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Shastri Sisters 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sareen and Rajat making Neil ready. Minty thinks to go and execute her plans. Kajal offers help to Shastri ji. Sareen says she is sweet like our daughters. Kajal tastes the dishes and asks the man to make it more better, as everyone should know its Sareen’s son’s marriage. Sareen says I could not think anyone good can come from Minty’s side. Minty waits for Rajat to come out, then she can tell Neil, the duplicate can come and she can fail to inform Neil. Anu keeps an eye on Minty.

Rajat makes Neil ready and says you are looking a man, you are lucky to marry Devyaani and even she is lucky. He asks him to rectify his mistake and win Devyaani’s love and trust back. Anu comes and sees Neil tensed. She thinks there is something fishy and asks Rajat to come and talk

to her. Rajat goes with her and asks what happened. Sareen comes and asks Rajat to get sweets. Anu asks him to do the work, she will talk later. Rajat goes.

Alka asks Rohan to come soon. Astha comes crying and asks Alka and Rohan to come back home, and folds hands to request, I will not do anything, I swear on my parents. Alka says please, don’t swear false on your parents. Alka says she will not trust her, Minty called her and she can go to her. Astha holds her leg. Rohan comes and Astha asks Rohan to forgive her and come back home. Rohan says no, you kicked us out, please go. He asks Alka to get Devyaani and goes. Astha worries.

Rajat gets the sweets and Minty worries. She calls the man and the man says he reached, he wants his last payment. She says if her work is not done, she will take money back. He says the guy is ready. She asks how can she get money now. He says I will leave then, and take the duplicate groom too. She says no, wait, I m coming. Anu is busy seeing food arrangements. Minty sees her and goes to her room to get money.

Sareen comes and she gets tensed. He asks why is she taking money. Minty says for shooing bad sight. Sareen says you mean to take off bad sight, its good idea. He leaves. She goes to the man and gives him money. She asks the man not to get the guy inside the house, till she says. She sends him. Shastri ji welcomes the guests. Anu looks for Minty and sees her happily welcoming guests. She thinks where did she go and from where is she coming now. Kajal says her dress is torn, and Anu asks her to take any dress from her room. Kajal asks her to come along. Anu says fine and takes her.

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Minty goes to Neil and asks him to get ready to leave. He says this marriage…. She says don’t ask anything, just go and calls the man to get that guy inside. Kajal likes all dresses. Anu says she has much work, and goes asking her to wear anything. Minty asks Neil to give his sehra to that guy. The guy wears the sehra. Anu walks to see Minty. Minty asks Neil to go soon from the window and no one should see him, she will manage everything. Neil hugs her. He worries and says if dad knows this… She says she can bear anything, if this can save his life. Neil leaves.

Minty opens the door and sees Anu. She says come Neil, we are getting late. Anu says stop Neil. Minty asks why. Anu smiles and says I have to out kajal in Neil’s eyes, and asks Neil to lift sehra. Minty gets tensed and says her traditions is to put kajal behind ears. Anu says no, I will apply in eyes. Sareen comes and says what are they doing, Devyaani is waiting. Minty takes the guy. Anu sees the chair near window and says why is it there. She looks outside and sees the man, and recalls seeing him with Minty.

She goes to talk to that man. The man runs seeing her and she runs after him. The guy sits in the mandap and Devyaani comes. She sits beside him. Shastri ji asks Rajat for Anu. Rajat says no, you know her, she will be busy in work. Minty wishes the marriage happens soon. Anu catches the man and beats him, asking who is he and why did he take money from Minty. She says she will call police, its her sister’s marriage, she will not leave him. He says I will tell everything. Rajat says Anu is not here.

Minty thinks did Anu come to know about my plan, did she get that man. The man tells Anu everything. She is stunned and asks him to come with her. He pushes her and runs away. Shastri ji is called for ghatbandhan. He goes and does the ghat bandhan. Anu comes and asks him to stop. She walks inside and Minty gets tensed. She says this marriage can’t happen. They all get shocked.

Anu says the guy is mandap is not Neil, someone else. Sareen asks her to remove sehra. Minty says no and gets tensed. Anu goes and removes sehra. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sanjeev

    Acha hai neil jaise dog or minty jaise BITECH ko kajal jaise hi ladki hi diserve karte hai won unsabka jeena haram kar dega tabhi unko pata chalaga ..I wish aide hi hooo

  2. hello xD

    But why will kajal and neil get married? Who will tell that kajal should marry to neil? And he also don’t want to marry in his age. Can anyone tell me? I don’t get it all. I am from Germany xD

  3. Dumi

    I think this bladdy minty will say Neil loves kajal and that’s why he ran away so devyani will think its true and will ask neil to marry kajal

  4. @¥$MÛCHEND

    Everything is good for shastri sisters cause title is shastri sisters. You should know about this.

  5. xxxxxx

    What’s going on?If neil marries kajal what will happen to devyaani?This serial is now with great twists

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