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Shastri Sisters 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal acting sweet to Minty. Kajal sees Devyaani and taunts her. Devyaani scolds her. Kajal asks what will she do now, will they complain to Minty about her, they can do it, but nothing will happen without any proof. Devyaani says they can kick her out along with Leela, get ready, when we get to teach lesson to enemies, you can ask anyone what we do, we will break your courage. Minty comes and sees Devyaani. Devyaani leaves. Minty asks Kajal what did she say. Kajal says she was also saying against you. Minty says she needed a daughter like her, who supports her. They leave for the temple.

Anu cooks food. Peeya says why did Alka not come till now. Anu says even I m worried. Peeya says she will call her. Anu asks her not to tell anything to Alka, she will get tensed.

Peeya says fine. Rohan thinks what to do, as Alka is worried because of him. Alka asks him not to take tension. He says we don’t know whats Astha’s plan. She says she has kept fast for him, she will not leave him, she can tell everyone so that they can find the solution. He says no, dad will panic, we have to find solution about this problem. Peeya calls Alka. Alka says Rohan has some work, tell Anu to go in puja. Someone knocks the door and Alka ends the call.

The police comes to them and Astha walks in crying. She looks at Rohan angrily and accuses him for molesting her. Rohan and Alka are shocked. Astha blames Rohan and Alka cries, asking is she not ashamed, we have supported you in your bad time, and she is blaming him. Rohan is stunned. Astha acts good infront of the police and apologizes to Alka. She says she has to open her mouth to clean the society. Rohan cries and says I did not do anything, I m saying the truth, I went to that hotel for interview and she was there, trust me.

Alka says please understand, Astha is lying. The inspector asks Alka not to interfere and arrests Rohan. Alka asks Astha why is she doing this. Astha says I m saying the truth, you know a respect is big thing for a woman. Rohan says he will go with police, he did not do anything wrong, why will he be afraid. Astha wipes her tears. Alka says she will free him soon and cries.

Rajat and Anu come to take the reports. The doctor says Anu’s blood has some strong drug detected. Rajat asks what. The doctor says the drug affects the nervous system, the person gets hyper or in sleeping condition, he does not remember what he did. Rajat says yes. The doctor asks this drug is not got easily. Rajat says we don’t know about it. He asks them to think, how is the drug going in the body, the damage can be permanent if the dose increases. Rajat and Anu are shocked. The doctor asks them to be careful. They leave.

Kajal grinds the tablets and asks Leela to lock the door. Leela asks why is she grinding this, Anu has gone, is she doing this for her. Kajal says can’t you trust me knowing me well. Leela says I know you, so I can’t trust you. Kajal says its for Anu, we have to make her mad by doing this course, if she gets fine, she will make us leave. Leela asks how will she give her. Minty calls Kajal to give puja Prasad and they smile. Rajat and Anu come home.

Devyaani says blood tests proof this drug detection. Rajat says it’s a big thing, it’s a serious crime and get punishment, I don’t know who did this. Anu says Kajal, who else can do this. He asks why will she do this. She says to make me leave house, as she feels I m her big hurdle. He asks what will she get doing this. Anu says don’t know. Devyaani says I will go and show reports to Sareen. Anu says not now, you don’t know Kajal is very clever, we want proof against her, but what?

Alka comes to meet Rohan and the constable blames Rohan and her. Alka defends Rohan and meets him. She cries and says she will free him soon by proving his innocence. Rohan cries. She asks him not to worry, she is with him and will free him soon.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank god u amena u got some time for ss

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  3. Precap: kajal comes and gives prasad to devyani and says it is of pooja devyani says we don’t need it u go kajal says ok I will tell minty that I DonT want it devyani says give it and kajal says gives this prasad only u anu as its for her fast devyani says we got prove against kajal

    1. Awsm precap!! Thnxxx prads

  4. Awsm epi…sad for rohka….but happy for anuraaj !! 🙂

  5. Nice,kajal will b soon exposed

  6. Interesting precap!poor Rohan

  7. Astha & Kajal, both r arrogant. They should be caught n punished soon.

  8. loveisthegoal

    i love how alka trusts rohan so much. yes alka, ur right, truth always comes out eventually. so kajal and aastha, get ready

  9. No I don’t think they will be able to get proof something might go wrong don’t want anything to go wrong but you know

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  16. kajal antecedent will reveal with bang bang from tommarrow. minty gets shocked and her trust will fall.

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  20. A loud clap of thunder broke the steady rhythm of falling rain. The wind picked up in a mighty gust taking the raging storm to a new level. The electricity had gone off a little while ago and the house was still in darkness as the lonely girl in a fluffy white dressing gown fumbled around for matches and a candle.

    She had been alone at home when the storm began around half past six in the evening. Her family, namely her Father , her married older sister and brother-in-law had all gone to meet the family of a prospective groom for her . As was the custom in arranged marriages, she was not to meet the groom at this initial stage. Instead her photograph, horoscope and CV were taken along.

    Just as the skies were giving way to another round of thunder and lightning, she found the matches ,lit the candle and placed it in the candle holder. Just then , there was a soft knock on the door and fear snaked across the girl’s face. The soft knock had the effect which all the thunder and lightning did not. Who could it be? Her Father had called sometime back and let her know that he had to stay at her sister’s in-laws’ place for the night as the storm was preventing him from coming home. He had been very concerned for her and asked her to lock up, keep her mobile phone nearby and to not venture out under any circumstances. She had assured him that she would be fine , she was twenty three years old and not three.

    Then who could this be? She looked at the clock . It was nearly midnight.Her mind immediately darted to various possibilities. Could it be that Father had come home after all? No that was not possible. He had already said he wouldn’t come. Besides, he had a key. Could it be Minty Aunty or Sareen Uncle from downstairs? No, they had gone to visit Minty aunty’s best friend whose cosmetic surgery had gone horribly wrong .They were possibly stuck in the storm too. Then who could this be?

    There was another knock accompanied by a clear male voice.

    ” Hello, Anybody in?”

    The candle light must be clearly visible from the front window. Whoever it is knows someone is here , thought the girl. Slowly, she made her way to the door, slid the safety chain into it’s slot and deliberated whether to open the door or not. What if it was a thug, a crook , some criminal? On the other hand, what if it was some decent person stuck in the storm or injured, perhaps? One hand on the door, another hand carrying the candle holder, she was still thinking, when the voice said: ” Mr Shastri? ”

    Ever so slowly, she opened the door a crack at first and then slowly a little bit more -enough to see the person outside. In the shivering light of the candle and against a fluctuating background of lightning and darkness, she saw a tall man, a rain drenched face ,a dominant nose and a pair of very dark eyes. For a moment the man just looked at her and then said: “Anushka Shastri? I am Rajat Sareen, can I come in?”

    Even as he spoke , there was another spell of thunder, the wind took a fanciful turn and blew out the candle.

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    Shastri sisters is a story of 4 sisters alka shastri(neha padnekar),anushka shastri(ishita ganguly),devyani shastri(sonal vengurlekar) and piya shastri(pragati chourasiya).The 4 sisters move frm kanpur to delhi after their father narayan shastri’s transfer.Although alka is the 1st sister,anushka is like a mother to themThey lives in their father’s friend sareen’s house.Eventually,minty sareen’s wife hates shastri sisters.
    They have 2 sons: rajat sareen(shown after some days) and neel sareen.

    Alka has an affair to rajeev in kanpur.But due to her father’ wishes,she marries rohan.After their marriage she started her feelings towards him.They love each otherBut astha,rohan’s brother’s wife hates astha and tries to remove alka frm their house.Initially neel hates shastri sisters,but after that he starts his friend ship with devyaani.He loves her.But for devyaani,he’s just friend.

    Then its the heroic entry of rajat sareen,who is an air force officer.Devyaani starts falling for him.But after the college trip,rajat understands that he loves anushka.Rajat falls for anushka.After many days,anushka also loves rajat.Devyaani starts doubting on anu.Neel proposes to devyaani,rejects saying that she loves someone else.So neel does suicide by falling frm the hill.However minty and the people there rescues him.So minty want to take revenge frm devyaani.she plans something for trapping devyaani

    Rajat and anu tried to propose,but because of his work,he ha to go to some place.Rajat said this abt this to sareen that he loves the girl standing in terace in the blue dress.Anu devyaani both were wearing a blue dress.After rajat goes,minty says to sareen that we will make rajat and devyaani marry.

    Anu breaks down that she thinks rajat loves devyaaniAt the same time rajat was happy that he’s going to marry anu.on the engagement dayt knows devyaani is the bride.For anu,he put ring on devyaani’s hand.Both anuraj were suffering frm the pain of love.

    Devyaani break downs her marriage after she knows anu and rajat loves each other.But anu refuses to marry rajat.Karishma enters as the vamp after that.she loves rajat,but for making anu jeolous,rajat keeps his marriage,.Karishma is rohan’s relative.She and astha plans to separate anuraj.Karishma stoles a highly confidential cd of rajat’s air force academy and put the cd on anu’s room.The police finds the cd and arrests rajat.

    Rajat’s trust on anu breaks.When they bot were to prpose each other,rajat gets arrested.Karishma feels sad and get rajat released by her father’s powers.Eventually karishma and rajat’s marriage get fixed.On that day,anu came as a bride.Anu and rajat do all the rituals of marriage.But before rajat filling sindhoor and put mangalsutra,on anu,karishma tries to suicide.

    Karishma’s evil plans were exposed to all after some months.Anu goes frm rajat’s house after proving karishma’s evilness.At the same time devyaani and neel fall in love each other.But anu’s father not interested in giving anu to rajat.He fixes her marriage with veer.But on the marriage day,veer refuses,and anu and rajat marries happily.

    Now devyaani and neel’s matter is revealed to all.The family wanted them to get married,but minty hates devyaani and makes neel against of devyaani.on the marriage day,devyaani refuse to marry neel as he is not interested and he changed a lot.On the day,neel marries kajal(next vamp).

    Neel is not interested in kajal and started his real feelings to devyaani.After devyaani’s face trouble she is only interested in her fashion designing works.Kajal hates anu and makes anu to get out of sareen ‘s house.Really she is pregnant frm some other person named ajay.However anu finds this.So kajal is now adding drugs in anu’s food and make her angry.
    Rajat and anu finds the drugs in the episode and they both and devyaani is trying to prove kajal did this and her cheap plans.

    Guys this is a long summary of shastri sisters by me

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