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Shastri Sisters 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer stopping the car seeing Alka. He thinks Anu has told Alka, if he kills him, they all will know. The goon waits for him and thinks what to do as Sameer stopped the car, and he has ordered me, I will kill Anu. Sameer comes to Anu and Alka and signs his goon to not shoot. The goon hides. Sameer asks Anu did she tell everything to Alka, she did good, he was thinking with whom to share his confusion, and asks Alka how can he not meet Anu, and not stay with her, when he was waiting for her since a year. He asks Alka what would she do being in his place. He asks the same to Anu.

He asks would Anu be quiet knowing he is close. Alka says Anu would be confused too like you. Sameer says he was fighting with himself, time and his life since one year. He acts sweet. Anu

says she can’t come infront of everyone, she can’t punish Devyaani. He asks what about him, she did not contact him once. Anu tells a doctor saved her and kept her locked for a year, she could not contact anyone.

Sameer says I will not leave him, and acts. Anu says he got punished, he is in jail. Sameer asks why is she bearing more by hiding herself. Anu says if Devyaani is hurt by me, I can’t bear it, I will come when I m sure that Devyaani is ready to hear the truth. Sameer says fine, I will always trust you, I know whatever you do is by thinking, I m with you. Anu says she has to go home, they shall leave now. Sameer says I will take you. They leave.

They come home and Anu hides her face. Sameer says she is lucky to get saved again. Its morning, Devyaani is upset that Rajat did not come, and talks to Neil. He pacifies her saying maybe Rajat has urgent work. She says maybe he made excuse, I know I was not his first choice. He asks her not to think much, Rajat loves his work a lot, this marriage is new for him. Devyaani thanks him for solving the problem. He asks what are friends for. She goes.

Shastri ji sees Sameer in market and calls out Rajat. Sameer goes and Shastri ji calls him and asks where is he. Sameer lies to him saying he is in office, in imp meeting. Shastri ji sees him there and gets puzzled. Anu helps Minty in cooking. Anu says she wants sharp knife. Minty gives her, and recalls Anu. She says even Anu likes this one.

Minty says you resemble Anu, even the food taste reminds me of Anu. Anu cries. Minty praises Anu and says she was very lovely. She says she used to love everyone, but I was mad to not love her, I was just her mum in law, but she stayed as my daughter, not my bahu, she took care of me always, she was innocent like a kid, I should have taken care of her, till I got sense, she has gone away, very far from us. She cries and blames herself for her bad deeds.

She asks her to do the work, and take rest. Anu goes to meet Alka. Alka tells Anu that Sameer was acting, he came there to attack and changed plan seeing me, they should tell everything to Devyaani, she is very strong, she will be alert with Sameer.

Alka asks Devyaani to know the truth and Anu reveals her face. Sameer walks to the room. Devyaani gets shocked seeing Anu. Sameer comes there. Alka sees him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anurajian(athu)

    Only 4 days for shastri sisterss to end.So sad

  2. Y ? When?which show is replacing it??

  3. I think ishq ka rang safed….

  4. Shastiri sisters going to end in four days so sad we need more scences of rajatanu and neeldevyani

  5. Shastiri sisters going to end in 4days??

  6. Anurajian(athu)

    What’s this.Please don’t end shastri sisters.They will only show anuraj union.And sameer married devyaani and no deveel union is to be shown.Those who want to look the last family pic of shastri sisters,go to this link:

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