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Shastri Sisters 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu and Alka following Rajat to some place. They see the car parked and try to see where did he go. Anu asys how did he disappear. They look around. They see the jungle and some cottage there. Alka says is Rajat here. Sameer meets Rajat and tells about Anu, she is alive and living secret life, hiding from family, tell me the password, else I will kill Anu, if I tell her the truth, she will die, as I m Rajat for her, tell me. He scares him. Rajat asks him to do anything, he can’t say the password. Sameer slaps him. He asks the goon to give water to Rajat when he gets conscious. The goon says bomb is being fixed at next place.

Sameer asks him to keep an eye on Rajat, he will come later. Anu says we have to go inside the cottage. Alka asks but how? They hide seeing

Sameer with the goon. Sameer leaves. Anu asks Alka to go behind Sameer, till then she will see inside the cottage, she explained Devyaani what to do ahead. Alka says fine and goes. Anu goes inside the cottage.

Devyaani is worried as Anu and Alka are not taking call, and thinks to tell Minty the truth. She goes to Minty. Minty says she is making Rajma for Rajat, and wants Rajat and Neil to like it. Devyaani says she wants to tell imp thing about Rajat. Minty asks what did he do. Devyaani says the Rajat staying with us right now is not Rajat. Minty asks what. Shastri ji and Sareen hear this and ask what. Neil joins them. Devyaani tells them everything about fake Rajat. Neil says how can this happen, same look alikes. Devyaani says I did not believe, but this is the truth.

Minty says he fooled me also, a mum failed to identify her son, how could I. She says I always said Rajat looks different, our Rajat is not like this. I wish we all listened to our hearts. Devyaani says Anu has gone to find this. They are shocked. Minty says what, Anu is alive.

Anu goes inside the cottage and sees the goons seeing the news. She goes to beat him and looks for Rajat. Sameer is going back to his car. Alka follows him. Anu falls down and the goon hears the sound. She gets tensed and hides being hurt and controlling her scream. Sameer leaves and Alka follows him in the auto. He parks the car somewhere and Alka goes to the car. Sameer asks is she finding him and aims gun at him. Anu goes to find Rajat and the goon aims gun at her. Anu and Alka are tensed.

Sareen slaps Rajat/Sameer when he comes after running from Sameer’s clutches. Sareen asks inspector to take him. Devyaani asks where is Anu. Anu and Alka come home with Rajat/Sameer, both in same state and clothes. The family gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The precap is NOT clear yaarrr!!!! Can anyone plz explain me??
    Who comes home after releasing from whom??? N whom do alka n devyani bring home????????

  2. Anu i have gone there,come

  3. Actually Precap was first sameer or rajat will come and meeting sareen family Mr sareen will slap him and tell police to arrest him
    He will tell he is there rajat so devyani will ask him where about alka and anu who came to search him if he is rajat
    Then anu will come with rajat or sameer and tell he is rajat
    Both will be injured in same way and with same clothes family will be shocked see two members in same way

  4. Super then what gonna happen …… Who is real rajat … Will they …. Find ????

  5. Terrible show***

  6. ask one to take lenses off n u will see sameer if they hve green eyes

  7. it’s good that rajat is back

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