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The Episode starts with Rajat and Veer talking about their loves. Rajat says there is no one like the girl he loves. Veer says even my choice was with someone one, then she chose me. They talk about Anu recalling her. Anu comes there. Veer says finally, she is here and asks Anu to come. Veer says this is my love Anushka. Rajat and Anu are shocked seeing each other. Rajat says Anushka…. Veer asks do you know each other. Rajat says ofcourse. Anu gets tensed. Rajat smiles and asks is he saying wrong. He says we …… He says we are neighbors. Veer says its many coincidences, it means Anushka and I are made for each other. Anu says I will go washroom and come.

Rajat says Veer you were right, she is just like my one. Veer says but she is mine, be careful. He asks him about Anu, he can impress

her by knowing about her, she does not talk to me, do you like our chemistry, should we be together. Anu comes back and joins them. Veer says Rajat was saying I m lucky that you came in my life, I hope you are comfortable in Rajat’s presence. Anu says shall we order food, I can’t stay here for long. She thinks she wanted to tell Veer about her past, but now it won’t be good, Veer and Rajat are good friends, I can’t spoil their friendship, I m sure Rajat is also thinking this.

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Devyaani makes coffee for Neil and he dislikes it a lot. He still drinks it and shows the web designs for her website of giving style tips. She says I did not know you are so talented. He says you never tried to know me. He takes her pics with style tips and accessories. She smiles and looks at him with love. Music plays………………. Shastri ji calls Devyaani. She says Papa….. and worries. She says if dad sees us here, it will be problem. Neil says relax, I will do something. She hides and Neil tells Shastri ji that Devyaani is not here. She thanks him.

He asks why is she nervous, uncle knows we are good friends. She says no, Papa knows you are Minty’s son. Neil pacifies her in good way and she smiles. Alka messages Rohan asking when will he come. He replies that he can come now itself if she calls. She writes finish your work and come, I will keep your surprise. Hari and Vrinda come and like the Gajar Ka halwa preparations. Astha comes and scolds Alka for using costly dry fruits for Rohan. Alka says its for everyone. Astha says you should have asked me first, Sunil works so hard and this comes home, you feel its easy to make.

Alka asks does Rohan not work. Astha calls him labor and taunts her. Hari and Vrinda get angry. Hari thinks Astha is right, as all this is because of her. He leaves. Vrinda says for me, both my sons and bahus are equal. Astha says bahus can be equal if they bring same things from home. She leaves. Alka feels bad and switches off the gas. Vrinda asks what happened, make the halwa. Alka cries and leaves. She thinks if Astha tells anything against Rohan, I won’t be quiet.

Veer asks Anu to say if she does not want to marry him. Anu asks what. Veer says he feels this by her behavior. Rajat looks on. Veer says he understands all this, tell me Anu do you want to marry me. He starts laughing and says I was joking. She says I will go now, dad is waiting. Her dupatta stucks. Rajat tries to help and Veer helps her. She looks at Rajat and thanks Veer. Veer says I m coming along to thank uncle. He greets Minty and Sareen. Minty sees Anu and asks you all three together. Veer says Rajat was till here, but out togetherness is long, right Anushka, marriage is for seven births. Minty asks what. Veer says our relation is fixed, we will be getting married soon. They are shocked.

Anu sees Rajat and asks him to go, as anyone can see him. Veer comes to meet her. Rajat asks her did she say yes to Veer by her happiness, and holds her close. Veer comes and is shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Come on yaar.. What is happening.That man shastriji he is dumping his thoughts and decisions on his daughters. And veer he is not ready to listen Anu’s word. Waitin for a good solution between anu and rajath problem. <3 :'(

  2. I guess now veer is gonna help anu n rajat without their knowledge. But feeling sad for veer also 🙁 everything bcoz of shastriji emotional blackmailing and minty”s foolishness

  3. Really good so far hate rajat let veer and anu be together hes right jelous no affence but still like rajat.

  4. Only and only anuraj iske bina aur kuch nahien

  5. Veer come on yar say anu to marry again B-)

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