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Shastri Sisters 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu crying seeing Rajat’s pic. She says I wish Rajat was here with me. She says I think he does not worry for me, he did not take my call, I will scold him. She gets his call and scolds him a lot. She says she will not care for him, if he comes to her, she will act as if she does not see him. He says I m coming home tomorrow. She asks really and smiles. He says sorry, I could not call, training was going on, I will come and get your anger out. Saajna………plays……. She says all her anger is gone. He asks about everyone at home. She says she wanted to tell him things are not fine. He asks what happened. She tells him everything. He gets shocked. She says don’t worry, everything will be fine tomorrow, we all made a plan, see how it gets hit, Kajal will go away from

our life forever. He asks what will they do, she is very clever and dangerous, take care, involve police.

She says fine, don’t spoil your training there, come back after work ends, and be happy. The pic falls down and she worried. He asks what was this. She says nothing, glass fell and broke. He says fine, I will meet tomorrow, take care. She worries. Kajal talks to Leela and checks the new papers with the clause. Leela asks her plan. Kajal says if anyone knows who will kill her, it won’t be fun. Leela asks what is she saying. Kajal asks her to call Minty.

Minty takes Kajal’s sign on the papers and argues with her. Anu looks on. Kajal signs on her papers and stops. She asks her to take Anu’s sign first and gives the papers. Minty says she can’t take Anu’s sign as of now. She says she will go with Anu to farmhouse tomorrow and take her sign. Kajal says maybe you are fooling me, I m innocent and you are clever. Minty says I know you can use Neil’s video against us, you are not innocent and you know if Neil and Anu are given as choice to me, I will choose Neil, not Anu.

She asks her to sign. Kajal says fine, and signs on the papers. Minty says now she will do her work. Kajal asks is she saying double meaning talk, will she take Anu’s sign. Minty says I have to end this matter and take Anu’s sign to give property to you. Kajal asks her to prepare. Minty says she will keep the papers and smiles seeing Anu.

Its morning, Anu prays to Lord for her family’s welfare and happiness, she wants strength to fight with Kajal. Everyone hear her and smile. Sareen says we will get happiness, a daughter has a little mum in her. Neil wishes her all the best. Anu tells Minty that she wants to go alone, she does not want Kajal to doubt. Neil says she is clever, I will come. She says I will come, and Lord will protect me. She says she will not light diya in the temple till Kajal is not arrested and darkness ends. She prays to Lord. Minty says if any daughter prays with love and pure heart, Lord has to hear, as she is mum, not Minty Sareen. She apologizes to Anu. She says she cries a lot infront of Lord and she feels Mata Rani answered her, and gave you as my daughter. Sareen and Neil smile.

Minty says she is sure she won’t be in pain as Anu is with her. She hugs Anu and they cry. She says once this problem ends, I will shower my love on you. Sareen jokes. Minty does tilak to Anu and blesses her. She prays for her long life and happiness. Anu cries and prepares to leave. She leaves from home. She is on the way in car and says why did Kajal not do anything, what will she do this time, and Kajal pops up in back seat, aiming gun at her. Anu gets shocked.

Anu runs to save her life and stands at the end of the cliff. Kajal aims fun at her. Anu pushes her and tries to run. Kajal pushes Anu down the cliff. Rajat asks Anu to give her hand and tries to hold. Anu’s hand slips from his hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yes trying to forget it.. but after uu said about athu.. I went back to past memories… I didn’t say that she is wrong.. but she should understand me na…
    she can think now also that I m the reason for ur sisters breakup… but i jus want to prove my innocence. dear… yep I ll try to forget it…..


    1. SORRY VIDHYA I didn’t mean to hurt sry sis…. I jus said that….. really sry and u kno how stubborn she was at that time…. na that anonymous jus manipulated her v kno she would have never said that…… and u are and u will never be reason of any bff separation….. sry and pls forget it

  2. Angelina?(anu)

    Yes vidya….v believe u!! So plz don’t hurt itself…..n athu said that cuz she was not much frndly wid u at that tym…….so chill dear…..everything will b fyn

  3. ok Pradi bubye dr . tc .. be careful .. health is very important… from tomorrow onwards no prob between me n athu.. n we r frnz…that is no aaaaa problen.. i lll forget everything about what aaaaa said…byebye…
    bye dhanu didi

  4. Angelina?(anu)

    Hey prads….watch that scene of nandu’s b’day…..u will feel gud ….even that rain one…..wen manik apologized nandu……

  5. Hey guys now sad hona bandkarna. Aur dekona soon athu will come here. I know uguys very sweet and and very kind,good girls

  6. yep anu its true that me n athu r not much frndly at that time.. ya and that aaaaa manipulated her very much… OK I ll forget it….
    bye Pradi n anu…

  7. today I saw kyy. some hospital scene… forgot to say.. thanks for remembering me anu….


    and dhanu di plz talk in english I dunno Hindi..

  8. Okay sruti.hey what’s your age

  9. Angelina?(anu)

    Can u give me a short info of wat is going on on kyy

    1. Yep…..
      Aryamann came to take revenge from manik for his sis soha’s death and he added something into maniks food in manglore so now he is hospitalized and mukti is trying to be friendly with harshad to kno what he is upto and nandu asked aryamann not to do anything to manik and she will give him prove that manik didn’t did anything but then also aryamann is again planning with harshad….

  10. Anu I have watched each of kyy episode many many times dear…. even today I watch old episodes…..

  11. Angelina?(anu)

    Heyy dhanu di…..wassup

  12. 16 starts from 13 july(my birthday)

    1. Advance happy birthday sru….. ???

      1. Me too Happy birthday sruti

  13. Noting special . my legs is injured yesterday so it pain

    1. Oh how… di…. and sweet dreams….. going to sleep bye c u and tc

      1. T.c .sis g.n.s.d

  14. Angelina?(anu)

    Yes prads as vidya said…u r a dictionary of kyy……achcha……who is aryamann???? I mean how is he related….. N how did he come n who is soha.???

  15. Guys did u noticed something!!!!!!!

    No rohan comments on this site!! I think Tu deleted the comments!!

  16. Hi guys. What’s up

  17. Hi guys what’s up

  18. Angelina?(anu)


  19. Shastri Sisters:

    Anu is attacked by Kajal when she is on the way to the farmhouse. Anu manages to escape from the car and leaves her dupatta as a clue for her family to reach here. She runs away from Kajal and reaches the end of the cliff. Kajal aims gun at her and Anu tries to save herself. She pushes Kajal and tries to run. Kajal fights with Anu and pushes her off the cliff. Rajat comes there on nick of the time to save Anu. Rajat holds Anu’s hand to pull her up, and yet her hand slips off. Anu will be shown hurt and missing for a while. Kajal gets arrested by Guggal for her murder attempt on Anu and Sareens expose all Kajal’s plans in Guggal’s eyes. The possible new twist will be Anu’s memory loss and one year leap in the show

    Y always anushka anushka….. they could have even showed devyani to progress thier love story but no….. if they only want anu as lead then change the name to anu ki mahanta….. y shastri sisters…….and anu don’t kno how to act and even rajat can’t feel only….

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