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Shastri Sisters 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the goon asking Anu who is she. Anu hits on his head and looks for Rajat. She says its so dark here, nothing is seen, where is Rajat. Rajat is tied to the chair. Anu says maybe Rajat is not here, I will go back. Rajat sees Anu and tries making himself heard. He tries getting up from the chair, and falls down. Anu hears the sound and turns to see. She goes there and finds Rajat struggling to free himself. She smiles seeing him and gets teary eyed.

She says Rajat and rushes to him. She frees him. Saajna tere bin nai lagda mera ye jiya………….plays………… She makes him drink water and he rests in her lap. She cries seeing his state. Rajat hugs her and they cry. He says I did not know I would see you again or not, where were you. She says its long story, I will

tell later, we have to leave and tell police about your lookalike. She takes him. They start leaving from there.

Sareen asks Devyaani what does Sameer want, why is he staying here. Devyaani says I don’t know, Anu said he is using Rajat’s airforce officer position, Sameer is involved in the recent bomb blast. They get shocked. Sareen recalls having seen the map. Shastri ji says its big problem, we should find Anu. Devyaani says I will call Anu. Sareen asks Neil to call police. Devyaani gets Anu’s number unreachable. Minty cries in shock.

Devyaani says even Alka is not taking call. Neil informs police. Minty comes in her room and sees Rajat’s pic. She recalls Rajat and hugs the pic. Sareen comes to her and asks what happened. Minty cries and says Rajat was away from me for one year, I did not know this, my heart did not say anything, my heart did not stop, am I have mum’s love or not, I m selfish woman. Sareen says lucky people get mum like you.

She says lucky people get son like Rajat. I don’t know where is he, alive or not? Sareen says he will be alive, he would be beaten up, I know this, nothing will happen, tell me do you think he is fine. He hugs and consoles her. They cry. Sameer brings Alka there and stops Anu and Rajat. He says he thought he will keep them alive till he does blasts, but now he will kill them. He pushes Alka and beats Rajat. Rajat is already beaten up and weak, and does not have strength to fight back. Anu and Alka cry seeing Rajat getting beaten up by Sameer.

Anu asks Rajat to get up, he can’t lose like this. Sameer takes his gun and says he won’t get up now, I will kill him. Anu and Alka are shocked. Sameer goes to them and loads the gun. He aims at Rajat and smiles. The police comes and Sareen asks Neil to take them to Rajat’s room, maybe they will get some info. The police searches Rajat’s room and does not get anything. They check bathroom and get some packet. The inspector says its satellite phone. The constable say they also got pendrive with airforce info.

The inspector says the case can be on Sareen too. Sareen says we did not know stranger is living with us, they look same. Devyaani says we don’t know where he is, but my sisters have gone to find him. The inspector says you have sent sisters after a terrorist, you know the result. Anu makes Sameer fall down, and asks Rajat to get up. Sameer gets hurt.

Rajat gets up and beats Sameer angrily. He puts net on Sameer and beats him. Sameer gets a rod and beats Rajat. Rajat falls down. Anu pushes Sameer from hurting Rajat more. He raises hand to slap her. Rajat gets up and fights with Sameer. Rajat says he has wish to kill the terrorist and take revenge from the man who has hurt his wife and family. Anu stops Rajat from killing Sameer, and says give him to police, don’t do this. Rajat leaves Sameer. Anu hugs him. Sameer runs from there. Alka tells them that Sameer has run.

Sareen slaps Rajat/Sameer when he comes after running from Sameer’s clutches. Sareen asks inspector to take him. Devyaani asks where is Anu. Anu and Alka come home with Rajat/Sameer, both in same state and clothes. The family gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. aww…I dont want to miss this show!! 🙁

  2. Thanks for all the updates Amena!! I really appreciate it!

  3. So and so sad please don’t end shastri sisters.Love anuraj

  4. Atleast heard my saajna sweet song atlast

  5. U r ryt athu!! Even m feeling happy to hear saajna after so many days!!!!! Plz don’t end shastri sisters…….pleaseeee

  6. Who is real rajat …is there any other twist in it …????

  7. Y tis channel ending this gud show..plz don’t end this shastri sisters.i always read this update without missing..

  8. O so sad yaar..
    Ss going off air.
    Dunno but will miss uall fr sure

  9. Yes……please don’t end shastri sisters..,……there r many fans who still wanna watch it………..pleaseee

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