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Shastri Sisters 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty saying congrats and taunting Anu. She says this will be good or Rajat and us, I m very happy. Sareen congratulates Veer and Anu and asks her is she happy. Anu says yes, dad is waiting and leaves. Veer says I have some work and leaves. Minty says you did our big work. Rajat sees Anu’s pic and recalls Veer’s words. Sareen comes to Rajat and says he is finding is full of life and smiling son. He asks Rajat to tell Veer that he loves Anu and she also loves him. Rajat says I don’t know Anu loves me or not. He says if Anu marries Veer then…. I can’t live without her. I can’t stop loving Anu. He hugs Sareen and cries.

Sareen says you don’t think anything now, sleep now. Its morning, Anu is at office record room. Rajat comes to meet her. Anu says you

should not be here. He says you should have not done this, by moving on in one day, did you learn to love someone else, you forgot me. She says please go from here. He says what bad will happen now, you got away from me, I don’t care if anyone sees me, did you say yes to this proposal by your happiness. Veer comes there and asks for Anushka. He asks a lady about record room and goes there.

Rajat says don’t be mistaken Anu, I will go if you don’t say anything. He holds her hand and gets her closer. Veer comes inside and sees Anu and Rajat. He is shocked, but they stand a bit far. Veer asks Rajat what is he doing here. Rajat says I was…. Veer asks why is he worried. Rajat says by your personality. He says he came to take his team evaluation report, how did you come. Veer says I came to take Anu for coffee, come. He says I know Anu’s answer that she has much work. Anu says I really have much work.

Veer says once we get married, I will turn your no to yes. Rajat cries and wipes his tears by turning. Veer says he will drop him home, or does he have any excuse. Rajat says can anyone say you no. They leave. Rajat stops and looks at Anu. Anu cries. Sareen scolds Minty for not caring for Rajat. Minty says I care for Rajat, so I m doing this, if he marries Anu, he will always be sad. Veer and his mum Kirti come and greet them. Kirti says we came to meet Shastri ji. Peeya comes from camp and says it was very boring, I got tired of walking. Devyaani sits with face pack. Anu asks Peeya to freshen up, as she made soup. Veer says I can also have soup. He says Devyaani you look very beautiful today.

Kirti says Veer wanted to surprise you all, I was calling and coming. Minty comes and says Veer is naughty, he matches your daughters. Anu touches Kirti’s feet and goes to get tea. Veer says he is going to be Anu’s husband and talks to Peeya. Peeya is shocked and says what. Devyaani goes to wash her face. Veer reminds Kirti to talk about engagement.

Anu brings tea and gives them. Kirti says we spoke to pandit ji and he suggested good date for engagement, its valentines’ day 14th Feb, we can change it if you say. Minty says no, don’t postpone it, every girl has this dream to get engaged on valentine day. Anu gets tensed.

Rajat tells Anu that he will do all arrangements for her and Veer’s engagement. She asks can he bear this. He says no, but if you can stay happy with someone, I will live my life. Saajna……………..plays………….. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I cant see Rajath like this. Anu doing all this only because of her father. Now only Veer can solve this problem as he is not belonging to their family he can make every thing turn good. I wish this should happen soon. All after this i like veer.

  2. In the storeroom when veer was flirting with anu ,,,rajat was so emotional …….I had
    tears in my eyes

  3. This show z the definition of boring itself

  4. Yaar this stupid shastri ji.. He has no idea that anu is going thru so many difficulties bcoz of only him.. If shasti ji aloowes anu and rajat to be one then rajat woud not allow minty to harm anything of anu.. I jst hate this shastri.. In short we can say that he is the villan for now.. Anu plz dont leave our officer rajat

  5. Oh pre cap is so sad. Rajat dialogue is so emotional. Asnkhon me aansu ai:( anushka please live for yourself sometimes. Don’t be so stupid

  6. I just hope sudeep I mean veer may solve all dese craps,as rajt & anu’s luv z gonna wid so much difficulties.i wanna see stupid minty’s realisatn for wht see did…

  7. i can’t see rajat like this.

  8. First of all I don’t think its all because of shastri uncle.. Is because of minty , stupid lady. She is so selfish. I don’t know how can a mother be so adament like this. She says she cares for her children but she don’t. Actually she is the real enemy of her sons. I just hate her. If she agrees everything will be solved. even tat shastri uncle said no because of tat minty. . Just want directors to teach her a very good lesson.. She is just disgusting. Hate her a lotttttttttttttttttttttt. Plss director do something to this minty.. If she is not there anuraj will be united

  9. What nonsense….. shastri ji was disgusting koi apni beti ka future kaise kharab kar sakta haia haaa….i m feeling very sad for raj … sad episode

  10. poor rajat and anu

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