate apni doati ka farz bhi nibhaya he is gud nai very gud person but uske vapas aane se minty ko phir mauka miljayaga rajat me kaan bharane ka…so plz kusum understand

  10. Maybe tumko veer ka cahacter pasand yoga but main anushka ke character ko bahut pasand karta hoon isliya usko khush dekhna chata hoon sirf or sief rajat ki saath….

  11. Common guyz why do you take this soaps so seriously……serial me wahi hoga Jo writers n production chahta ho

  12. Yeah but humlog apas main apne throught toh share kar hi sakte hai..
    .or assumptions bhi…?

  13. yar ye track tho bilkul veera ki jaisa hai us me bhi yehi huva tha same to same par vaha ek hi diff hai ki veera me baldev aur simran ka shaadi nahi huva yaha neil aur kajal ka shaadi ho gayi hai………..

  14. XxDeveil fanxX

    OMG Neil’s and idiot he should’ve married devyani they’re meant to be together these producers are so tight on devyani because first she didn’t get married to rajat now it’s neil these producers should just let devyani and neil to be together!
    Unless they’re planning neil to have an affair with devyani?
    I want them to be together!

  15. kajal is so clever n evn she looks so..minty n neil will learn a lesson shortly..i hope anu will not b blamed for this..devyani deserves somebdyelse not this gay neil

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