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Shastri Sisters 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal checking the farmhouse papers. She smiles seeing Anu. Anu says Guggal is very nice lady, she supports just the right person. She says Guggal had doubt on you today, so she got angry, think what she will do when she knows the truth. Kajal holds Minty with knife and scolds Anu. Anu asks her to calm down. Kajal asks her to give papers, else she will hurt Minty. Anu does not give the papers and laughs. She says she will not get these papers, its good if she kills Minty, take revenge from her on my behalf, she has troubled me a lot, and your Guggal will doubt on you, as we told her about your truth again and again, Minty’s wound will be proof. Anu leaves.

Neil asks Kajal to leave mum. Kajal pushes Minty and leaves. Neil asks Minty is she fine. Minty nods. Anu says

Kajal can do anything wrong too in this drama. She calls Rajat to tell him and can’t connect. She says why is call not connecting, I hope everything is fine there.

Kajal talks to Leela and says Anu has taken the papers and did not care for Minty, I m sure the property is more than 10 crores. Minty comes to them and fools Kajal in her words. She says Anu does not care for her, she will help Kajal. Kajal asks why does she want to help her. Minty says I want peace in this house, I can get peace by getting that property for you. Kajal says Anu does not understand this. Minty says yes, she fights with me always. Kajal asks does she do her drama, and asks her to get property dealer number else leave.

Minty says she will get it and leaves. Kajal smiles. Minty says she has told Kajal about property dealer, she was scared to lie to her. Anu says she has a plan and if Kajal has to meet that Kawaljeet Singh, we will make her meet, but we have to be sure that she does not leave home in morning. Its morning, Minty asks Kajal where is she doing. Kajal says she is going to meet estate agent and asks Minty to get ready to drop her. Anu looks on. Minty tells Anu that if Kajal reaches there now, our plan will fail, I will stop her, but do something.

Minty goes with Kajal and changes route lying to Kajal. Neil and Devyaani reach the place and he gets an idea. Devyaani asks what. Minty and Kajal reach there. Minty thinks Kawaljeet is there, if he tells her the truth then… Devyaani meets them as Kawaljeet Singh, and fools Kajal. Neil looks on. Minty thinks what happened to Kawaljeet, he does not look like this. Kajal asks him not to flirt with her.

Kajal asks about Anu’s property. Devyaani gets shocked seeing real Kawaljeet coming. She makes her purse fall and says sorry. She signs Minty and Neil. Minty realizes she is Devyaani and Neil stops real Kawaljeet. Kajal says she is wishing to buy such property and asks its price. She says Anu and Rajat are not here, so Minty asked me to talk to you directly. Devyaani says its best property, its rate is high, 10 crores. Minty and Kajal leave. Neil thanks Kawaljeet and says he has helped them a lot. Kajal says she wants that property. Minty says she can help her. Kajal asks how. Minty says she reached here by her help. Kajal saks why will she do this for her. Minty says she wants her house back on her name.

She asks will she sign on the papers. Kajal says now she has got it and agrees to sign. Minty and Kajal shake hands. Minty messages Anu that their plan has succeeded. Anu smiles.

Minty says Kajal wants a new clause that if anything happens to Anu, she will get the farmhouse, I don’t know what she is trying to do. Anu says is she going to kill me. Anu goes somewhere and Kajal puts gun on her head, sitting in car’s backseat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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