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Shastri Sisters 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal callig lawyer and asking him to make papers to get this house back to Minty’s name. Leela asks why to get more greedy, we have this house already. Kajal asks her not to worry, greed is good, and Minty will be doing all the work. Minty comes and asks her to have food. Kajal says she made the papers, that if anything happens to Anu, I will get all the papers, not you. Minty asks why this clause. Kajal asks her to think how to get Anu’s sign. Minty thinks does she wish to do anything with Anu, its all fake, why to worry, nothing wil happen to Anu.

Rohan and Astha’s case is going to get verdict today. The man says donlt know why Rohan’s wife told against him, maybe its revenge. Alka and Anu hear them. Alka thanks her for coming. Anu says I have come to support

you. The judge comes and says the court has decided that Rohan should be punished for molesting Astha, he is termed for one year in jail. They all get shocked. Astha smiles.

The judge says he has seen that Rohan did this at home, not at hotel room, Astha has given wrong proof, and punishes Astha to be in Vridh ashram and serve people for 3 months. Rohan asks Vrinda to take care. Alka cries. Rohan signs her not to talk to her. He says why is she crying for a stranger. He gets angry on her for her wrong statement, and asks her not to meet him in jail, and when he gets free, he will not come to meet her. He is arrested and taken away. Alka cries and Anu hugs her.

Anu brings Alka to her inlaws, and Vrinda throws her bags out. She asks Alka to go and is angry as Alka went against Rohan. She says she wants to say she paid money for her left over things, buy new, but don’t come here again, she has died for them. She shuts the door. Alka is shocked. Alka and Anu request her to open the door and cry. Anu asks Alka to calm down. Alka says she loved Rohan and now she is responsible for his pain. She asks what to do that Rohan forgives me. She says Astha… I will go to her.

Anu says calm down, this is not your problem, its mine too, we will think of something together, come home please. She takes her and leaves from there. Anu comes Sareen house and Minty asks what happened. Anu says Rohan got punished, Rohan and Vrinda are blaming Alka, Astha’s lawyer made Alka say what he wanted. Minty says lawyers are like Kajal, they know to make things in their favor, where is Alka. Anu says she is upstairs, Vrinda did not let her come home, Devyaani is taking care of her, I feel sad about her, is everything fine at home, did Kajal do anything.

Minty says Kajal made the papers with clause changed, that if anything happens to you, she will get the property, why did she do this. Anu says she will not kill me. Minty says don’t say this and cries. She says I don’t want anything instead you, I just want you and this house’s happiness. Anu says I wanted this happiness, I did not know I will get happiness in these problems, that you worry and care for me, I m sure that nothing will happen to me, as I have your blessings. He says see how I take revenge from Kajal. Sareen comes there and looks at them.

He hears everything and says you both lied to me, you took plan ahead when I refused, I m not a fool, I will not agree to Minty now, stop this plan here, else I will tell Kajal. Anu asks Minty not to take tension, she will convince Sareen.

Anu apologizes to Sareen and convinces him, that we should fight against injustice. She says Minty will take Kajal’s sign today and this house will be on her name, and then Minty will call Kajal at farmhouse tomorrow, we took it on rent. Sareen gets angry. Anu explains her plan that she will not sign on the papers, then she will do… He says I know she is dangerous, she can harm you. Anu says this is what I want. He says she got mad.

Anu says I want to expose Kajal infront of Guggal. He holds her head and asks why did she call Guggal there. Anu asks him to support them. He agrees by their emotional blackmail and they get happy. He says Shastri converted Sareen, I m not so weak, I m more weak. Minty laughs. He says I melted before. He asks them to do anything. They smile and join hands, that they will expose Kajal and teach her a lesson. He hugs them.

Anu runs to save her life and stands at the end of the cliff. Kajal aims fun at her. Anu pushes her and tries to run. Kajal pushes Anu down the cliff. Rajat asks Anu to give her hand and tries to hold. Anu’s hand slips.

Update Credit to: Amena

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