Shastri Sisters 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu stopping the marriage and saying the guy in mandap is not Neil, he is someone else. Sareen and Rajat ask what is she saying. Anu asks Minty will she say the truth or not. Minty acts and asks what is she saying. Anu says I always want things to happen peacefully. Minty asks what did I do now. Anu calls Minty a liar. She says she did not accept the marriage and tried to stop the marriage, the guy in mandap is not Neil. They are shocked. Devyaani gets up. Minty asks how can she prove this, will she ask her whats truth, she does not have any problem with this marriage.

Anu says I wish that Devyaani has seen much pain, and you would not plan to hurt her. Minty says my son has always bear pain. Anu says you hate Devyaani. Minty says I don’t need to prove anything to

you. Sareen says stop it now, guests are here and you both are fighting. Anu says sorry, but I can’t let my sister marry any random guy. She says if she did not stop this, Devyaani would have married a stranger, I can’t say what did I see in past few days, Minty meets some stranger and tells everything she has seen.

She tells them how she caught the man and she told her that Minty has changed the groom. Sareen asks Minty to say. Minty asks why, he will not believe her. She says you will believe Anu, not me, ask Anu. She asks Anu does she have any proof to show she is saying truth. Shastri ji asks Anu does she know she is blaming big thing on Minty, does she has any proof. Rajat says we can check the groom, he is the proof infront of us. Sareen asks Anu to lift the sehra and see the groom’s face.

Minty says no, why to lift sehra, what are they doing, its bad sign to do this. Sareen says shut up and sends Anu. Anu goes and lifts the sehra. They all are shocked to see its Neil. Minty stands calm.

Anu is stunned seeing Neil. Minty recalls in FB how that man called her and told her that Anu has seen him and she is following him, what should he do. She says tell her the truth, I will manage. He says fine. She then calls Neil and asks him to come back soon, don’t ask anything, come fast. She smiles. Anu asks how can this be Neil and cries, asking everyone to trust her, that man told her that there is someone else in mandap. Rajat says who was he, where is he. Anu says he run away.

Minty asks how much will she lie, she always tries to show her down and make her family hate her. She says my husband and sons will always love her, whatever she plans. Rajat asks what is she saying, Anu is not like that, she might be mistaken. Minty scolds him for supporting his wife. She says Anu controlled my one son, but remember you can’t control my second son, he loves me the most. Neil smiles. Minty says he can marry anyone, but he will always love me. She says I agree that I was not happy with this marriage, and does not wish to make Devyaani my bahu, and I agreed seeing everyone happy.

She calls Devyaani characterless. She praises Neil and says is there any match between Devyaani and Neil, he is classy, educated, he did not spoil his name. Devyaani says enough, Neil did not anything to make everyone proud, and scolds Minty. She says he has done a characterless thing with me, and my sister… if she said you were making someone else sit in mandap, then it is true, I trust her, she can’t lie. She says she loves Neil so she has forgiven him, and thought to move on, what did he do, he has used love to hurt a girl, is this classy, keep your son with you, I will not marry Neil.

Shastri ji says enough, Marriage is not a small thing. Devyaani says she was thinking from heart and now her eyes are open, she was not ready for marriage and Anu cleared her mind, I don’t know did Neil change or not, or did Minty try to stop marriage, I can’t trust him and can’t spend my life with him. Anu says I m with you in your decision. She asks her to think again. Devyaani says no, I have decided well, I will not move back, I will not marry Neil. Minty says fine, he is not dying to marry you, he was marrying you on Sareen’s words.

She says Neil will not marry you and scolds Devyaani and Anu. She says she will prove that Neil is better than Devyaani, and get 10 girls who will be ready to marry him, you girls marry your ego, I will get a better girl. She asks the guests about their daughters and asks who will marry my son. She says I will make him marry in mandap today. Kajal says she will marry Neil. They all are shocked.

Minty asks Neil to show the girls their status, else Devyaani will say she refused you and left you alone in mandap, take this and fill her maang. Neil sees Kajal and takes the sindoor. Devyaani looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its a trap and anu going to stuck their…its very bad happening

  2. Bakwaas yeah baas kuch jis tarah app writer chaiye story ko flash back ka naam dee kar dekha deta hoon bullshit ek dum bakwaash I don’t like itt yeah Saab kuch anushka me wajah see hua Saab usko hi galat samajhe gay rajat bhi or inke shaadi bhi tuut sakti hai…kal take toh Mr sareen bhi minty par nazar rakhe hua tha toh abb kya hoo gaya abb safe galti anushka ki hi hoo gaye that’s not fare

    1. Right Sanjeev… Fb ka naam dekar kutch bhi change karlengey…sateen sb kyun kuch nahi bol rahey..yeh taw minty KO zalil karney ka best moqa tha
      Laat maro neil ko devyani ko acha ladka milega.

  3. Waiting for the new jodi of devyaani.

  4. what is dis yaar in dis serial when ever shastri sister marraige episode comes there will be some proble all sister faith oly same……when marraige is going on der will be some twist and dey will stop marraige…..bakwasss….dis 3 sister marraige is not happen in peacefulll….atleast i hope the last sister can get marry peacefully

  5. Aaise hii chalta raha toh piya ka toh kabhi number hi nai aayaga believe me …. Sach kahu toh after anu or rajat marriage is serial ka attraction kum ho gaya hai main shayad iss abb who baat nai rah .

  6. Wat non sense! Wateva devyaani deserves a better guy

  7. I want Devyani and Veer together ♥

    1. Yes monica…. Even i want the same!!! Both Anu n Devyani deserve veer.. Sareen brothers dey suck! Dey jus know to hold der mother’s pallu or bad’s dhoti n stand..

      1. You’re right 🙂
        Anu is already married but Devyani still has a chance to get married with Veer;he’s such a nice guy ♥

  8. Shastri Sisters seems to be lurching from the sublime to the ridiculous. This new Neel-Devyani angle, while welcome on the one hand (an opportunity to showcase SS’s strength) is making us sit through unbearable nonsense thanks to new character, Kajal.) This serial is losing its touch – where is the wit and strong storyline?

  9. Shastri ji ko yeh log pakka maar dengy.devyani and veer are the best inka mizaj b Malta hai

  10. Its dragging on and on and the story line is so boring and so not interesting

  11. loveisthegoal

    this is getting interesting…can’t wait for next epi

  12. Now,its with interesting twists.I am sure kajal will create problems between ANURAJ after neil and her marriage.minty will also create problems.please don’t separate anuraj

  13. yup devyani n veer will b a gud pair….n this blo*dy neil is not a mardh ..

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