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The Episode starts with Neil messaging Devyaani that he is Priya and asking her to stop. She gets shocked and looks at him. He says he wanted to help her being Priya, she can scold him and get angry, but please forgive him. He asks can’t we become friends again. She says she will not scold him, not forgive him, and requests him not to help her from now on. She can’t bear if he helps her, she does not remember his good and bad things, it looks he never existed in her life, she does not hate him, she moved on and will get friendly with him. She advices him to move on in life, else he will be hurt the most. She requests him not to do this kiddish thing again. She leaves. He gets sad.

Anu comes to Shastri home. Alka and Peeya see her and make her sit, seeing her worried. Peeya asks her to

say whats the matter. Anu tells them about the problem she does not know, she can’t understand, but there is some problem. She tells them everything about her health. Alka pacifies her and asks her to calm down. Anu cries and says something happened to me, take me to any doctor please. Alka says don’t cry, we will go now.

Kajal gives tea to Sareen and Minty and call them cute. Sareen tells Kajal that Anu has gone to the doctor. Kajal gets tensed. Sareen says she will meet doctor and they will know if she has any illness. Leela signs Kajal. Kajal thinks Anu will know everything now.

Anu and Alka meet the doctor. The doctor says he will do some tests, and reports will confirm the issue. Minty asks Sareen to take care of her, and not let Anu kill her. She taunts him and says she knows he sides with Anu always. He says there will be some reason for her behavior. She says nothing will be found in reports. Kajal worries and thinks to find out which hospital Anu went. She asks Sareen and acts sweet. She says she will send Neil to pick her. Sareen says no need, its nearby city hospital. Anu comes home. Sareen says once they know the problem, they will start treatment. Minty taunts them and leaves. Sareen asks Anu not to thin much and sends them to sleep.

Kajal conspires with Leela to solve the problem about Anu’s reports and save themselves from getting caught. Devyaani gets sad and comes home. Alka asks about Priya. Devyaani says it was Neil, he was talking to me as Priya, ask him not to do this and show he is sorry for what he did. Alka says its good thing, that he is realizing his mistake, he knows she is special. Devyaani says I m not special. Alka pacifies her and Rohan comes. He says he has interview at night, he also felt awkward, but people are busy these days. He asks Alka to serve food and they sit for dining.

Its morning, Kajal dresses as the nurse and comes to change Anu’s report. She hides seeing another nurse. Anu gets to know her reports are normal and Minty taunts her. She scolds her and says she will stay away from her. Sareen looks at Anu. Kajal smiles. Rohan goes to the hotel for the interview. He enters the room and sees it well decorated. He thinks he has come in the wrong room and turns to leave. Astha stops him at the door and he is shocked seeing her cheap and shameless side.

Minty tells everyone that Anu has tried to burn her and asks her to leave the home. Anu says let Rajat come and Minty pushes her out. Rajat comes and holds Anu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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