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The Episode starts with Minty asking Anu to leave. She says she can’t live in fear in her home. Anu says I was just lighting diya, I forgot everything what happened between us. Minty says she will kick her out. Anu says let Rajat come. Minty says should I wait that you try to kill me again, when my son hears this, he will also kick you out, get lost. She throws Anu outside the door and she falls on Rajat. Rajat holds her and is stunned. Kajal and Leela get tensed seeing him. Anu cries and Rajat looks at Minty. He asks whats happening, why is she behaving like this with Anu. Minty is stunned and says yes, I will tell you. She says I was being angry on her, she did small mistake, she tried to kill me.

Anu signs no. Rajat asks what are you saying, think well before blaming, Anu can never do

this, will she try to kill you. Minty says not once, but many times. She says she has burnt my hand and made me fall, then tried to kill me. Rajat looks at Anu. Minty says you know you will not believe me, you lost trust on me the day you loved Anu, but your dad can’t be a liar, ask him once, am I saying the truth or lying. Sareen says I don’t know whats happening, Anu is my daughter and I love her, but Minty is saying the truth this time. Kajal smiles.

Sareen says why did Anu do this, I don’t understand her motive. Rajat says I don’t know you are sure or unsure, I can’t believe that Anu can try to kill mum. Minty says but… Rajat says whatever you say and whatever proof you give, I can’t believe this. He says this is my trust on my wife. Minty asks about his trust on his dad and mum. Sareen gets sad that Rajat did not believe him. Minty tells him that he was proud of Rajat and see Rajat has made him stranger in a moment. Sareen asks Rajat to trust him, and understand.

Rajat asks what should I understand, you think well and understand. Minty says fine, Anu can’t stay in this house. Rajat says Anu will stay here only. They are shocked. Rajat says even if anyone likes or dislikes, I don’t care, she is my wife. Anu says I don’t think I should stay here. Rajat looks at her. Anu says this is a big blame, its not a small thing. She says Minty and Sareen are saying this, where there is no trust, how can I stay. Rajat says it does not matter to me. Anu says it matters to me, family is the one where trust, respect and love exists. Rajat says fine, I will come with you. They leave.

Sareen gets sad and recalls the changes in Anu. Neil comes and finds him worried. Neil asks is he thinking the same. Sareen says I can’ t believe all this, Anu can’t do this. Neil says yes, Anu talks on face and they used to fight, but she can’t attack Minty. She will not deny things. Sareen says Anu is smart, not clever, she is not fake, she can’t do this, its someone clever person. Neil wishes the problem to get solved and Anu should not be related to it. Devyaani says of Anu did not hurt Minty, then who did this, there has to be happen who is doing it there. Rajat and Anu think.

Devyaani says we have to think something. Rajat says Anu was leaving home alone, she did not think about me, or did she not trust that I will support her. Anu cries and says I lost trust on myself, what I say and do, I don’t remember, did I really attack Minty. She holds her head and says she does not remember anything, if everyone said, maybe she would have not doubt on herself, but Sareen has said the same, she is wrong somewhere, she did something wrong that’s why this is happening. Rajat says I can’t believe you are wrong. He says the one who doubted on you is proved wrong, this happened always, maybe its all false and dad is mistaken. Anu says who will do all this against me.

Kajal says how will Anu prove that we did this. Leela and Kajal laugh. Devyaani sees Anu tensed and asks her why did she stop her taking Kajal’s name infront of Rajat. Anu says I also feel this, but I m afraid, that if I say anything without proof, Kajal will prove me wrong. Devyaani says Rajat and I are with you, recall well what happened. Anu says I tried and did not recall anything. Devyaani asks her to think well. Anu forces her mind and gets head ache. She says I don’t remember anything.

Rajat hears her. Anu says I get headache when I recall things. Rajat comes and asks her not to recall anything. Anu says how will we know what happened. Rajat says we will see later, I don’t want to hurt yourself. Anu asks am I going mad. He asks whats there to get mad, you are taking over tension. She says no, I have been in stress, But I did not get such problems before, there is something. He says you said your reports are normal. Devyaani says maybe reports are wrong. He says fine, we will get tests done in better lab, don’t take tension, I m with you, I feel I failed as a husband. Anu says no, you are my hope, I feel everything will be fine, don’t fail me saying so. He asks her not to worry. Devyaani says she will go office and leaves. Anu hugs Rajat. Kajal and Leela talk. Kajal asks Leela not to talk loudly, they still have to make their plans work, to take this house. They laugh.

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  1. Y no precap

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      1. My pleasure

  2. Preca: rajat n anu go to hospital and they get to kno that there is drug in anus body if it spreads it it can be permanent they should check anus food

  3. Wooooowwwww!!! M going maad!! In love aid anuraj!!!! Sooo sweetttt epiisodde!!!

  4. They should all find out about kajal’s and leelas true colours quickly cuz to be honest it’s dragging a bit too much now. Right??

    1. I also think So they r dragging

    2. But the dragging will end soon

  5. Yeh true it is dragging to long

  6. varsha menon

    wow waiting for tmrw’s episode .precap is there y r u not showing it.rajat u r really gr8.

  7. Nice episode!nd wat happened to Alka nd Rohan I think tat Astha will file a fake complaint against Rohan

  8. After many days,seeing a mind blowing episode

  9. Precap is also nice

  10. Now I think d dragging has come 2 an end…. Waiting for 2day’s episode from last 2 weeks….. Now this show is getting interesting….

    1. Yeah agree with u.Prads and anu?

      1. Sorry athu…was very busy today.. 🙁

      2. There were 2 projects to complete!!!!

  11. nice episode, truth is god and next week truth will come out.

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