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Shastri Sisters 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal seeing the big farmhouse. She thinks to get this at any cost and then hire Minty here as her maid. She asks a maid whose house is this. The lady says she heard its some airforce officer’s house, Rajat and Anushka’s house, help me if you are free. Kajal says move, old lady. She sees servants working. Neil and Devyaani dress as servants and hide their face. Anu says what will I do, I have to think of new plan.

Devyaani messages her that she reached on time, Kajal is here and she handled everything. The guard asks Kajal how is she here, he has stopped her from coming home. Kajal says she came from far and asks for water. He gives her phone and says he has taken pics. Devyaani sees Neil’s bracelet and worries, as Kajal can see him. She thinks Neil is showing

style. Devyaani stops Kajal and talks to her. She signs Neil about his bracelet. Neil hides it. The guard gives her water and asks her to leave now. Kajal leaves.

Anu tells Minty that she thought she will be caught, then Devyaani messaged. Minty asks do you think will this work. Anu says greedy person should see money, Kajal went inside and her face showed that she is trapped. Sareen comes and hears them. Anu says now Kajal will try to grab the farmhouse. Sareen asks which farmhouse. Anu and Minty get shocked. Minty says Dolly was saying about it. Anu says yes, and puts it on Dolly. Anu asks will they have tea.

Rohan and Alka come home with Vrinda. Vrinda is annoyed and Rohan gets angry. Alka asks is he thinking she did wrong, she can’t do anything to hurt him, the lawyer did not let me talk. He says I have seen it, I don’t believe you, I did not know your love is so weak. She cries.

Kajal scolds Leela and asks her to stop it and not trouble her. Leela gets angry. Kajal apologizes and says she wants farmhouse property, don’t know what to do. Leela asks her to take Anu’s sign. Kajal says we have to know the papers are on their name or not. Minty looks on. Kajal says she will not believe so soon. Leela says we will find it in Anu’s room. Minty thinks whats this new problem to make farmhouse papers. Anu asks Minty not to worry, they can make fake papers. Minty asks really. Anu says Neil is making, he will bring in few hours, we will keep papers as real documents, and Kajal will feel we are hiding it. Minty agrees.

Kajal tells Leela that they have to get papers too from Anu’s room. Leela agrees. Neil comes home and Kajal acts infront of him. Neil laughs. Kajal scolds him and asks him to massage her legs. He refuses. She says she will call Guggal. She asks her not to arrest Neil and Minty, they have just beaten her. Minty stops Kajal and says everything is fine. She sees there is no one on call. She asks Neil to do as Kajal is saying. Neil says fine, I will change and come. Kajal asks him to go and come soon. Minty sends Neil.

Neil gives the papers to Anu and leaves. Anu keeps the papers in the cupboard. Neil massages Kajal’s head and she orders to massage legs. Neil massages her legs and Kajal taunts Minty. She sends Leela to Anu’;s room making them busy. Leela locks the room and gets the papers. She shows Kajal the farmhouse papers and Kajal gets glad. She says there will be my name on it soon. Anu asks Kajal to return it, how dare she take it. Kajal pushes Anu. Minty holds Anu.

Kajal scolds her and says she does not know what she can do. Guggal comes and asks which farmhouse. She asks Kajal whats happening. Kajal and Leela get tensed. Kajal starts her acting again and Guggal says she does not understand. Kajal says Anu was saying she will kick me out, I told her I can stay in my house, its my right and hides the papers. Guggal says fine. She asks how did she get courage suddenly.

Kajal says yes, did I do right. Guggal says yes, but its not right to tell me fake story, you wrote in your diary that your family tortures you, then you said they love you, and now you say they are again torturing, whats the matter. Kajal says they behave well and then bad, I think they became good by your fear. Guggal says she will find the truth and asks does she know her true color. She says she will find truth and lies. Anu smiles. Guggal leaves.

Anu worries and asks Minty what did Kajal mean to say. She recalls Kajal’s words and asks Minty will she kill us. Anu goes alone in car and gets shocked seeing Kajal in backseat and putting gun at Anu’s head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Thank you for the update Amena ? OMG the precap though ? What is Kajal doing?! ? Gosh…I never expected her to go to the extent of willing to kill someone for money ?? I really hope Anu will be alright ??

    – Dreamer ?

    1. only it is your hope dreamer because he has killed him many times for only the only money

  3. i hate kajal but also love his acting firssssssssssssst at the impressing sight of minty but know i want to killlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll kajal

    1. Pls correct ur self its not him its her… above also u said his only check before u type…..

  4. Asma Sultana

    Kajal is doing tooo much now.she’s so disgusting.hope to c soon any xposing kajal.

  5. Kajal is the best cure for minty’s garoor ???

  6. where is rajat he has gone missed since 2 weeks
    rajat missing ur charm hope to see u soon in the show
    alka u dumbo u dont deserve rohan who dont even trust rohan
    sisters show ur power u people r loking dumb and other r overpowering u all

  7. What d ****!!! Day by day shastri sister’s comments r decreasing n trip is also decreasing only…….writers plz show something interesting yarrr!!!! N kajal will be caught coz guggal is doubting kajal a little………n rajat!!!! Where r u??????? Missing u yarrr my sweet anuraj is not there.

    1. Trp*

    2. Dono y the trp is decreasing!! But comments are decreasing because if any one share thier opinion about shastri sisters u ppl find a way to argue or fight over nothing!!

      1. I am not bieng offensive here just sharing my views!! I m sorry if u find that rude!!

      2. Sorry its not u ppl but other people who are jealous of ya bond

      3. Oh pls….. v fight with those ppl who use our fake names….. got that mistakely also don’t ever say that again

      4. Gal haven’t u read wat I had written!! “Jealous of your bond” !!

  8. Hi prads talking to u after a long time

    1. Hai devika how r u dear….really yaar v r talking after long time….

  9. I’m fine prads wht abt u ?

    1. Jus stubborn…..

  10. I was in Dubai till last week now in Kerala

    1. Oh dubai…. have u enjoyed..

  11. I came here for vacations in kerala . I’m studying in Dubai . It’s soooo damn hot there

    1. Oh so u live in dubai…. cool… how’s kerla… do u enjoy there

  12. Devil is best yaar they are soooo cute

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