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The Episode starts with Rajat seeing Anu and everyone leaving. Minty says they might be doing for some imp work, did you see Anu being ready, she has learnt to be normal without you, she learnt smiling, learn from her, you just keep crying, they don’t deserve someone to cry for them. Veer and Kirti welcome Shastri ji, Alka, anu and Devyaani. Shastri ji says these are my daughters and introduces them. Kirti says I met Alka before, you have given them very good upbringing. Veer says mum don’t come in competition, even you did good upbringing. Devyaani asks Anu to tell Veer about Rajat.

Devyaani says Anushka wants to say something. Kirti says yes, say it. Devyaani says she is shy so she is afraid to speak up, if you don’t mind if Anu talks to Veer in private. Kirti says why not, you

can go. Veer says ask me also if I can feel bad. Devyaani asks him, Veer says I will feel bad if talk ends soon, and asks Shastri ji. Shastri ji asks them to go. Anu goes with Veer. Devyaani prays that Anu talks for herself today. Veer talks well with Anu and asks her to say what she wants to, rather than being shy. She says I want to say… He says lets sit and talk. He asks her does she feel they meet by coincidence, not fate, she does not care about him coming in her life. She says no.

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He says the people I love, I know how to make them love me. She thinks how to tell Veer about Rajat. Rajat comes there and looks at them. Veer says we are different and opposite attract, I will tell my hobbies, stop me if there is anything common between us. Rajat messages Anu that he wants to meet her right away. Anu gets his message. Anu replies that she will meet him later. She thinks why does Rajat want to meet me now. Veer says you did not stop me, we have nothing in common. She says I want to tell you about my past. He says finally, you spoke up, were you tensed about this.

He says its common that we have past, I don’t care, I want our future to be good and see our present. Rajat stands behind him and does not see Veer’s face. Anu says look Veer…. Veer gives his hand to her. She says I want to tell you. Alka comes and says sorry to disturb, we have to leave, as Papa looks unwell. Anu asks is he fine. Alka says he is feeling weak, he will be better, we can stay for sometime if you want to talk. Veer says I think Anushka should go, we will keep meeting. Rajat hides and looks on. Shastri ji asks did they talk.

Veer says we will talk later, I will drop you. Anu messages Devyaani that Rajat is waiting for her. Devyaani says she wants to buy things for college project and will take Anu. Anu thanks Veer for dropping dad and Alka. Veer says don’t say it again, its my responsibility too. They leave. Devyaani asks Anu did she tell Veer. Anu calls Rajat and asks where is he. He says garden. She says I will come and asks Devyaani to come. They see Rajat. Anu says I will meet him and come.

Anu asks him why did he call her. He asks where was she. She says I was busy in work. He asks what work. She says I was meeting a friend. He asks which friend. She says you don’t know. He asks is it the one whom your dad chose for you. She asks how do you know. He says I was following you and hearing your talk see what you made me, I m following a girl now. He asks why did se meet him. She says I met him to say no. He asks did you say no. She says no, but. He says you said no to me, so you were preparing me as you decided to hurt me. She says nothing like this. He says it was not coincidence, you told me yesterday to move on and did it so soon.

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He asks why is she playing these games with him, he is hating himself, he is always angry and wants to hurt himself, stop playing these games. He scolds her a lot. Devyaani looks on. Anu recalls Rajat’s anger and Minty’s words. She thinks she has one way to make him old Rajat. He asks did she do this to move on. She says he is right, she has moved on in life, and she has chosen someone for her. He is shocked. He asks do you like him. She cries and says yes, and very soon, I m going to marry him. She says you wanted to hear this right, you could not free yourself from my love, so I freed you, you won’t have any Anu now and no pain. She leaves with Devyaani. Saajna………………plays…………….

The girls come home. Devyaani calms down Anu and asks her not to do any mistake, don’t go to dad, decisions taken in anger is wrong. Anu says I m not angry, I can see it whats better for us and Rajat. Anu goes to Shastri ji. He asks why did she get late. Anu says its my yes for Veer. He is shocked. She says take the talk ahead for marriage.

Veer calls Anu smart as she decided to spend life with him. He asks her to come for dinner, and I will get someone along if she feels awkward. He invites Rajat for dinner, as he is going to meet his fiancée tonight.

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