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The Episode starts with Sameer talking to his goon, that Anu is lucky and strong, she stayed with mad doctor and is saved, and now hiding in her own house, before anyone knows, we have to kill her and also the one who knows about her. He says it means her sister. He says yes, we have to kill them, and after mission ends, we will kill Rajat and his family, be careful of Rajat. Alka comes to Devyaani and says she has to tell some truth to her. She asks Mony to come and reveals her face. Anu lifts her saree ghunghat and Devyaani gets shocked seeing Anu alive. Devyaani hugs her and asks her why did she not come infront of her, she wanted to see how much they are missing her.

She asks whats this drama, you were here and did not tell us. Anu says calm down, I want to tell something imp. She says

they all have a big danger on them. Devyaani asks what. Anu tells her everything. Sameer comes home and Shastri ji stops him, asking from where is he coming. Sameer says from office. Shastri ji says don’t feel bad, I have to ask something. He says he spotted him in market and called him, but he went, then he said on phone that he is in office. Sameer says I m on secret mission and I could not say my location, which could risk you too, that’s all, I have some work and goes.

Devyaani is shocked and asks who is this man, whom did I marry, with whom am I staying. Sameer walks to the room. Anu says I did not how to tell you, he is the man who tried to kill me, and he can do anything to you. Devyaani asks did he make you fall from cliff and cries. She asks where is Rajat, is he fine, alive? Anu says I don’t know, maybe Sameer caught him and locked him somewhere, if anything happens to Rajat… Devyaani says nothing will happen.

Anu says I know my sisters are with me now, they will fight and win over Sameer, they have to know what he wants. Sameer comes there and Devyaani turns. She is alone and asks how did he come so soon today. He asks her what happened, what is she hiding. She gets tensed, as Alka and Anu are hiding in her room. She says nothing, and says she will get his night dress. She stops him and sends him to change. He goes and she sends Alka and Anu out.

Rohan tells Vrinda that he is not ready to marry again. Vrinda asks what happened after Alka came, do you still love her, she did not care for him, you think she is right? She explains him and asks him to think again. He says no girl can become Alka. She leaves. He sees Alka’s pic and recalls their marriage. He gets sad and sees her number in his phone.

Minty asks Mony to make more food and give in Gurudwara. She asks her not to go anywhere. Devyaani asks Anu the plan. Anu says find out Sameer’s motives and Rajat’s location, I think Sameer has kept Rajat somewhere, we should follow him. Devyaani says we lost you once, I will not send you alone. Anu says you are talking like Alka, I will go with Alka, I have to make food, keep Sameer busy. Devyaani stops Sameer and asks him to drop her to market. He says he has urgent work. She says she will get ready soon. He says my mission…

Minty asks what mission, make me talk to your seniors, I feel you are not valuing them, you don’t see family. He says he will send Devyaani to market, fine. He asks Devyaani to get ready. Minty asks him whats his mission, you never did this before, you balanced home and office, now you run seeing us, you don’t sit to talk with us, and Devyaani is always sad, this can’t be my Rajat, who are you. He says sorry, once my work ends, you will get your old Rajat. She says I hope so.

Devyaani talks to Alka and says she will make Sameer late by some reason and asks Sameer to help him in choosing the dress. He makes him wait and calls Alka. She says Sameer has gone, I tried hard, but he went. Alka says don’t worry, I m waiting outside for him. Devyaani wishes her all the best. She prays Lord to help them in fighting with Sameer.

Alka follows Sameer to that bungalow. Sameer sees her and aims gun at her. He asks is she finding him? She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yehhhh!!! At last devyani got to the truth!!!!!! But………….my anuraj…..??
    Please unite them soon!!!
    N devneel also……..u were to show us their union but instead u showed us this track………..?

    N yes, plz don’t end shastri sisters….there r still sum who really love it n wanna watch it…

  2. Waiting for anuraj union and anu do u forget ur athu?

  3. yo
    it was nice

  4. Hope anuraj unites soon!!
    Athu…….u don’t know wat I have passed through after u went….,.

  5. N devyani shud return to neel……….I really feel bad for neel……..
    Athu,everyday I remember u sis…….forgetting u is impossible for me yarrr?

  6. N that sameer is really disgusting……. I juz can’t see him in front of anushka……..hope rajat gets freed soon…….

    N u know athu……it has been 3 weeks since I have not talked wid prads …..n even my liya sweetie…we all used to remember u everyday…..,.n wish that u cum soon…..?

  7. Anu take an account in india forums by regestering in to it.Then we can speak there.Or come to desi tv box of ss.Please

  8. Btw…. Y r u people not showing peeya???? Even she is a part of the show……….u shud give her also sum parts….

    Athu sis……….I have so much to talk to u yaarrr…..actually I have seen ur comments yesterday also…..but I didn’t understand how I shud talk to u……..coz tu has banned talking here…..athu, r u there in g+ now???

  9. Anu??????????come to india forums
    Shastrii sisters

  10. Athu I m coming to desi TV box….shastri sisters ..OK?

  11. Ok come anu to dtb.I am not in g+

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