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Shastri Sisters 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty and Nikki being shocked to see Neil standing behind them. He is drunk and says I know what you both are talking, how to give pain to Devyaani, right. He walks inside the home and says I m a loser, its not Devyaani’s mistake. Minty says did you drink again. Neil says yes. Minty hugs her and cries. Nikki says its not time to get weak. They try taking him. Neil says he wants to be with mum, and he is having head ache. Minty says she is doing all this for him. Sareen comes there and is angry seeing Neil drunk. Neil falls on him. Minty and Nikki get tensed. Sareen asks what happened, are you fine, and hugs Neil. Neil cries.

Minty says you did not scold him. Sareen says I m his father, I know he is drunk being sad, and asks who has beaten him, tell me, I will

beat that guy, is result not come good, leave studies, come and sit on my shop, is there any girl matter. He asks do you have any GF, tell me, I will get that girl here. Neil hugs him crying. Nikki says he is not in condition to talk, I will take him to room, talk to him in morning. She takes Neil. Minty says I will come. Sareen asks Minty what happened to him, I won’t do Rajat’s engagement in his this state. Neil hears it and says engagement of Bhai. He smiles and says no one told me, why, who is my Bhabhi.

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Nikki says you heard it wrong. Neil says no, tell me, who is my Bhabhi, tell dad. Minty asks Sareen to not make another soon to this state, the engagement will happen. They take Neil. Devyaani comes and says I got this clothes from terrace. She keeps it. Sareen thanks her and asks her to go and sleep. She says yes and goes. Neil asks Minty about Rajat’s engagement, who is the girl. Nikki says Devyaani. Neil is shocked. Minty says listen to me. Neil says don’t say anything, just go. Minty says she can explain. Neil says please leave me alone and pushes them out.

He shuts the door. Minty says whats all this, I don’t want revenge now. Neil cries thinking about Rajat and Devyaani. He sees Rajat’s pic and says you have always been good, and would have got anyone, why did you take my Devyaani from me by lying, I asked you and you lied to me. He says mum knew everything and did not think about me, she agreed to this proposal, I was ready to die for Devyaani, why did you save me. He ruins his room. He says to make my life painful than death. He breaks down.

Devyaani comes to meet him, and talks to him. She says she can’t be happy seeing him sad. He says you are charming and good looking, you can get any girl, why did you love me, I m so bad and always fought with you. She says please try to move on, I will help you. She says she will find a good girl for him, of his standard, but please forget this love. She asks can we be friends again. She walks to him and gives her hand. He says get out and asks her to agree to atleast this. She leaves.

Sareen talks to Minty about Neil. He says Neil won’t tell me, but he loves you a lot, you ask him, he will tell you. She says I m feeling sleepy, and turns. Sareen says I m confused, I don’t think Rajat was seeing Devyaani. Minty gets up. She asks what. He says yes, I felt Rajat was looking at Anu. He says both were together in same suit color, and Rajat looks good with Anu, not Devyaani. She says what are you saying, we are doing a good work and you are saying this, Rajat is happy. He asks really. She says yes, I spoke to him, he was looking happy, don’t worry, this marriage will make him happy, and Neil’s worry will also get less. He says fine, I will agree if you say. He goes to sleep. Minty thinks I m sorry to lie, I m doing this for my sons.

Bua ji sees newspaper. Astha tries hiding it. Bua ji asks her to answer her. Astha smiles and thinks she did this work to answer her and tells everything about Alka and Rajeev. Bua ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. please put an end to this quadrilateral love stories (confusion drama) as soon as possible,,.,.

  2. Ghatiya Episode.

  3. Amena Madm….
    Thnx 4 Update

  4. oh gost it going out of the track.i where just start to watch the serial for rajat and anu.per here its going what to watch in this.its totally breaking the hearts of rajat anu fans.phir bhi waiting for the answer of rajat.the only last hope is rajat.after his move.i will decide to watch it or not.

  5. I’m watching this serial for Anu, Rajat and Neil, Devyaani, please stop mixing the plots together

  6. O god whts going on???really bad episode..

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