Shastri Sisters 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu looking for something in Minty’s room. She gets the cover and sees sherwani in it. She says where did the other one go, whats Minty doing. Kajal talks to Devyaani and says Neil loves her a lot and he is lucky. Devyaani gets sad and hides everything. Kajal asks why is she sad, and pacifies her. She looks at Devyaani and smiles. Anu thinks where is Minty, she did not come till now. Neil thinks whom to talk, as he has to marry Devyaani today, did dad control mum, and is she planning to help me by fake happiness.

Rajat and Sareen come home. Anu says I thought its Minty. Sareen asks is she fine to wait for Minty. Rajat says we have to distribute cards, when will we manage. Sareen says we will call or message. Anu gives them water. Sareen jokes that Minty will go beauty

parlor. Minty asks is he done and argues with her. She says she went for shopping and then beauty parlor. Anu asks which one. Minty names and asks why is she asking. Anu says even I have to go. Minty says don’t go there, its for old girls, you go to some good ones. Anu thinks Minty was with that man, it means she is lying, she has done something to spoil the marriage, but what.

Minty goes to meet Neil and she says she got a way to fail Shastri sisters. Neil asks her to say or give any idea. Minty says I can’t take risk, you will know in morning, Anu is already here. She hugs him and asks him to relax. Anu looks on. Its morning, Minty meets the man and hw shows her some pics. She says he did good work. He asks for money. Rajat and Sareen come there. She gives money to the man. She sees them coming and is stunned. She asks the man to run and hides from them.

She says would they have to come at this time and leaves. Minty asks Kajal to shower flowers on guests to welcome. Kajal gives her tips. Anu looks on and thinks to ask Minty directly. She says she knows she is making some plans to stop the marriage and requests her not to do anything. The man asks the guy to sit in mandap in groom’s place and gives the sherwani. Minty says why will I stop marriage, if Sareen and Neil are ready. Anu says I know you are lying, please don’t do anything, I will do as you say.

Minty says I m quiet till now, if you blame me, I will get angry. She says she knows it has Neil’s happiness and she will do the work. She says she loves her sons a lot and goes. The guy smiles and says work will be done. Minty recalls in FB that she wants someone who is like Neil, and she wants him to bring that person as groom and they will exchange Neil with that guy, he will get free of Devyaani. She says Devyaani will be shocked to know she married someone else, not Neil. She sees Anu and goes. Anu thinks and worries.

Devyaani gets ready for marriage and Alka comes to her, asking why did she not wear jewelry. Devyaani says she is scared. Alka says Anu and Sareen are there to support her. Devyaani says how is this marriage happening so easily, I m getting some feeling that something wrong is going to happen, what if this marriage does not happen. Alka says time changes and things too. I m sure everything will be fine, and pacifies her.

Minty talks to the man and says she will tell him where to come. She says she has to tell the plan to Neil now and goes to him. She goes to Neil. Neil asks whats her plan, and she tells him about her plan. Sareen and Rajat come and ask what are they talking. He scolds Minty and asks Neil what was she saying.

Rajat asks Neil to rectify his mistake. Neil says what he did was for Minty. Devyaani is scared and Anu does not know Minty’s plan. Minty says she won’t let Devyaani marry Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohhh… Excited about what is going to happen..

  2. Oh this Neil…how he chznged lyk this.Mamas boy! Anyways this idiot Kajal also planning something behind

  3. Bullshit….marriage is not a game isse tarah ka plan sirf minty hi bana sakti thi BITECH

  4. Minty don’t not diserve a family yeah apni iss bimari me saath akale hi rehana me layak hai bimari yahi…….PAGALPAN….

  5. excited to know what will happen with devyani?!!

  6. I’m excited to watch the serial &wt will happen with Devyani

  7. Plz make devyani married with neil
    n leela masi gone attack sareen saab thn minty gone know pain of snatching beloved ones
    no more twist in sister life now its minty turn

  8. Whom will devyani marry,if neil and kajal married?

  9. stupid neil and kajal will not get married

  10. Apparently Neil and devyani wedding won’t take place

  11. Alka n anushka shuld hve a bby’s and dey shuldnt do bad onto deviyaani

  12. I had already voted for shastri sisters and anu was looking gorgeous in that violet dress

  13. loveisthegoal

    guys i dont think devyanni will marry neil…she will marry that other guy, therefore, hate him at first, but then start to love him and vice versa. as for neil, idk what will happen with him. its looking like he and kajal will fall for each other

  14. Whom did neil marry?

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