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Shastri Sisters 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka saying yes to marry Veer. Shastri ji explains her to meet Veer and ten know him well, he did not send her to Sareen house for her good. She says she likes Veer as he likes him. She says she trusts his decision and wants to live her life like childhood, by following his decisions. He is proud of her. She leaves. She recalls Rajat and cries. Rajat comes in his room and recalls Anu’s words. He gets angry. He ruins the room. He beats the punching bag. Anu and Rajat cry thinking about each other. Saajna……………..plays……………Rajat shouts why me……………

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Devyaani is worried for Anu. Neil comes

to her and asks why is she standing alone. Devyaani says I m angry, I know Anu loves Rajat and she is ready to marry Veer. Neil pacifies her and says he also feels bad for Rajat, if we take tension, there is no use, focus on some hobby or learn anything from me. She asks what. He says come with me, and takes her to his room. She is surprised seeing it. He says if I m tensed, I come here, you do anything you like when you are in tension. She says now I can’t have, as it will affect my beauty, and I like to look beautiful.

He says he will make a website for her, and she can give people styling tips and charge people for it. She says she does not know to make website. He says I know. She says I think I don’t know many things about you, lets work together, it will be fun. He smiles and they hold hands saying partners. Astha gets her friends at home, and asks Alka to get tea. She thinks to show her place very soon. Astha says the saleman will come and show the items. She calls Rohan and scolds him.

She asks Rohan to show the items. Alka is shocked seeing Rohan. Astha humiliates Rohan and Alka by using them as servants.

Astha says she will complain to Sunil and he can lose his job too. Rohan explains well. Astha scolds him. Her friend says he is working good, and she wants to hire him. Alka says sorry, he is not salesman, he is the younger son of this house, Rohan, Sunil’s brother and Astha’s brother in law. Her friends scold Asthha calling her cheap. They apologize to Rohan as they did not have any idea about this. Shastri ji tells Kirti that Anu said yes. She smiles and says Veer will be glad knowing this. She says she will talk to pandit ji and fix engagement. She gives good news to Veer and hugs him.

He calls Anu and says smart girl, as she decided to marry him, so she is smart, and asks her to come for dinner. She says so soon, it will look odd. He says fine, I will ask after 30mins. She says I have office work and I don’t go anywhere without asking dad. Veer calls Shastri ji and asks his permission for taking Anu to dinner. Shastri ji says fine, you can take her, I will ask her. Veer says order her to go with me. Shastri ji smiles and tells Anu about Veer’s call, he was sounding happy and wants to have dinner with you. She says yes, even I got his call.

He asks her to go for dinner for his sake. Veer calls Anu and says sorry, I called uncle because of you, I will get some friend along if you feel awkward. She says fine. He then calls Rajat inviting him for dinner. Rajat refuses. Veer says I called my fiancée and she is feeling awkward. He insists and Rajat agrees.

Veer and Rajat have a talk about Anu. Anu comes there to meet Veer. Veer says this is my love Anushka. Rajat is shocked seeing her. Veer asks do you both know eachh other. Rajat says ofcourse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This should not be happened. I think Rajath going to say I dont know this girl. Tomorrow episode going to be very intresting. Im waiting.

  2. ohhh God!!! very teresting precap

  3. God sometimes I feel like knocking anushka into her senses ….there something called “my” life y the hell is she forgetting it ….and shastriji god he’s impossible he has 4daughters and still doesn’t understand their likes and dislikes

  4. oh ho veer ur saying anu is ur love bt anu is rajat wife sad husband wife and her fianace very interesting.

  5. Agree with u . seriously I wana punch anu .even shastriji emotionally blackmailing her. Feeling sad both for veer and Rajat. Anyways waiting for tom episode. Very interesting

  6. i used to love dis serial… but now! i havnt watched it since last week…. 🙁 i am really dissapointed with d writers… yeh sab bhi typical stories ki tarah hta ja rha h…. DER’S NOT A THING NEW TO B SEEN

  7. In this even veer is getting into trouble yaar

  8. i like vir yaar…………

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