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Shastri Sisters 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat saying I love you Anu. She asks then why are you getting engaged to Devyaani. He is shocked and says what, I m getting engaged to you. She says no, Minty got the proposal for Devyaani. He thinks maybe Minty got confused seeing both of them in blue dress. He says when I told her about you, I just signed as you were on terrace, Devyaani was also there, I think they are mistaken. He holds her and says Anu I love you, I was talking about you, I wanted to tell you in diwali party. Sajna tere bin nai lagda dil mera…………….. plays…………… He says I have sent my parents for you. She is shocked.

He says I know you also love me, you like me coming close to you, that I see you, you wanted to know whom I love even when you knew it that I love you. She thinks

about Devyaani’s happiness. He says come with me. She does not move and leaves his hand. She says she won’t come, as he can’t get engaged to her, as its unfair as she does not love him. He is shocked. She says he is mistaken to think she loves him. Rajat gets stunned and says no, you are lying. She says why will I lie. He says I don’t know, I just know that when we were together, I heard what you did not say, see your face, you are afraid that your lie will be caught. She says no, get engaged to Devyaani. He says no, I won’t let this happen, I will go and cancel this engagement.

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She stops him and folds hand to request him not to do this. He asks but why. She says as Devyaani loves you a lot. He says oh, so you are lying. She says no, think Minty have seen dreams to welcome Devyaani and dad is really happy. She says we can’t snatch it from them. He asks and you. She says if my sister is happy by this relation, and if my family is happy, then she will be happy too. She says maybe you felt that I m lying. He holds her and asks you care for everyone, what about me.

He says what about my dreams. I prepared to get you in my house, I planned my life with you. She says nothing about it. I don’t care about you. Rajat looks on shocked. He says if she does not care, then he does not value her request. She cries. Shastri ji welcomes Bua ji and Astha. Alka greets Bua ji and says she made less oil food for her, it will be good for her health. Bua ji thanks her. Rohan comes and greets Bua ji. He asks Alka to come with him. They go for some work.

Rajat comes in the engagement and looks upset. Minty does his aarti. Nikki says she has much work, and she can’t let him work, mahurat time is important. Neil might be stuck in some work. Rajat says even strangers wished me for engagement, but Neil did not call me even once, is he annoyed with me. Nikki says no, he is very happy. Anushka comes at Rajat and cries. Devyaani goes on the stage. Sajna…………plays………….. Nikki asks Minty to prepare as they have prepared all this for seeing Devyaani upset, Rajat does not know he is getting engaged to Devyaani, he will make Anushka wear the ring, and Devyaani will be shocked when he says he loves Anu.

Minty says yes, I m waiting for this moment, I m feeling the pain and hiding it to see that moment, I will get peace seeing it. Nikki asks her to cheer up. Minty wipes her tears. Shastri ji asks about Sareen and Neil. She says they went to take few items, don’t worry he will come. He says fine, I will see guests. Minty says she is fed up of lies.
Anushka brings Devyaani. Rajat looks at Anushka. Rajat and Devyaani are given the rings. Anushka looks at the rings. Minty and Nikki smile waiting for the big scene. Devyaani smiles seeing Rajat.

Rajat takes the ring and looks at Anushka, while Devyaani looks at her. Nikki says the countdown begins and starts counting, 3, 2, 1, mission Devyaani and Anushka’s ruining starts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very much interesting to know.what is the next,:-)

  2. Abe 3 Din Se Whi Promo Dikhare ;
    Kab Pehnate Ring?
    Khali-Pili Aas Me Rkhele Hai……
    Kis Ko Pehnata Ki Un Ring?

  3. As usual typical indian serial story….rajat will place ring on devyani’s hand….they have ruined the show..

    1. Dats exactly wats gunna happen

  4. arey yaar anu how can u do do this u make four lives suffer.this not sacfrice its stupidity.and rajat dont get into anu words she is just lieing and i hope u dont take any discision becoz of anu hurt will make u and bro trouble.and anu rajat is right even he has heart and feeling be.u cares everyone but not for bad of u.plz change the story line and make rajat and anu together.

  5. They r making it routine sacrifice story..,., rajat wil make anu jealous and devyani wil cum 2 knw abt rajat’s love by his behaviour.,., finally anu and rajat will pair up again,.,,. but i want it to be done as early as possible,.,.,.

  6. i saw episode behind scene rajat was wearing the ring to devyani. same dress devyani.
    I am so angry of devyani because she was not feeling about neil.
    I actually wish anu and rajat to together.
    why the direct do this all.

  7. Gyes mujhe Anu par pehli baar gussa aaya as usne jhoot kyun bola ??sach bol deti to kya bidad jaate….bechaara Rajat Marta hai uspe n wo bhi but in my opinion I think apne baare main pehle aur doosro k baare main baad main sochna chahiye…jab khud hi happy nhi to doosro ko kaise rakh paaoge….n devyaani irritating personality……she does nt love Rajat she it is attraction nt love… god Anu tumne Rajat ko kyun rulaya…bhagwan tumhe maaf nhi krega…. 🙁

  8. Please anu don’t sacrifice fr ur sister. I know what ur condition is. u must be happy seeing ur sister happy. but rajat is made fr u. both rajat and u tgether luk beautiful. please
    get married 2 rajat . please………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hiruni Uthpala

    i hope mr.sareen and neil will do smthing.
    friends plz tel me the backgrund sng which plays 4 anu and rajat. 4om which movie ?

  10. excuse me who to marry rajat anu or devyani I m saying to you rayoni
    I wish anu

  11. What the daam pls.. Unite Anu and rajat

  12. Yar director saab aap aisa kuch karte jis se divyani khud anu aur rajat ko mila deti ise minty aur nikki ka plan bhi flop hota aur anuraj ka rishta bhi kayam rehta

  13. I think that neil guna come in drunk and rajat will drop ring? Xx

    1. Lol ennit.wat i ws thinkin aswell

  14. Ooh the many possibilities that could happen, I’m intrigued 🙂

  15. hope rajat marries anu

  16. I think Rajat will either put the ring on Anushkas hand or he will just drop it and walk away.

  17. guys rajat ring toh pehnayga devyaani ko but shaadi ofcurse anu se hi karega nd phir anu and rajat devyani aur neil.

  18. r
    ajat ring toh pehnayga devyaani ko but shaadi ofcurse anu se hi karega nd phir anu and rajat devyani aur neil.

  19. I know it is sad

  20. Just watched epi they get engaged devani amd rajat I love anu amd rajat serious music ajyone know what irs called promi annoying as rajat hears his dad and Neil talk about how neil loves dev but I know thr reason rajat stands there angry is coz they never came to engagement

  21. where can i find the song that is played in the background? it is something like “sajna….. tere bin nai lagda mera jiya.” “.sajna mere sajna dholna………”
    please do reply…. plssss

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