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Shastri Sisters 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka asking Alka not to tell anything to Devyaani or anyone, as she does mot want Devyaani’s happiness to get less. Alka promises her and they hug and cry. Alka says when she loved Rajeev, she felt he is her true love and when he left, she felt she will die, but she did not die, and then she got Rohan, and she has support in her, and I will support you in this phase and help in moving on. She says when she met Rohan, she realized what is true love, maybe she will also realize this. Anushka hugs her and cries. She thinks this can’t happen, as she really loves Rajat. Peeya calls them and they leave.

Shastri ji hugs Sareen and says yes for the proposal. Sareen asks for dowry and laughs saying I m getting your daughter as my bahu, its enough. Devyaani takes Sareen

and Minty’s blessings. Nikki gives sweets to everyone. Nikki taunts Anushka and asks her to not take on her heart, as she has a good plan for her also. Minty signs her. Devyaani asks about Neil. Nikki says do you like Neil, tell us fast. Devyaani says no, he is my good friend. Nikki says I m asking, as there should be no confusion. Sareen asks if she spoiling moment. Nikki says what does it matter, its for lifetime. Minty says he went to stay at Nikki’s house for studies. Devyaani says fine.

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Sareen asks why is Minty upset. Minty says nothing, happiness tears. Minty says she is missing Rajat and asks Shastri ji to make them keep a small function to make things formal. He says yes, you always took this decisions for us, we will surely keep engagement. Anushka gets Rajat’s call and cuts it. Minty thinks about Neil and gets angry. She says she will just come and goes. Nikki goes after her. Rajat keeps calling Anushka and she looks at Devyaani.

Nikki asks Minty what happened. Minty says she is happy seeing Devyaani happy, she has given her much pain, she wants to ruin the sisters. She says I m afraid that I can lose my children’s happiness. Nikki says we sometimes have to do this, I know Rajat loves Anu and his heart will break. She says many hearts will break which is imp for me, guys are practical but girls stay in same place when they fall in love. Shastri ji talks to Rohan and asks him to bring Alka sometimes.

Rohan says call me if there is any marriage related work, I will come. Alka hugs Anushka and says I know you are very strong if you feel weak, come to me. Anushka says yes, you also solve your problems. Alka hugs everyone and leaves with Rohan. Alka looks at Rohan and thanks him. she asks for what. She says for supporting my family and dad. She says our relation, when will it be fine. He looks at her and stays quiet. Nikki and Minty talk about Neil. Sareen comes to them and asks about Neil.

Neil is at Nikki’s home and is still coping up with his pain. He says he will do anything for Devyaani and can’t forget her. He cries thinking about Devyaani. He drinks wine and throws the bottle. Devyaani is with her sisters and is very happy. She says Alka said to impress Minty aunty more. Peeya teases her. Rajat calls Anushka. He asks did she forget him, as mum said she took the proposal and uncle said yes too. Anushka cries and says yes, we made him say yes. He says thanks, as I thought only I m fighting for this love story. He asks are you happy. She says yes thinking about Devyaani’s happiness.

Devyaani comes there and Anushka gives the phone to her saying its Rajat’s call. Devyaani says Rajat Sir, I mean Rajat. Rajat asks is she happy. Devyaani says I m very happy, thanks so much. He asks is she surprised. She says yes, but I had some idea. He says did Anu tell you. The voice cuts and she can’t hear him. The call cuts. She calls him from her number, but there is no network. Nikki tells Minty that their plan will work, as Rajat loves Anushka, not Devyaani, and when he comes here, he will tell this infront of everyone, this will break Devyaani’s heart and she will feel rejection what Neil went through because of her. Minty worries that plan can backfire too. Nikki asks her not to worry. Nikki says she will make the girls feel the pain. Minty says she is waiting for it. They turn and are shocked seeing someone.

Neil asks whom is Rajat getting engaged to, tell me. He shouts on them. Nikki says Devyaani and Neil is shocked and cries. He ruins his room in anger. Devyaani comes to meet him in his room and sees him crying. Neil looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what the hell is going on.arey yaar rajat jaldi se aajavu naa.i cant c anu crying.i hope rajat u say truth soon.and agar if the storyline change then iam damn sure i will not c the show anymore.just waiting for rajat to return.the i will think weather to watch it or not.thank for update.missing the scene of rajat anu a lot.

  2. I hate seeing Neil cry, and Nikki you repulsive woman, what is wrong with you?

  3. I felt bad again for anu because she cry when was talking and she was lie about that.To rajat saying that he engaged her but he don’t he is engegad to devyani. I amvery sad.

  4. felt bad again for anu because she cry when was talking and she was lie about that.To rajat saying that he engaged her but he don’t know he is engegad to devyani. I amvery sad.
    sorry other sentence I write it was wrong rewrite.

  5. i hate devyani she is so selfish

  6. Bore episode.
    Nikki Uski Jawani Me Kitne Gul Khilayi Bolna???
    Bahot Bhari Smjhti Kya Khudko?

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