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Shastri Sisters 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan being shocked to see Astha. Astha gets angry and says you rejected me, and scolded me. Rohan asks her to leave and get away from him. Astha gets close and stops him from leaving. She says you can’t go anywhere now, you can’t move back, you have one option to move ahead. She says don’t worry for Alka, I will manage her and gets close to him. Rohan pushes her on the bed and gets angry. He says you have got mad, are you not ashamed to talk dirty and cheap. She says she gave him one chance to rectify his mistake, which he has lost, now see what she does. She starts hurting herself and shouts for help. He asks her to stop this.

She opens the door and asks the room service guy to save her. The guy asks whats happening. Rohan looks for her outside and everyone

stare at him. Kajal telling Leela that she has put much efforts to change the reports, its good she saved. Leela says don’t be happy, Ani is keeping fast tomorrow, I have seen her taking puja items, what will you do now to give her medicines. Kajal asks her to tell what to do. Leela says I don’t know. Kajal says we have to do something. Kajal goes to Anu’s room and finds it locked. Kajal tells Leela that there is no way to add drugs, I will do anything to fail Anu.

Rohan comes home and is tensed. Alka asks him what happened, are you fine. He says Astha was there. She asks what. He says yes. She asks what was she doing there. He says I don’t know, I m afraid, I feel something very bad is going to happen. She asks him to tell everything. He tells her everything how he was called in the room for interview. Alka is shocked. Kajal tells Leela to be ready to help her, and Leela says she can’t go in Anu’s room by the window. Kajal asks her to go and convinces her. Alka says it means all this was a plan. Rohan says yes, she tried to trap me that I was forcing her. Alka says but she was forcing you, don’t worry, maybe she will not complain. He says no, she will do something, Sunil was right, we should have not trusted her, we will see what to do once we know her move. Leela gets inside Anu’s room by the window. Kajal helps her. Leela goes there and the medicines fall there by mistake. Leela picks them and adds the medicine in the food. They leave.

Anu wakes up at 4 and says she is feeling light today, and maybe she needs good sleep. She eats the food she has kept by her side. Minty and Kajal light the diyas. Anu smiles seeing Rajat’s pic and music plays…………. Kajal thinks Anu will come any time and she has to work out her plan. She comes to Minty and burns her dupatta. She leaves. Minty turns and sees Anu behind her. She sees the fire and shouts. Anu is shocked seeing the fire too. Sareen comes there and they all save Minty. They all look at Anu and pacify Minty. Minty says diya caught the fire and blames Anu that she tried to burn her. Anu is shocked and cries.

Sareen asks what is she saying. Minty asks did this happen for first time, and blames Anu. Anu defends herself. Minty scolds her and says Sareen believes me, not Anu. Kajal smiles. Sareen stands quiet.

Minty tells everyone that Anu has tried to burn her and asks her to leave the home. Anu says let Rajat come and Minty pushes her out. Rajat comes and holds Anu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today when minty was asking anu to go out rajat questioned minty and defended anu

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  3. a husband and wife!!!Embarrassed So

  4. He even said that if u will leave the house then I will also leave as u all have forgotten that she is daughter in law of this house but o dint Forget that she is my wife and we have promised each other we will be together in every time of problem and happiness

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    u r like my sis

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